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WATCH: Cops killed the wrong 'Pimp Pimp', say angry residents

Observer staff reporter

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Angry residents of Delacree Lane in St Andrew claim that the early morning police killing of 21-year-old Javani Rodney yesterday was a case of mistaken identity.

Rodney, who is otherwise known as Pimp Pimp, was killed about 5:00 am during a police/military operation.

Police said he was a suspect in the September 19 murder of 57-year-old police sergeant Averel McCollin of the St Andrew South Division. The policeman was playing a game of dominoes inside a yard in Gregory Park, Portmore, St Catherine, when gunmen pounced on him about 1:30 am and shot him fatally.

According to a police report, cops were carrying out a cordon and search operation in the St Andrew South Division yesterday, supported by members of the Jamaica Defence Force, when Rodney, who they claim was a person of interest in at least three murders, was fatally shot.

The report did not indicate a confrontation between Rodney and the police; however, cops said they seized a .38 firearm and 117 rounds of ammunition during the operation. Approximately 70 people — five of whom are alleged to be gang members — were taken into custody for questioning in relation to crimes in the division.

Several businesses and more than 200 houses and other buildings were searched for illegal weapons and contraband. Cops also used the opportunity to speak with over 130 residents about the importance of sharing information on wanted individuals and illegal guns.

The Jamaica Observer could not obtain a report from the Independent Commission of Investigations on the matter.

Residents said that, while Rodney had a connection with Gregory Park, having previously lived there, he and his mother had relocated to Delacree Lane after his brother and sister-in-law were murdered in Gregory Park last year.

They claimed he spent most of his time with his one-year-old son, the mother of his child, as well as numerous female friends. They also said that, after his brother's killing, cops had advised him to leave the community for his own safety, and he had been adhering to the advice.

“Is must another bwoy name Pimp Pimp dem did a look fah. A lie dem a tell! A nuh da Pimp Pimp yah. From mi know him, him soft like porridge. Him nuh par wid man. Everyday a him and him babymother par. Dem kill him innocent. Dem shoulda carry him in front a di judge and mek wi prove it,” one woman said.

Relatives and residents recalled hearing sounds early yesterday morning which gave them the impression that the front grille at number 3 Delacree Lane was being shaken down by gangsters trying to access the home. They claimed that they were startled to learn that it was the police cutting off the padlock.

Calling for Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson to look into the case, Maureen Brown, who is Rodney's mother, alleged that she witnessed cops dragging her son out of bed before shooting him multiple times on the verandah.

She claimed that, on Monday, two men dressed as cops had visited their home, asking Rodney if he lived at the premises.

“I was supposed to go to work but never feel like go and mi deh inside. The police cut off the padlock and come in here. Dem drag him off di bed and by the time him reach the verandah mi rush to the doorway and mi hear: blow! blow! After that him draw him pon di grung and when mi a come towards them, him push mi back inna di house and den dem drive off,” Brown said.

“They had the opportunity the day before and they had the opportunity yesterday to bring him in. Mi can't trust Jamaica police nuh more. You seh a my son kill police a Portmore. If you know that, den bring him een. People can tell lie ennuh and you tek it up pon yourself and you murder. The commissioner of police haffi seh something 'bout this. Prime Minister Andrew haffi seh something 'bout this, because a brutality,” Brown insisted.

She added: “If my pickney was a murderer, a policeman name McLean from Portmore knows where to pick up my son. McLean carry mi son come to Kingston. He banned him from Portmore after I lost my other son and daughter-in-law in 2020. Him keep to himself and my son don't go to Gregory Park, so who gave the police authority to nip off mi grille. Mi need justice.”

One of the occupants of the premises, who gave her name only as Paula and who operates a shop inside her dwelling, condemned the circumstances under which Rodney lost his life and described the allegations that he was involved in the killing of a policeman as strange, as she insisted that he always stayed home.

“I heard his mother calling me at the time of the incident, but I was so afraid I couldn't answer. After I heard the shots I realised it was police. I don't believe him did have a gun. He is here every time with us. More time mi go buy goods for the shop, him help mi lift it up. Monday him help mi carry 12 cases of water. I have been living here for a year and for that time he has been a good youth,” she told the Observer.

“A yah suh him deh every night. Over the one year I never see him wid a gun yet, so when mi hear the grille a fight off, mi think a gunman. Him mother always go out early in the mornings, so I also thought it was her. Mi a seh, 'It look like she can't pull the grille this morning,' ” Paula said.