Numbers don't lie, Thwaites
The ongoing public hullabaloo for more money to be allocated as incentive for teachers who specialise in the realms of mathematics and the sciences in an attempt to safeguard their expertise within the country has been ricocheting like bullets from a firing squad. There have, however, been mix...... Read More

Peter Phillips's pyrrhic victory
Peter Bunting has nothing to be ashamed of; he made his point extremely well. His political skill of reading the 'ground' seems excellent; and even more admirable, exceptional, and outstanding was his development of a rapid response crew in the field, mainly supported...... Read More

Despite the storm, #BahamasStrong
Last week we cast our minds back to September 12, 1988, the day that Hurricane Gilbert, packing category 3 winds, hit Jamaica, lingering over us for about six hours. We remember the howling wind tearing around our yard like a prehistoric creature,...... Read More

Courthouse chuckles

Clinton Chisholm | Monday, September, 16 2019    

The impression that most people have of a court is that of a deadly serious place, but my six-year experience of working in the resident magistrate's court does not exactly match that impression. Read More


AL MILLER | Sunday, September, 15 2019    

Election days come and go. But the struggle of the people to create a government… based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice; that struggle continues. — Bernie SandersThe best thing that could've happened to our nation in the recent... Read More


PAUL GOLDING | Sunday, September, 15 2019    

I was warned, several times over. I was told where the hot spots were in Kingston: New Kingston, Cross Roads, Half-Way-Tree Road and the transport centre, Papine, among the areas. I was warned that the incidence is at epidemic levels similar to chikungunya (CHIKV), and I needed to protect... Read More

The powerful miasma of vote-buying

GARFIELD HIGGINS | Sunday, September, 15 2019    

The heart can kill its owner, but it will not survive. — Nuer/Dinka proverb, South Sudan  Read More

Does gun control work?

Jason McKay | Sunday, September, 15 2019    

JAMAICA is known as the reggae music capital of the world. It is also known to produce the greatest sprinters and the most potent natural form of ganja. What is not known is that Jamaica has the standard by which registered gun control is judged. Read More

Today, Venezuela; tomorrow who?

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, September, 15 2019    

There have been many ignominious moments at the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS), and many farcical decisions made, but they pale in significance when compared with the events of Wednesday, September 11, 2019.On that day, 11 countries, accompanied by the... Read More

Jamaica has shown we're not just sprinters but can do marathons

BY KEITH COLLISTER | Sunday, September, 15 2019    

I interviewed former IMF resident representative Constant Lonkeng by phone, literally as he was packing up to leave his office at the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) — his very last interview as our official representative before his tenure ended. Read More

Politics preckeh yard and abroad

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, September, 13 2019    

British war-time politician Winston Churchill once said: “Politics is almost as exciting as war, and quite as dangerous. In war you can only be killed once, but in politics many times.” At this time in politics, a number of 'funerals' are taking place. Boris Johnson, the... Read More

The PNP needs policy positions

orace Levy | Friday, September, 13 2019    

Now that he has defeated his rival, Dr Peter Phillips has a huge task on his hands. It is not just to unify the party. It is to rebuild the party's democratic socialism. To my mind, this is the deeper and more critical need. Read More

Cockpit country vs bauxite mining

Franklin Johnston | Friday, September, 13 2019    

I hold briefs for Jamaica, none else, but bauxite is a mature industry with things set for decades; yet the discourse regarding Cockpit Country has been so toxic that covert agendas may be at work. Read More

Brexit's cautionary tales

By Joel K Richards | Thursday, September, 12 2019    

Since the majority of United Kingdom (UK) voters voted for their country to leave the European Union (EU) I have watched with keen interest the ensuing political and economic developments there. Politically, Brexit has already accounted for the political careers of both... Read More


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