Local entrepreneurs get training in Jordan

Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell (second right, standing);
minister of state in the ministry, Julian Robinson (third right, standing); and economic consultant
with the World Bank, Fabio Pittaluga (right, standing), interact with Start-Up ‘techtrapreneurs’ at
a recent workshop.

They are Mannin Marsh, Alecia Aris and Tajhlois Laidley from The Vinelist; Dave Oakley of CrimeBot; and Ricardo Gowdie, Oshane Gooden and Warren Robinson from RevoFarm. All three companies are involved in technology. The seven new entrepreneurs are part of the Government's Start-Up Jamaica progr ... Read More

NCB chairman Michael Lee Chin (left) hugs 2010 scholarship parish champion Princeton Brown.
Looking on is director of NCB Foundation Stuart Reid. (PHOTO: MICHAEL GORDON Celebrate when people do good — Says Lee Chin
CHAIRMAN of the National Commercial Bank (NCB) Michael Lee Chin reckons that individuals working to ... Read More

Digicel head office in downtown Kingston Digicel to launch IPO on Wall Street
TELECOMMS giant Digicel Group Limited, which is based in Kingston, will be launching an initial publ ... Read More

ICWI offices in
New Kingston ICWI customer confused over payment plan
Dear Claudienne: I am a customer of ICWI, New Kingston head office. On December 3, 2014, I paid fo ... Read More

Why your brand should care about live streaming

WAYNE MARSH | Sunday, June 28, 2015    

LAS VEGAS, United States — In this May 15, 2015 file photo,
Taylor Swift performs at Rock in Rio USA at the MGM Resorts
Festival Grounds in Las Vegas. Apple's abrupt about-face on
paying royalties for songs during a three-month free-trial period
for its new music service was a symbolic victory for superstar
Swift and other artists, and a shrewd business move by Apple,
at a time when the streaming phenomenon is causing major
changes in the music industry. Apple had already agreed to
share revenue from the new Apple Music service once users
start paying a $10-a-month subscription fee for the service,
which it plans to launch June 30, 2015. (PHOTO: AFP)

AT a recent popular social media conference, my initial attention was captured not by the presenters as you might expect, but by the actions of the attendees -- many of whom were live-streaming the event from their mobile devices. Attendees were actually hosting individual live event 'TV shows' for their own viewers, who easily interacted with them by giving feedback through comments or liking the feed. Of course, live streaming is not new, but what is new are the applications that have integra ... Read More

Managing your investment in a rising interest rate market

Eugene Stanley | Sunday, June 28, 2015    

BEIJING, China — Should you just take the plunge? Here, a man
adjusts his goggles while preparing to swim in Houhai Lake in
Beijing on Friday. Summer weather and rising temperatures have
encouraged local residents to take to the water. (PHOTO: AP)

PICTURE this: It's a beautiful sunny day so you decide to take a trip to the beach to capitalise on the weather. You arrive quite excited to get into the water. However, when your toes actually touch the water, somehow it's icy cold; how could this be? Should you just take the plunge and get your entire body wet or should you literally take it one step at a time until each body part adjusts to the temperature? Decisions, decisions. The same can be true for bond markets. When is the right time t ... Read More

Sardinia's poor defy anti-immigrant mood, give all to refugees

Sunday, June 28, 2015    

CARBONIA, Italy — Migrants have lunch in a centre for refugees in Carbonia on June 16. Italy's wealthy north may have tired of
asylum seekers, but in one of the poorest regions of Sardinia locals are giving everything to clothe and feed refugee families. The
collapse of the area's coal mining industry, followed in 2012 by the closure of the Alcoa aluminium smelter, has driven youth
unemployment in the Carbonia-Iglesias province in south-west Sardinia to a towering 73.9 per cent. (PHOTO: AFP)

CARBONIA, Italy (AFP) — Italy's wealthy north may have tired of asylum seekers, but in one of the poorest regions of Sardinia locals are giving everything to clothe and feed refugee families. Standing amid piles of shoes, T-shirts, pyjamas and baby bibs, Susanna Steri describes how she had to ask the inhabitants of Carbonia to stop bringing donations for the 90-odd men, women and children from Sierra Leone and Nigeria. "We only had a few hours notice to prepare," Steri told AFP, describi ... Read More

One more word on productivity

Kenroy WEDDERBURN | Sunday, June 28, 2015    

In Jamaica, about 70 per cent of MBA students are women.

