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Searching for growth in a time of budget contraction

The Government of Jamaica's (GOJ) 2021/22 budget is a fiscal consolidation budget chiselled by the realities of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Fiscal consolidation is the deliberate policy intended to mitigate fiscal deficits as well as public debt growth. To use football terminology,... Read More

Equitable COVID-19 vaccine distribution is good sense, not altruism
MANY years ago, when I was venturing into coffee farming, I spent some time with the late Cecil Langford on his coffee farm up in the Blue Mountains trying to learn as much as I could about growing coffee. One of the important lessons he taught me was how to combat the dreaded berry...... Read More

Put money where your mouth is, Holness!
The entire world is facing an economic crisis and the tertiary education sector is not immune from this crisis. In fact, one of sectors most hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic is tertiary education and the Jamaican education sector, particularly universities, have...... Read More

India to our aid
Here we are in March 2021, one year after the COVID-19 alert was sounded in Jamaica and we closed down our offices, started working more from home, wearing masks, sanitising; doing all the right things to stay well. Meanwhile, some of our fellow...... Read More

US-Cuba normalisation could increase production of COVID-19 vaccines

Ronald Sanders | Monday, March, 1 2021    

If US President Joe Biden eases the trade embargo against Cuba, one benefit to developing countries, including the Caribbean, could be greater access to COVID-19 vaccines at an affordable price. Read More

Sovereignty suspended?

Sunday, February, 28 2021    

A raging debate has erupted as to whether Jamaica is a laggard Caribbean State in the race to get its people vaccinated against COVID-19. The protagonist debaters point out that Barbados, The Commonwealth of Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, St Lucia, and others have all started... Read More

Sowing seeds of suspicion in a miasma of distrust

Sunday, February, 28 2021    

In his seminal work The Prince , Niccolò Machiavelli, Italian renaissance political philosopher, posited that a political leader should always have a deputy to do the dirty work. In 1532, when Machiavelli published that political... Read More

Remembering Rt Rev Dr Percival William Gibson (1893 – 1970)

K Churchill Neita | Sunday, February, 28 2021    

Fifty years have passed since the death of the Right Reverend Percival William Gibson, MLC, DD, BA, CBE, and during that period far too little has been done to educate the Jamaican people on the life and work of one of their greatest sons. Read More

Reggae music, dancehall and the subculture of violence (part two)

Basil Wilson | Sunday, February, 28 2021    

The worldwide demand for reggae music enhanced the material well-being of the artiste who had international appeal and could perform in festivals in Europe and concerts in North America and other venues in Japan and South America. Read More

COVID-19: Lessons we have learnt

Jason Mckay | Sunday, February, 28 2021    

Prior to 2020, the world was a different place. More cynical, but less serious. We took things for granted. We could travel as we liked, party as we wished and actually plan our future.This changed in 2020. Read More

What is heart failure? (part two)

Ernest Madu and Paul Edwards | Sunday, February, 28 2021    

Today, we continue our discussion on heart failure and will look at the diagnosis of heart failure, diagnostic tools for heart failure and explore how the risk of heart failure can be decreased. Read More

What next, since neoliberal capitalism not working?

Imani Duncan-Price | Sunday, February, 28 2021    

LAST week I was clearing out my father's storeroom where he had saved a range of historical documents. From political analyses, policy research, the Emergency Production Plan of 1977 (an alternative plan to Jamaica going back to the International Monetary Fund), to many commission... Read More

The 'buttus' vs the rest of us

Friday, February, 26 2021    

Some years ago, the late Professor Emeritus of The University of the West Indies Rex Nettleford hit the nail on the head when he quipped that “a buttu in a Benz is still a buttu”, no doubt seeking to highlight a new breed of Jamaicans who, by virtue of their material wealth... Read More

The dollar must not be allowed to suffer

TARA HENRY | Friday, February, 26 2021    

The Jamaican dollar at the time of composing this article now stands at $150.01 to US$1. Urgent attention ought to be directed to the increasing exchange rate. Read More

Too black to succeed: The black experience

Valerie Dixon | Thursday, February, 25 2021    

Love him or hate him, our National Hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey and his organisation, the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), are originals. In honour of February, Black History Month, it is important that we shed some light on the fact that the tag line 'Too... Read More


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