A gov't cruelly skylarking and playing Russian roulette with our lives

The Auditor General's Department says that the National Housing Trust's purchase of the Outameni property in Trelawny
was a buyout of a bad debt owed by the owners to a local merchant bank.

I have always tried to be correct, but not politically correct. — Lee Kuan Yew An excerpt from Aesop's fable The Dog and the Oyster: "A dog, used to eating eggs, saw an oyster and, opening his mouth to its widest extent, swallowed it down with the utmost relish, supposing it to be an egg. So ... Read More

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Anthony Hylton The minister is selling unfit green mangoes
ABOUT two decades ago, when former PM and Leader of the Opposition Edward Seaga was under pressure f ... Read More

Born in 1928 American poet Anne
Sexton committed suicide in 1974. She
wrote openly about controversial
topics like menstruation, abortion and
incest: ‘I am alone here in my own
mind. There is no map. There is no
road. It is one of a kind just as yours
is... Put your ear down close to your
soul and listen hard...I am a collection
of dismantled almosts.’ A conversation on suicide with Jason Hill
Observer columnist Nevada Powe shares a sit-down he had with DePaul University Professor Jason Hill. ... Read More

The logistics hub has been mooted as a major element in the development of this nation, and yet the
way it is being handled in the public arena is creating more cynicism and mistrust than confidence. Leadership, governance and transparency
At this point in history, when the world continues to grieve in the wake of the passing of Lee Kuan ... Read More

Debt relief for Jamaica will not happen overnight

CHRISTOPHER BURNS | Sunday, April 26, 2015    

The IMF, World Bank and the IDB have classified Jamaica as a Heavily Indebted

Jamaica's appetite for debt has been years in the making. The accumulation of debt followed a period in the late 1970s when global oil prices, triggered largely by geopolitical events, forced the country to seek and rely on multilateral funding. However, acceleration of the country's debt stock started in earnest during the 1980s. The debt reached 212.4 per cent of GDP by 1984, up from 63 per cent of GDP in 1980. The pattern of debt accumulation continued into the period between 1996 and 2003. T ... Read More

Lukewarm to the Commonwealth?

RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, April 26, 2015    

The political parties contesting the May 7 General Election in Britain have now published their manifestoes, and my friend and colleague Professor Philip Murphy found in them a 'decidedly lukewarm attitude' to the 53-member Commonwealth of Nations. He notes that the Labour manifesto "makes only a couple of brief mentions of the Commonwealth. Even then, it is relegated to an item on a list of other organisations and networks to which the UK belongs, such as NATO, the G20 and the EU". He conclud ... Read More

Combating corruption and building Jamaica's prosperity

TREVOR MUNROE | Sunday, April 26, 2015    

A contract to build a road might provide an opportunity to reward political affiliates and shoddy construction would
ensure that the road surface would crumble, which would then allow the issuing of another contract to resurface the

The following is the edited version of a presentation made to the Kiwanis Club of North St Andrew earlier this month. My thoughts are occasioned by remarks made by President Barack Obama at his recent town hall meeting held on the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. Obama produced what he described as "the recipe, the formula for a 21st century economy". And, amongst the elements of this formula were two: 1. address the rule of law 2. eliminate corruption I could not agree with him m ... Read More

We demand the protection of our children!

Jean LOWRIE-CHIN | Saturday, April 25, 2015    

The three youngsters (fron left) Alex Turner, Ricardo Briscoe, Raymond Gibbons,
who were killed along with 35-year-old Marquis Hamilton in Clarendon last week.

We are in grief and shock over the execution-style murder of three schoolchildren in Clarendon last Wednesday night along with 35-year-old Marquis Hamilton in the Monymusk neighbourhood. The three promising students, 14-year-old Ricardo Briscoe, 14-year-old Raymond Givans, and 16-year-old Alex Turner were made to lie face down and shot in the back of their heads by two gunmen. But, as we mourn, we should be asking ourselves, are we members of a nation of hypocrites or did we force ourselves to ... Read More

We deserve better health care!

BY T PINNOCK | Saturday, April 25, 2015    

Cornwall Regional Hospital

The state of public health care in Jamaica is a hot topic and major concern for many citizens who have had to grapple with what has been described as a below standard system. There have been countless discussions surrounding the issue, and many individuals who are dissatisfied with the poor service have voiced their frustration via calls to talk shows, letters to the editor, on social media platforms, among others. Indeed, it is not for a lack of discussion. I dare say we have mastered the art o ... Read More

Which "p" is the real boss?

BY TONY MILES | Saturday, April 25, 2015    

Political party meetings used to be a time of singing, dancing and merriment.

"When our children misbehave we scold them, when an employee fails to perform...they are fired, but when politicians act in like manner we put them on a five-year cycle, hoping for a change that never comes." Politicians -- employees of the electorate -- having completed the period of courting for our votes mostly become afflicted with a controlled malady called amnesia; forgetting the sweet promises on their trek to power. They revea their true character to their employers and present themselv ... Read More

Are public board members political lackeys? Part II

Franklin JOHNSTON | Friday, April 24, 2015    

The 20,000-plus men and women who serve on boards are volunteers who may get a cussing as pay.

Boards are the "to do" arm of the State. Each fulfils part of the remit of the ministry which spawned it. The central ministry and its boards should work as a "group" as they fulfil the nation's health, works or education needs, spend the lion's share of taxes, and are crucial to Vision 2030, the PNP (or JLP) manifesto, as well as a minister's and MP's promises. They deliver from transport to nutri-buns. They buy goods, services; build roads, schools; they farm; run buses; pay wages, bonuses and ... Read More

Big up massive! What a gwaan?

Barbara GLOUDON | Friday, April 24, 2015    

US President Barack Obama addressing a town hall meeting with youth at the University of the
West Indies, Mona, on his one-day visit to Jamaica daily.

President Barack Obama, on his visit to the University of the West Indies, Mona, actually spoke in the language of the so-called uneducated Jamaican, giving recognition to those who are not afraid to talk Jamaican because is "fi wi language". Goodness, gracious me! Mi never hear dis from mi bawn. When tappanares like HM di Queen and all her ginneration set foot yah so, speakey-spokey is how dem talk. Nobody sneered at them. Why are we so uncertain about our identity? We talk 'Merican so much th ... Read More

When irredeemable murderers stalk the land

Mark WIGNALL | Thursday, April 23, 2015    

There are many of these irredeemable young men occupying our physical spaces
and messing up vital areas that give us reason to exercise our mental abilities.

The recent vicious murders of three boys and an adult in Clarendon must have devastated their parents, even as it had the nation feeling helpless and the prime minister visiting them to offer whatever comfort she could. Many of us have felt rage within, but that is as far as we can go. Some of us act as if these heinous murders are a recent phenomenon but, the truth is, our dance with these devils has long been an old move and the song of a golden oldie reflecting our national shame and disgrac ... Read More

A lifetime with my opinions

Michael BURKE | Thursday, April 23, 2015    

No newspaper columnist
or radio commentator
can please everyone at
the same time, and none
should try to do that.

Come July, it will be 27 years since I have been a newspaper columnist. Between 1988 and 1998, I wrote for the Jamaica Record, and when that paper folded I wrote for the Jamaica Herald. For a time, I had two columns at the Jamaica Record, my regular one and another on the "Against All Odds" page, which highlighted successes among disabled persons. And, while at the Jamaica Herald, for a time I had two columns, my regular one and another on the Religion page on Sunday. Exactly 17 years ago today ... Read More



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