In the interest of good governance...

The recent revelation of the manner in which the former Minister of National Security the Honourable Robert Montaque sought to reinstate a firearm holder's licence after there was a revocation by the Review Board of the Firearm Lincensing Authority (FLA) has reignited debate on the issue... Read More

Depreciation, inflation and economic growth: The IMF query
In the evening news of one of the TV stations on August 3, 2018, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) representative in Jamaica queried the country's monetary authorities for failing to achieve the inflation target of five per cent.... Read More

A grave danger to the world
US President Donald Trump has the world on edge. His style of governing is beyond unique. It is rough, crude, uncouth and coarse. It is indeed more than what was known in the 40s and 50s as the “Ugly American”.... Read More

Funding UTech — Cast thy bread...
The University of Technology, Jamaica Academic Staff Union (UTASU) joins the debate about the viability of the national university and the unique and vital contribution it must make if Jamaicans from all walks of life are to be empowered with skills to excel in the 21st century and...... Read More

It's time to mainstream Marcus Garvey

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, August, 20 2018    

Born in Jamaica on August 17, 1887, our first National Hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey took the world stage by storm with an estimated membership of over four million worldwide in his Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), which he had launched in Jamaica in 1914. Read More

PNP continues to suffer a messaging dilemma

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, August, 19 2018    

If beards signified intelligence, the goat would have been a genius. — Nigerian Proverb  Read More

The murder problem — Own it, solve it!

Al Miller | Sunday, August, 19 2018    

The wickedness of the few makes the calamity of the many. — Publius Syrus  Read More

Maintaining independence: The imperative of diplomacy

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, August, 19 2018    

Except in times of crisis, many countries of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) credit their foreign ministries and embassies or high commissions abroad with little value. Yet, diplomacy, which is the work of foreign ministries and their overseas missions, is the only... Read More

Macroeconomic stability, productivity, and the education system

Canute Thompson | Sunday, August, 19 2018    

The Jamaican economy has been experiencing unprecedented stability over the last five years. Despite the level of stability experienced, real gross domestic product (GDP) growth has averaged less than one per cent. The stability in the economy, which began in 2013, has... Read More

Free villages were not free; they were all paid for by slaves

BY SHALMAN SCOTT | Sunday, August, 19 2018    

As we celebrated 'Emancipendence' this month of August, 2018 and many of us were involved with the 'rigging and the jigging', others remained contemplative and watchful of the quality and substance of the information flow in respect to the nation's diabolical experience... Read More

Jamaicanising Jamaican Culture (Part 2)

Edward Seaga | Sunday, August, 19 2018    

A burgeoning entertainment scene was growing rapidly by expansion of the means of listening to music. First, the transistor radio made it possible for anyone to own a cheap device which could receive music on radio. For those who wanted the party atmosphere, sound systems (discos) were... Read More

The 'Stand Your Ground' law

Jason McKay | Sunday, August, 19 2018    

A recent tragedy in Florida, USA, in July was caught on video at a 7-Eleven store. The dispute centred on a man parking in a handicapped spot and a subsequent fight that occurred with a man objecting to him doing so. The actual cycle of events were that the driver of the car shoved the... Read More

Honouring Jamaica's first national hero

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, August, 17 2018    

How many of us out there can answer the question: Who is Jamaica's first national hero? Do you know when was the date of his birth anyway? You don't know? You'd better start a quick search and be ready to show off how well-educated you are — or how fast you can Google the answer. Read More

Vaz's cry of 'political mischief'

Franklin Johnston | Friday, August, 17 2018    

No one can accuse Daryl Vaz of modesty. If you or I did what it is reported that Vaz did with “the gun of a male companion” we would be in jail. Daryl will never be political roadkill, but he has a way about him. Read More

Where is the truth? Where is the truth?

Donald J Reece | Friday, August, 17 2018    

As a boy I often wondered about the question Pontius Pilate asked Jesus Christ: “What is truth?” I found it confusing because it went contrary to what I was taught by my parents and at school: “Speak the truth and speak it ever, cost it what it... Read More


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