I always had the uncomfortable feeling that if I wasn't sitting in front of a computer typing, I was wasting my time -- but I pushed myself to take a wider view of what was "productive". Time spent with my family and friends was never wasted. -- Gretchen Rubin THE last three instalments of the MBA Forum focused primarily on productivity applications, and we spent most of the time looking at the significant benefits of being able to leverage the vast potential of MS Excel. We did not spend m ... Read More

BRICS bank to be operational by end of 2015: South Africa

Sunday, June 28, 2015    

SHANGHAI, China — The New Development Bank will be
headquartered in Shanghai. This picture taken on May 8
shows a view of the Shanghai World Financial Center
(centre) from the new Shanghai Tower, which is still under
construction. The world's second tallest building, Shanghai
Tower, will soon open in the Chinese financial capital with a
twist — a 120-degree twist, to be exact. (PHOTO; AFP)

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AFP) — The emerging market BRICS nations will have their own development bank by the end of the year, South Africa said Friday. "The New Development Bank is expected to be operational by end of 2015," the South African finance ministry said in a statement that announced the nomination of South African banker Leslie Maasdorp as vice-president of the bank and parliamentary ratification of two treaties concerning the lender. The BRICS nations -- Brazil, Russia, I ... Read More

1,200 mobile customers switch to Digicel

Saturday, June 27, 2015 4:49 PM    

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Telecoms provider Digicel says in the last 48 hours more than 1,200 mobile customers have ported in to its network, following the introduction of number portability. Chief operating officer, Digicel Jamaica, Sean Latty said Saturday, “We are happy that number portability is here so mobile users and corporate customers can keep their numbers and move to Digicel and start enjoying better value, world-class customer service and the fastest and most reliable 4G mobil ... Read More

UK rum with Jamaican roots wins spirits award

BY KARENA BENNETT Business reporter | Friday, June 26, 2015    

MORANT Bay Distillery Rum has copped a silver award for its Signature Edition Spiced Red Rum entered in the UK-based International Spirits Challenge competition earlier this year. Chief executive officer of the Morant Bay Rum company, Peter Townsend, says the company is now looking to bring its United Kingdom-based (UK) operations back to Jamaica through the establishment of a distillery in Carawinna district, Westmoreland. The company plans on distributing its rum to the Americas, China and ot ... Read More

Ja ranks its financial well-being below Haiti — global report

BY RICHARD BROWNE Business editor | Friday, June 26, 2015    

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Children play on a pushcart in Denham Town.

EVEN though its per capita income is higher, Jamaica ranks lower than Haiti when it comes to its perception of its financial well-being, according to the latest State of Global Well-Being report, released earlier this week. Out of a list of 145 countries, Jamaica got a position of 115 on the Well-Being Index for its finanical well-being compared to Haiti's 109, the report published by Gallup-Healthways said. As a result, Jamaica's financial well-being was the lowest in the Caribbean region. Th ... Read More

Red Stripe starts using cassava

Friday, June 26, 2015    

Red Stripe’s production plant

LOCAL brewing company Red Stripe has now started using cassava in the production of its beer. The company has informed the Jamaica Observer that the five per cent cassava component in its lager-style beer is currently being distributed on the local market in small quantities and is expected to increase over the next few months. Last Thursday, Red Stripe commissioned its Starch Processing Factory under the auspices of the Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Anthony Hylton and Minister ... Read More

Kingston Wharves ups Hub investment to US$100m

BY STEVEN JACKSON Business reporter | Friday, June 26, 2015    

A view of Kingston Wharves

Kingston Wharves Limited (KWL) upsized the limit of its expansion plans at the wharf from US$70 million to US$100 million, management explained at the annual general meeting (AGM) on Thursday. The company said that increased demand for its services would drive the investment to the upper limit. "Depending on when we implement the different phases, that will determine the amount of capital that we put in. We are looking anywhere from US$70 million to US$100 million," Grantley Stephenson, chie ... Read More



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