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Politicians will be politicians anywhere you go

TODAY is the 76th anniversary of the inauguration of the People's National Party (PNP). Its first aims were to have universal adult suffrage and selfgovernment for Jamaica. In 1940, the PNP declared itself a socialist party, but this has been shelved from time to time according to the political clim ... Read More

Jamaican and in love Jamaican and in love
I am a Jamaican, I love my people, and I am absolutely consumed with trying to determine what is the ... Read More

The late Uncle Roger My Uncle Roger
Dear Editor, I've known Uncle Roger for maybe more than 30 years. As a child my father and mother w ... Read More

There are many dysfunctional aspects of trade in Jamaica, both domestic and international. Trade and economic rejuvenation
It was gratifying to read the Jamaica Observer's editorial on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 that high ... Read More

The uglification of Jamaica

Lloyd B SMITH | Wednesday, September 17, 2014    

A volunteer loads a truck with plastic bottles and other waste after a clean-up drive.

JAMAICA has oftentimes been described as an island paradise. Indeed, some people even refer to it as the closest thing to the biblical Garden of Eden. I well recall the first time I visited the United States of America, many years ago, and how proud and elated I was when many Americans whom I met and was introduced to expressed much envy at the fact that I lived in "paradise". When Christopher Columbus "discovered" Jamaica he expressed much wonder at the beauty of the island, and throughout the ... Read More

Is Portia's leadership really that bad?

Grace VIRTUE | Tuesday, September 16, 2014    

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller

Portia Simpson Miller, our seventh prime minister, is one of only two to serve two non-consecutive terms -- the other was Michael Manley. In 2013, Simpson Miller was elected vice-president of Socialist International and, in 2012, Time Magazine named her among its "100 Most Influential Persons in the World", alongside United States President Barack Obama, tycoon Warren Buffet, Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy, and other illustrious leaders. Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-New York) authored ... Read More

Micromanagement and the tax collection process

BY CURTIS WEBLEY | Tuesday, September 16, 2014    

Mayor of Kingston Angela Brown Burke

I read in the Jamaica Observer on September 10, 2014 that 60 per cent of landowners in Kingston and St Andrew fail to honour their property tax obligation. The article further stated that the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) is sending a listing of property tax compliance from the different communities to members of parliament and councillors. The Mayor of Kingston Angela Brown Burke also posited that community meetings are on the agenda to address the collection process. I was baffled ... Read More

ROGER CLARKE: loyal and faithful to the end

Everton PRYCE | Monday, September 15, 2014    

CLARKE... easily one of the most-loved public figures across the political divide

THERE is no denying the shock, disbelief and mourning that we have witnessed in this country since the untimely passing of Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, the Honourable Roger Clarke, in the United States of America after undergoing successful non-invasive back surgery. It is as a result of the genuine love harboured for him in the cave of the heart by Jamaicans of all walks of life, at home and abroad. We had merely finished mourning the death of former Governor General Sir Howard Cooke w ... Read More

Jamaica needs more 'INDECOMs'

Jean LOWRIE-CHIN | Monday, September 15, 2014    

Why is it that there is
an ‘INDECOM’ for
wayward cops and no
similar organisation for
wayward politicians,
teachers, pastors, etc?

I look at every commissioner of police with so much sympathy. Past scenarios have rumours swirling and, before you know it, 'Commish' falls from someone's good graces and the taps begin to sound. We do hope that Commissioner Carl Williams will be able to weather the many storms he must face in his rigorous new post. It is a fact that there are some terrible rogues in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, but Jamaica should know that those are in the minority. Most of our police officers are dedicated ... Read More

No 'bang belly economy' ‘round here, Clovis

GARFIELD HIGGINS | Sunday, September 14, 2014    

No ‘bang belly economy’

According to an old French motto, Noblesse oblige — One must live up to one's name. The Rothschilds' condition of life has imposed on them a second motto: Richesse oblige — One must live up to one's fortune. — Guy de Rothschild Like most people, I have a few hobbies. Mine are collecting old Jamaican currency notes, seeing the beautiful outdoors of this physically majestic paradise nicknamed land of wood and water, which I have not done for several months now, due to what Dr Pe ... Read More

Is Sir Hilary Beckles the right person to lead the UWI?

MARK WIGNALL | Sunday, September 14, 2014    

BECKLES... vice chancellor-designate
of the University of the West Indies

IN search of explanations as to why the UWI Selection Committee would come to the conclusion that Sir Hilary Beckles -- champion of what I see as an impossible claim for reparations for slavery -- was the right person to the lead the University of the West Indies at this time, I posed several questions to two US-based, Caribbean-born political economists, Trevor A Campbell (Jamaica) and Hilbourne A Watson (Barbados). Campbell and Watson are part of a team of scholars, associated with the online ... Read More

Take the Cabinet minister out of the House

LANCE NEITA | Sunday, September 14, 2014    

Legislators need to legislate. The executive needs to create programmes and policies
independent of any kind of political persuasion.

Two issues related to the system of governance in Jamaica were raised last week in the media. One was an article by Frank Phipps, noted attorney-at-law, who put forward a strong recommendation for curtailing the appointment of ministers from among the elected members of parliament. He suggests instead that the Cabinet should be appointed from the Senate, or at least "from persons with the necessary qualification and experience in the area of a particular portfolio responsibility, and who are un ... Read More

Let's clear up that misinformation about chikungunya

BY DR FENTON FERGUSON | Sunday, September 14, 2014    

FERGUSON... we cannot play with the health of a country by playing politics

I am happy that we have been having robust discussion in Jamaica about chikungunya because it speaks to a high level of awareness of our citizens. I am however concerned about the misinformation that has been circulating and the political football that it has become. The Ministry's response to chikungunya and other public health issues is in keeping with the guidelines of the World Health Organization which is the international body put in place by governments worldwide to set standards and pol ... Read More

South Africa's freedom and its relationship with Jamaica

BY MATHU THEDA JOYINI | Sunday, September 14, 2014    


(This is a lightly edited speech by South Africa's High Commissioner to Jamaica, Mathu Theda Joyini to mark 20 years since that country became a democratic and free nation. It is also 20 years since Jamaica and South Africa formalised diplomatic ties. The high commissioner was speaking at a function last Wednesday at her residence in St Andrew.) On behalf of the Government and people of the Republic of South Africa, please allow me to welcome you to our 20 Years of Freedom and Democracy celebra ... Read More



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