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WATCH: Green Living with Evergrow Garden Center

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

We are heading towards the end of another successful staging of Design Week JA. On Monday, October 25, our stop took us to Evergrow Garden Center on South Avenue. Communications Consultant Ann Jeffrey showed viewers how to incorporate green elements in their homes and offices, regardless of size.

Jeffrey kicked the virtual presentation off by showcasing various indoor water features that add calmness to any space. Whether it's a living room, balcony, office or even atop a desk, Evergrow has a water feature that works to create moments of Zen. Regarding items suitable for desktop furniture, viewers learned that Lucky bamboo plants are ideal. They need no soil and have air-purifying qualities. Plus, two 2011 US studies proved that keeping plants on top of one's desk helps “improve worker concentration and productivity”.

If you spend any time on the Internet, the hobby of plant collecting has increased in popularity during the pandemic. But where to start, especially if you're not equipped with a green thumb? Evergrow suggests starting with cacti and succulents. They are easy to care for, thrive in various climates, and remove toxins from the air. Now that's what we call green living. And, when you're ready to grow your plant collection, Jeffrey suggested adding tomato plants (yes, you can grow tomatoes on a balcony) and pops of colour with vincas.

Rounding out the presentation was mention of some of the medicinal plants that Evergrow sells. You don't need an entire garden to have a couple Leaf of Life and aloe vera plants. Whether you want to add green to your office space, are a budding plant collector, or are keen on making your garden the envy of the neighbourhood, if you want it to grow, call the pros at Evergreen Garden Center.