Lowe urges local players to consider opportunities in the Middle East

Thursday, April 08, 2021


Reggae Boy Damion Lowe has reiterated that his countrymen can take up opportunities to play in the Middle East.

Lowe's comments were made in an interview with Simon Preston of Reggae Boyz Commentary on YouTube recently.

The 27-year-old arrived at Al Ittihad in Alexandria, Egypt, last November, and he says that since then, he has also seen opportunities bear fruit for his national teammates Romario Williams, Darren Mattocks, and Alvas Powell, who are all now playing on the trans-continent.

“After I got here, they kept coming to me and saying, 'Whenever we ask agents for players, they bring Brazilians or Africans, but we need more players, more Jamaicans',” Lowe explained.

“I told them we Jamaicans work hard, we want to make a living, we are not as valued in the North American continent, and a number of players are out of contract so there is a surplus of us to choose from.”

Lowe discussed how he was instrumental in getting Williams a contract.

“I gave them a couple names and Romario Williams came,” he said. “Then the agent who played a part in getting myself and Romario here reached out and asked for a defender and a striker and he brought in Darren Mattocks and Alvas Powell.”

Still, he thinks more opportunities are right across the trans-continent.

“Our next door neighbours UAE [United Arab Emirates], Saudi Arabia, Qatar — the market is open now for Jamaicans because we have come here and we are doing well, and I'm happy I was able to play a part in helping my countrymen,” said Lowe, who thinks the standard of play is competitive for Jamaicans.

“If people pay attention or watch the highlights, there are lots of technically sound players here because clubs have the money to recruit. From our team, the Egyptians called an Olympic team and about six or seven of our players went, they're also in the national team. You have really good, quality players and the league is demanding.”

Lowe's Al Ittihad are now in second place in the Egyptian Premier League with 28 points from 17 matches played.