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VIDEO: Health Minister tours vaccination sites ahead of islandwide blitz

Friday, April 09, 2021

MANCHESTER, Jamaica — Health and Wellness Minister, Dr Christopher Tufton, this afternoon toured vaccination sites in three parishes (Clarendon, Manchester, St Catherine) ahead of the four-day islandwide mass vaccination starting tomorrow for teachers, people aged 60 and older, among other groups.

Dr Tufton said almost 1,000 people have been registered for vaccination tomorrow in Manchester.

“… We are putting the finishing touches in place as you can see. The chairs are already lined out, partitions are here, signage will go up later on. Coming from the team the understanding is that the parish (Manchester) itself will have four vaccination sites over the four-day period and close to a thousand people (are) registered for tomorrow,” Dr Tufton told the media at the Manchester High School. 

“[It is] a good sign, so we want to continue to encourage people to come out and register…. If you don't manage to register and can turn up, come, but ideally registration will make the process smoother,” he added.

He reiterated the need for people to take necessities with them to the vaccination sites.

“Take something with you if you have specific requirements. We will have water and some basic items just in case you're diabetic and need refreshment, but be prepared to wait for a couple of hours, because it is a process which requires counselling, observation and getting the vaccine,” he said.

In Manchester, the Manchester High School; Mandeville Regional Hospital; Downs and Christiana health centres will be used as vaccination sites.

“I think Manchester is going on well. I'm leaving now to go into Clarendon and St Catherine. Again, I'm encouraging Jamaicans to come out and get their vaccine this weekend,” Dr Tufton emphasised.

Other categories of people who may participate in the blitz are those employed to Jamaica Customs; the Passport, Immigration, and Citizenship Agency; and the tourism sector.  

Kasey Williams