God sent the rainbow sign (no more water the fire next time)

The American and rainbow flags being flown at half-mast at the United States Embassy in Kingston recently.

Marlene Mahaloo Forte is our 48th attorney general (AG), the eighth since 1962, and the second female. We spurn our history as “colonial”, but the story of this illustrious office should be written; her chapter starts badly. Women should run things, as men failed us for 40 years, but Ma ... Read More

Not home and abroad
“There’s nothing wrong with the world… It’s the people who’re in it.& ... Read More

BURRELL... it is critical for the next president to be elected by the full congress Jump ship, Captain!
Captain Horace Burrell has had a long career in the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), his greatest ... Read More

The length of the south coast cow trail, in days gone by when cows were driven into Kingston by cow men on horseback, resulted in men enjoying overnight ‘hospitality’ at the houses of women on the journey and many of them sired great quantities of children in a manner not approved of in the Bible. The importance of history
High school history textbooks books, for the most part, simply give factual data of events in chrono ... Read More

Make rhetoric a reality: Review foster care

Thursday, June 23, 2016    

Jamaicans For Justice research shows that children in residential facilities face greater risks to their development than children in family environments.

Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) welcomes the announcement by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information to review the Government’s support for foster parents and implement improved monitoring measures. While public announcements are easy to make, only their meaningful implementation will improve outcomes for children in State care. Any review must take significant steps — not cosmetic gestures — to finally make fostering a viable option for Jamaicans. We await action. CHI ... Read More

Religious tyranny and the love of God

Dr Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, June 22, 2016    

A section of Andrews Memorial Hospital.

In a recent report in the Sunday Gleaner, the administrators of the Andrews Memorial Hospital, owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, threatened disciplinary action against any member of staff who commits the “biblical sins” of fornication and adultery. Dismissal from one’s employment could result from any such infractions. It was reported that a nurse who became pregnant out of wedlock was told not to enter the hospital through the front entrance but through ... Read More

Global warming too hot to handle

Juvelle Taylor | Wednesday, June 22, 2016    

The month of April 2016 has been recognised by NASA as the hottest month on record.

The month of April 2016 has been recognised by NASA as the hottest month on record, but I believe that the month of May competed strongly for the title. With each day getting hotter and hotter, it has dawned on me that the enormity of global warming has become extremely daunting and dispiriting. Global warming continues to be a hot topic, not only regionally but internationally, and the taunting heat, the disappearing beaches and the bleaching corals continue to provide the evidence needed to v ... Read More

The Tivoli report...another view

Alfred Sangster | Tuesday, June 21, 2016    

Residents of Tivoli Gardens put ip placards on the community centre in the aftermath of the May 2010 security forces operation. The enquiry into the operation has recommended that that resident receive an apology and payment for losses.Naphtali Junior

Our local newspapers have headlined the recently delivered Tivoli Gardens Commission of Enquiry Report. They have highlighted two major recommendations: 1. An apology to be made to the Tivoli Gardens community; and 2. Special payments be made to members of the community. It is quite obvious that the commission had a clear agenda with a blame game against the security forces. We need another view. It is well established that Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke — now in jail in the US fo ... Read More

Replace her, Mr Holness

Philip Mascoll | Tuesday, June 21, 2016    

New Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte greets Prime Minister Andrew Holness after being sworn into office by the governor general Monday.

Let’s get real! I know several individuals who, like me, are of the firm opinion that Marlene Malahoo Forte is not a fit and proper person to occupy the position of Jamaica’s attorney-general and that Prime Minister Andrew Holness displayed extremely poor judgement and showed grave disrespect to all Jamaicans, in general, and to the legal profession, in particular, when he advised the Governor General last March to swear her in as the attorney general. Jamaicans at home and in the ... Read More

Something fundamentally wrong with our football development programme

BY Sunil Reid | Tuesday, June 21, 2016    

Reagge Boyz pose for a team picture ahead of kick-off against Costa Rica inside Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica on Tuesday night. (Photos: Richard Bell)

Sometimes the most powerful, effective, and beneficial thing you can do to move forward is to take a few steps backward. In such situations, risks may have to be taken, sacrifices made, and hardships endured. This, in itself, is the story behind many successful individuals and entities alike. The aforementioned is universally applicable. We all, at times, have deprived ourselves of specific pleasures in an attempt to ultimately achieve a desired goal. After yet another disappointing display ... Read More

Questioning the Orlando tragedy

Clinton Chisholm | Monday, June 20, 2016    

ORLANDO, United States - People mourning for victims of the mass shooting near the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando yesterday. Fifty people died and another 53 were injured when a gunman opened fire and seized hostages at the club, making it the worst mass shooting in US history. (Photo: AFP/INSTAGRAM/the_pixel_trappa)

The unmitigated tragedy in Orlando two Sundays ago has prompted several questions. One popular one on the lips of even religious folk is: Where was God when this tragedy was going down? Perfectly understandable question. A seemingly superficial and insensitive answer is, “where He has always been when…” I say seemingly superficial and insensitive because if you muster up the tolerance to probe both the question and the answer, they veil deep philosophical and practical issu ... Read More

Tivoli report only criticises ‘big fish’

BY PAUL WARD | Monday, June 20, 2016    

Owen Ellington (Observer File photo)

Having spent the last two days reading the Tivoli Commission Report, I am bitterly disappointed that overall responsibility for the excesses committed in May 2010 has not been assigned and the ‘big fish’ have been allowed to go free; that is, Prime Minister Bruce Golding, Chief of Defence Staff Major General Stewart Saunders, and Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington. Minister Dwight Nelson should be included, but it seems, quite inappropriately, that he had very little involvement i ... Read More

Tivoli: Never again!

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, June 20, 2016    

Armed State personnel secure the Tivoli area from atop buildings with mobile support.

We should feel compassion for the citizens of Tivoli, as well as for our security forces. We cannot judge the women who marched in white a few days before the Tivoli operation bearing signs declaring their willingness to die for Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke referred to as “Prezzie” of Tivoli Gardens. Nor can we condemn the decision of the security forces to attempt to arrest Coke, who was wanted for crimes committed in the USA. The report of the Tivoli Enquiry concluded that ... Read More

Time for rational dialogue on sexuality and tolerance

Christopher Burns | Sunday, June 19, 2016    

JIMINEZ...I wish the Government would round them [gays] all up, put them up against a wall, put a firing squad in front of them, and blow their brains out

We would only be postponing the inevitable were we to engage political expediency over serious and far-reaching human rights actions including, but not limited to, granting our citizens justiciable rights. Recent events in Orlando, Florida, should also impel us to consider opening up the public square to address issues we have been sweeping under the carpet for years, hoping they just go away. I can hear, “Burns, yuh mad?!” I am not mad at all, just brave! None of this means we sho ... Read More



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