Labour Day has lost its spirit of national involvement

<InfoBold>Jamaica Observer</InfoBold> employees give Faith Tabernacle Basic School a facelift for Labour Day 2016. The identification of a theme for the day was meant to foster wider national involvement, but did not compel citizens to be bound by the theme.

What has happened to good old Labour Day activities? Those of us who can recall its significance in the days of Michael Manley in 1972 will remember the national spirit involved in planting, cleaning, renovating, painting, and doing projects that helped to develop communities. Up to 1989, the de ... Read More

VASCIANNIE... argued that the delay in carrying out the death sentence locally is an impediment An intellectually stimulating article on the death penalty
Let me congratulate Professor Stephen Vasciannie for what I regard as an excellent, objectively writ ... Read More

Opposition spokesman on finance Dr Peter Phillips making his presentation to the Budget Debate last week. Seated (from left) are Phillip Paulwell, Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller, and Natalie Neita-Headley.Photo: Michael Gordon Critics of the Government’s tax plan are being disingenuous
The International Monetary Fund (IMF), through its representatives in Jamaica, has given a ringing e ... Read More

The new tax measures from an economic perspective
A tax policy is not solely a vehicle for a Government to garner revenue, it’s also an instrume ... Read More

Violet Mosse Brown — 116 amazing years!

Jean Lowrie Chin | Monday, May 23, 2016    

116-year-old Violet Mosse Brown

In the quiet district of Duanvale, Trelawny, is a lady whose life has crossed three centuries. She was six months in the making at the turn of the 20th century and her parents, Elizabeth Riley (who lived to 96) and John Mosse, welcomed into the world their daughter, Violet, on March 13, 1900 — born on the same premises where she still lives, 116 years later. “I live by the grace of God and I am proud of my age!” declares Mrs Violet Mosse Brown, the world’s second-olde ... Read More

Rubik’s cube of the Caribbean public education system

BY NANCY A GEORGE | Monday, May 23, 2016    

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC) — The very good news for Caribbean education is that the Caribbean Community’s (Caricom) Council for Human and Social Development has agreed that 2016 is the time to craft a Regional Strategic Action Plan that presents a harmonised approach to educational reform in Caricom. The Human Resource Development Commission was launched recently with the main purpose of developing an Education Human Resource Development 2030 Strategy. The intent of the plan is to ens ... Read More

A budget by any other name

Lance Neita | Sunday, May 22, 2016    

SHAW... this tax is only related to the Special Consumption Tax on fuel for road transportPhoto: Joseph Wellington

If any of our finance ministers enjoy giving a budget presentation it must be the incumbent Audley Shaw. His enthusiasm as he delivered his opening speech on May 12 was contagious. A national budget that calls for 10 per cent less spending than the one presented by the previous Administration a year ago has been met with grudging but loud applause coming from the most unlikely sources. The Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association, the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, a few normally tacit ... Read More

Cozier: A man who had time for me

BY RAY FORD | Sunday, May 22, 2016    

Cozier (left) with Ford at a social event

Last Sunday, as usual, I got up at the crack of dawn to see what was going on in the world of cricket. And so I went to the on-line cricket Bible — ESPNcricinfo. On down I scrolled to one of the game’s most fervent Sunday-morning preachers, Tony Cozier. I noticed that his sermon had not changed from that of the previous Sunday — ‘West Indies cricket needs Legend’s clout’. I immediately figured that something was up. But little did I know that my friend was on ... Read More

The PNP pot calling the kettle black — disingenuous

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, May 22, 2016    

HARRIOTT... said that violence in Jamaica is segmented and limited to certain places and people

Neither a man nor a crowd, nor a nation, can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear. — Bertrand Russell, mathematician, Nobel laureate Two weeks ago I pointed out that the People’s National Party (PNP) was suffering with what I dubbed Jamaica House Withdrawal Syndrome. I neglected to point out the cause. In the good book, the Old Testament, in fact, speaks about the dangers of ‘dead dog complexes’, or what modern thinkers refer ... Read More

It’s time to stop ‘dissing’ our heroes, and get rid of mediocrity

BY HG HELPS Editor-at-Large | Sunday, May 22, 2016    

BRATHWAITE ... best of the young lot, but his average is still low

As ridiculous as it sounded, news came last week by way of a badly written news release issued by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) —something that has become common in the last seven months — that legendary retired fast bowler Curtly Ambrose had been sacked as bowling consultant to the West Indies team. Sprinting alongside that news release was the revelation that a training squad had been named to prepare for international assignments starting with India next month, and Pakista ... Read More

Caricom deficiencies leading to fragmentation and weakness

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, May 22, 2016    

Caricom headquarters in Georgetown, Guyana

This commentary is a shortened version of an address to the St Lucia Hotels and Tourist Association on May 19, 2016. I start with the now proven premise that no Caricom nation is able to prosper on its own. No protestations to the contrary erase the evidence that, without aid from external sources, these countries could not deliver the goods and services that their people expect. The countries of Caricom started the process to their separate independence 54 years ago when Jamaica and Trinidad ... Read More

Term limits for party and Government

Gladstone Wilson | Sunday, May 22, 2016    

Term limits for leadership of party and Government have been proposed by Andrew Holness and Peter Bunting — in the case of Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leader while on the campaign trail before victory, and in Bunting’s case after the defeat of his party. Both seek to promote a sense of renewal in order to limit those of the political class who might be tempted to linger in the departure lounge for longer than is necessary. Both proposals are fraught with difficulties because the issu ... Read More

Jamaica’s economic growth prospects and the world economy

Dr Raulston Nembhard | Sunday, May 22, 2016    

The often shoddy and patchwork approach to economic growth has not presented the kind of integration necessary for growth to take place.

In the last survey done by Don Anderson’s market research outfit there is growing optimism among the Jamaican business class that the economy is poised for growth. This optimism is partly fed by the last Government’s loyalty to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme, evidenced in the passing of the IMF tests which indicate a level of macroeconomic stability that has eluded the country for the longest while. In this regard, the People’s National Party (PNP) must once a ... Read More

Straightening out the land we love

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, May 20, 2016    

Whatever happened to the various plans to make something of the Yallahs ponds?

IN a few days we will be called upon to give a little “time and sweat” to straighten up as much of the environment as we can for what we still call Labour Day. Wouldn’t it be great if we could really show some interest in straightening out this Jamaica, land we love? Seriously now. One of the reasons, I believe, why we have been letting things go is that many of us have very little knowledge of what is happening around us. Most of us seem to believe that “farrin better t ... Read More



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