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Dry Harbour Mountains mining not worth environmental risks

With the tremendous jolt that the Jamaican economy has received from the novel coronavirus pandemic, and with economic forecasts indicating a slow recovery of the economy, one can understand and even find sympathy with any Government's anxiety to find ways to create jobs and jump-start... Read More

Who will bell the 'banker's' cat? — Part 2
The Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Act does not list banking services among the 11 essential services recognised under the law. Parliament created a schedule with the list of services that are essential to our daily lives, giving the relevant minister the latitude to increase...... Read More

Partnerships a must to tackle lifestyle diseases
The experience of the novel coronavirus pandemic has been replete with lessons learnt, not the least of these the sobering reminder of the need to prioritise the prevention and care management of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including diabetes, hypertension, and mental health...... Read More

The right to relations
This is an open letter to Jamaica to let her know that had she not gained Independence in 1962, gay rights would have more than likely been legal today.... Read More

Making it a safe Christmas

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, November, 23 2020    

Chief Medical Officer Dr Jacquiline Bisasor-McKenzie has given a stern warning: With 70,000 expected arrivals of Jamaicans for the Christmas holidays, we may very well see a COVID-19 spike in January. Oh, no! Read More

Ill-advised challenge to the 'Go with Golding's wish

BY Lawrence Rowe | Monday, November, 23 2020    

On November 7, 2020, 52 per cent of eligible delegates at the People's National Party (PNP) conference (translating to 55 per cent of those who voted) elected Mark Golding as the sixth president of the party. With his victory, Golding inherited an officer core of 13, with only one... Read More

COVID-19's dark economic pall

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, November, 22 2020    

Supposing doesn't fill the grain basket 'if' doesn't fill the larder. — Ovambo proverb, Namibia Read More

A Caribbean-Central America alliance for climate justice

Sunday, November, 22 2020    

Governments in Central America are calling for “climate justice” after the devastation of their countries by Eta and Iota as both tropical storms and hurricanes. The Central American countries are echoing a call previously made by Caribbean governments whose countries are... Read More

The thin line of civilisation

Jason McKay | Sunday, November, 22 2020    

Jamaica showed its rear end to the world in the seventies. I have spoken about it often – the killings, the immature politics, the acceptance that violence and the creation of political prisoners all came into being in that lousy decade of cold war violence and... Read More

Her majesty — the arguments

Stephen Vasciannie | Sunday, November, 22 2020    

Some parts of this column are extracted from Professor Vasciannie's latest book entitled “Caribbean Essays on Law and Policy” published by the University of Technology, Jamaica Press, September 2020.  Read More

Are doctors chopping off legs willy nilly in Jamaica?

Ernest Madu and Paul Edwards | Sunday, November, 22 2020    

Last week in our column, we discussed the issue of amputations in Jamaica and how we have earned the unenviable title as the amputation capital of the world. Read More

America's post-election stress

Bruce Golding | Sunday, November, 22 2020    

The 2020 elections in the United States are over. Joe Biden won with almost six million votes more than Donald Trump and secured 306 Electoral College votes to Trump's 232. That result is “decidedly decisive”. Read More

Time for more action!

Canute Thompson | Sunday, November, 22 2020    

Since the start of the new school year on October 5, 2020 we have seen more palpably many of the developmental deficits of our country, particularly those which relate to access to education, the challenges which face working class families, and the limitations of our telecommunications... Read More

Radical democracy, left politics, and the PNP: A tribute to D K Duncan

Anthony Bogues | Sunday, November, 22 2020    

Jamaican politics in the 1970s produced remarkable political figures. D K Duncan was one such figure. Passionate, committed, and courageous, his political activism was intertwined with the People's National Party (PNP). It was an activism that oftentimes made some members of the party... Read More

Wi-Fi world

Tony Robinson | Sunday, November, 22 2020    

They have beenAt a great feast of language,And stolen the scraps.— Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost Read More


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