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NEPA donates pickup truck to better protect Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) gifted a Ford Ranger pickup truck to the Jamaica Conservation Development Trust (JCDT) last week Tuesday.

The handing over took place at the agency's offices at Caledonia Avenue in Kingston.

The agency said the gift is part of its efforts to further support the management and conservation initiatives of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park.

Speaking on the significance of this occasion, CEO and Government Town Planner of NEPA, Peter Knight expressed that, “The handing over of the Ford Ranger pickup truck to the JCDT symbolises NEPA's commitment to support the Trust in managing the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, while ensuring that there is enhanced capacity to cover this vast area, which needs to be greatly protected due to the high level of endemism and critical water resources.”

Highlighting the importance of the donation, Executive Director of the JCDT, Dr Susan Otuokon remarked, “We are pleased to receive this gift from NEPA, as this vehicle will help us to better manage those areas, which are a major focus for us due to the encroachment of the National Park as well as deforestation in the surrounding watersheds.”

The NEPA this year marked its 20th anniversary which coincided with the start of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration which runs through 2030.

It said the motor vehicle transferred represents one of the sustainability initiatives developed at the conclusion of the Integrated Management of the Yallahs and Hope River Watershed Management Areas (Yallahs-Hope) Project undertaken in Jamaica, which officially ended in October 2020. 

The agency anticipates that this donation will significantly bolster the monitoring and enforcement capacity of the JCDT as it is tasked with the management and protection of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park.