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I'm no politician... I don't need the votes

One of the advantages Prime Minister Andrew Holness has is almost a surfeit of bright, talented and experienced people in his Cabinet. But something that concerns me is how quick they are to apologise, even when it is not necessary. Read More

Women's interests in a very male Parliament
The “more women in leadership” conversation has never really grabbed me, since I have never been a big fan of deliberately and unnaturally trying to change the demographics in leadership spaces. I have always felt that the most committed and talented people should occupy...... Read More

Educational justice: Special needs children matter
COVID-19 has exposed the petticoat of the Jamaican education system with inequality and injustice in full view of the public. What is not known is that the most vulnerable in the system -- children with special educational needs -- have suffered and continue to...... Read More

There is no expiration date on trauma, Minister Chuck
We have watched the happenings from Parliament and, like many of you, we are disturbed and angry at the sentiments expressed by our Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck. The cavalier manner in which he expressed his suggestion that individuals who have experienced sexual harassment should...... Read More

America's opportunity

Henley Morgan | Wednesday, July, 1 2020    

The daily and nightly scenes of protest on the streets of America following the horrific murder of a black man, 46-year-old George Floyd, by Minneapolis police is invariably reported by the news networks as “America in crisis”. True, but I also see it as... Read More

No appetite for a change of Government

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, July, 1 2020    

There seems to be hardly any doubt that the next general election will be held this year. Prime Minister Andrew Holness has given notice that by July 28 the states of emergency will end, as he will not be conducting a general election with any in place. This is the clearest signal yet that the... Read More

We need to check our leaders

Lorenzo Smith | Tuesday, June, 30 2020    

Our parliamentarians have been showing us their true colours, particularly when it comes to sexual harassment, but, unfortunately, I don't think we have been paying attention. The recent uproar regarding statements made by Justice Minister Delroy Chuck is but another... Read More

Exploring the COVID-19 — Part 4

Canute Thompson | Tuesday, June, 30 2020    

In my last instalment in this series, published on June 2, 2020, I looked at the educational planning and the proposed 'new normal' for the sector. Attention is now turned in the Jamaican Economy in a COVID-19 era. Read More

JLP, PNP can be heroes for Jamaica

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, June, 29 2020    

Jamaica is looking good on the international stage for our strong response to the COVID-19 crisis. However, we are looking horrible when it comes to crime. Check this Jamaica Observer headline earlier this month: 'Nineteen killed across Jamaica in bloody weekend'. How can a country of... Read More

Dear British Black People...

Amanda Baker | Monday, June, 29 2020    

As the editorial and comment sections of our major newspapers whiten up again — the black and brown faces pushed forward for effect during the peak of #BlackLivesMatter upheaval already dropping back to the shadows — there is one singular and central lesson to be learnt and... Read More

Enhancing China-Caribbean cooperation in jointly building the Belt and Road

Monday, June, 29 2020    

ON June 18, the high-level videoconference on Belt and Road international cooperation was held in Beijing under the theme 'Belt and Road International Cooperation: Combating COVID-19 with Solidarity'. It was attended by the foreign ministers or other ministers from 25 countries, World Health... Read More

Modern-day slavery in Venezuela

Report by Dr C Justine Pierre assisted by Nayrobis Rodríguez | Monday, June, 29 2020    

During our eight-month human trafficking investigation in the Caribbean (July 2019 to February 2020), we discovered that there was a higher demand for sex and prostitution services in Trinidad and Tobago when compared with other English-speaking countries in Caricom. Read More

PNP playing in the arena of compromise Truce, horse-trading being used to manipulate the 3Ms

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, June, 28 2020    

The shepherd of frogs recognises the limping one. — Fulani proverb, Nigeria  Read More

None beyond reproach Noel Chambers was denied equal treatment, opportunities

Frank Phipps | Sunday, June, 28 2020    

A recent report by the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has taken most Jamaicans by surprise and aroused great anger and outrage in them. But is such indignation warranted? After all the crocodile tears are shed, are the people in Jamaica of African origin better off... Read More

CCJ offers parties in Guyana pathway to rule of law

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, June, 28 2020    

There have been unhelpful and destructive attacks by leading members and zealous supporters of the A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) caretaker Government in Guyana against all with whose position they disagree. The targets are international organisations,... Read More


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