Petroswamp uncut!

And it came to pass in the fourth year of Andrew, in the year of our Lord two thousand and nineteen, in the second month, there was dengue plague, mosquitoes gave deadly Valentine's Day kisses; history was made by our first legislator; a Member of Parliament was... Read More

What is joke to you is death to me
HOW many of us Jamaicans have been hearing the phrase “black face”? The term refers to the practice of individuals darkening their skin and exaggerating the lips and eyes to mock the features common to the descendants of Africa. It stems from a time when darker-skinned...... Read More

Transport operators are not 'hooligans'
 The article in the Sunday Observer of February 17, 2019, written by Jason McKay, demonstrated a misunderstanding of the plight of transport operators.... Read More

Politics, change and sameness
 ... Read More

Blacks in the Bible

Clinton Chisholm | Thursday, February, 21 2019    

As blacks, we do not have to scrape the historical barrel to find prestigious folk whose ethnic stock is unclear or definitely non-black and parade them as one of us. Read More

Fayval to the rescue

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, February, 20 2019    

There seems to be general agreement that Fayval Williams is the right pick as the minister of energy, science and technology. At least there are those who are quite sanguine about her academic and technical competence to do the job. They are willing to give her a chance... Read More

C'bean support required for US Bill to extend CBI

Elizabeth Morgan | Wednesday, February, 20 2019    

COUNTRIES of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) continue to export goods to the USA under the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) comprising the 1983/1990 Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act (CBERA) and the 2000 Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA), which grant duty-free access to... Read More

Moral and emotional spaces within organisations

Henry J Lewis | Tuesday, February, 19 2019    

MAKING decisions is just one way among several of initiating action in organisations. However, it is a familiar one. Actions are often preceded by group activities which the participants describe as decision-making steps. Read More

The right to choose: A historical lens

Opal Palmer Adisa | Tuesday, February, 19 2019    

THE debate about abortion is reminiscent of the debate about slavery. In both instances, those against abolition quoted the Bible and God in their defence of their right to protect their property, and those for emancipation quoted the Bible and God as evidence of why they should fight for and... Read More

Cash in on your country

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, February, 18 2019    

During the bad old 70s, when many were fleeing Jamaica, I noticed that upper income folks were not moving. Rather, they were installing more sophisticated security features, bought more dogs, and built guardhouses at their gates. I remember the late Cecil Charlton... Read More

Time for managed nation-building!

Monday, February, 18 2019    

Contemplating the raging debate over crime in Jamaica, I can't help to wonder if we are truly interested in fighting the scourge of crime in our “Paradise”. The zones of special operations (ZOSO) came and went. Crime went down, and will certainly go up... Read More

Putting this country back on its feet

Lance Neita | Sunday, February, 17 2019    

Travelling to Kingston these days from the country can be quite an event. The preparations begin days before when you make the solemn announcement that you are planning a visit or a business trip. Immediately you are bombarded with advice on what route to take, what times to travel, what time to... Read More

Step down, Andrew!

Canute Thompson | Sunday, February, 17 2019    

Jamaica faces an existential crisis as the very foundations of our democracy are being undermined by no less a person than the head of government. The existence of this crisis has been in the making since the young post-Independence Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leader took office and has... Read More

Corruption: Stop it now!

Al Miller | Sunday, February, 17 2019    

My heart finally said enough is enough. — Anonymous  Read More

Traffic trials

Sunday, February, 17 2019    

As the many roadwork sites punctuate the flow of vehicles across town and country, columnist Lance Neita takes a journey on the lighter side of things, despite the perturbation and frustrations expressed by motorists who must navigate the road network. In a 'country come to town' manner... Read More


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