When will we stop blaming the IMF for our state of affairs?


An unconscious people, an indoctrinated people, a people fed only partisan information and opinion that confirm their own bias, a people made morbidly obese in mind and spirit by the junk food of propaganda is less inclined to put up a fight, ask questions, and be sceptical. That kind of orthodoxy c ... Read More

HOLNESS... will
win next election Greatness or ordinariness awaits Holness
ANDREW Michael Holness will be the next prime minister of Jamaica whenever the general parliamentary ... Read More

Weigh the issues and the candidates, assess the performance of the political
parties when in governance and their ability to lead the country at this time, but
get involved, cast your vote, and make this a truly participatory democracy. Manoeuvring the electioneering process
A recurring expression which I hear these days is that "we are in the silly season" -- a clear refer ... Read More

Barbara Blake-Hannah
Mike Henry
The late Ambassador
Dudley Thompson
The late Professor Barry
Professor Verene Shepherd
Sir Hilary Beckles The JLP on reparation
The following is a lightly edited statement from Opposition Spokesperson on Information, Sports, Gen ... Read More

Hear, hear, Andrew! Bravo, bravo Bobby Montague! Reparation, oh!

CHRISTOPHER BURNS | Sunday, October 04, 2015    

Andrew Holness
Robert ‘Bobby’ Montague

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and Opposition Leader Andrew Holness gave an outstanding speech in our nation's Parliament last Wednesday. All Jamaicans, irrespective of political stripe or inclination should be proud of his bold, progressive and frank counsel to visiting UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Holness's weighty assertion and compelling aide-mémoire ensured that no matter how much Prime Minister Cameron tried to dance around the issue of the United Kingdom's outstanding obligations t ... Read More

The IMF exposed

LEROY A BINNS | Sunday, October 04, 2015    

The IMF gained unbridled prominence which, when translated, reinvents economic prerequisites for loans,
international assistance, and debt relief and magnifies social unrest for its recipients.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was established in 1945 subsequent to the conclusion of World War II at the Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire with an expectation to promote economic co-operation among states through short-term financial assistance for commercial purposes. Since its incorporation, the bank's uninterrupted existence has been solidified with donations by member states which in turn defines its leadership and policies. In 1998 the US held 18 per cent of the votes with ... Read More

Caribbean countries under attack

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, October 04, 2015    

Caribbean countries under attack

ONCE again Commonwealth Caribbean countries are under attack as "tax havens", even though they are nothing of the sort. This time it is not only the usual countries that have been listed. Trinidad and Tobago has been included, and we can bet that Jamaica and Guyana will be added unless immediate action is taken. The so-called tax havens lists are unfair, unjust, and downright wrong. Yet, they have been produced by the Commission of the European Union (EU) and now, completely inappropriately, by ... Read More

Why the Jews aren't screaming about Straight Outta Compton

Sunday, October 04, 2015    

Straight Outta Compton

IN one of the most gripping scenes in the blockbuster movie Straight Outta Compton, rapper Ice Cube at a poolside interview confronts a Jewish reporter who demands that he answer for his alleged "anti-Semitism". With two Fruit of Islam (FOI) members at his side, Ice Cube reprimands the reporter, leaves him hanging on a handshake, and kicks him off his property. It is a rare (read: non-existent) Hollywood flick that dares to depict the underbelly of the storied Black-Jewish relationship. But the ... Read More

Immigration issues could decide who gets the keys to the White Hhouse

TONY MILES | Sunday, October 04, 2015    

Immigration issues will take centre stage and could be the issue that lands the
presidency in the lap of the Democratic nominee.

Immigration has become a hot-button issue in this US presidential election campaign. Blending into it is the polarisation of the country on the issue. This presidential campaign is defining the anger of the electorate, as highlighted in the poll showing the three non-traditional candidates accounting for more than 50 per cent as the people's choice for nominee. The country, like ours, is living in the cone of uncertainty as is displayed in an almost unbelievable media romance hanging on to the c ... Read More

Reparation, Caricom and Jamaican hospitality

Franklin JOHNSTON | Friday, October 02, 2015    

Prime Minister Portia Simpson
Miller hugs British PM David

Freeness is in the air as UK PM David Cameron (Dave) will be judged by his gifts. Does little New Zealand beg gifts when he visits? Is it a black thing? Slavery mentality? Every bad we do is caused by slavery and every good black roots -- true? I am not proud to be in a nation which failed its people and look to visitors' wallets. Caricom also seeks to cash-in on the blood of our ancestors. Trillions in aid, taxes, bauxite, FDI, tourism, remittances spent yet mendicant in body and mind. Our des ... Read More

No prison handout, please

Barbara GLOUDON | Friday, October 02, 2015    

WHEN last did you get a barrel from England? Remember the days when the barrel would come with every little dis, every little dat, for which England was famous? The underwear from Marks and Spencer, sweaters fi Granny, the nice frock fi Mama, the strong pair of water boots fi Papa, and some sweet soap to make you smell nice-nice, especially English Leather inna the red package? Those were the days, my friend. Only the other day I was talking to Auntie who had just moved back from The Queen's c ... Read More

Being Jamaican

Hugh Dunbar | Thursday, October 01, 2015    

Being Jamaican

IF ever I am to be set apart for being who I am, I would want it to be for the good I have done, or what I have contributed to society to make it a better place. I see in the news that the prime minister from England stopped in the island to confer with local politicians and deliver a message of hope to our prison population, at home and in England, that they would be undertaking to finance a new prison. He also left us some encouraging words to help us forget the hundreds of years of slavery, s ... Read More

A people who believe in thanksgiving

Michael BURKE | Thursday, October 01, 2015    

A people who believe in thanksgiving

THE Jewish Passover takes place on the 14th day of Nisan on the Jewish calendar. But it is the principle of thanksgiving that is the essence of the Jewish Passover, which Christians adopted in all observances of the Lord's Supper. And it is from the Judeo-Christian tradition that Jamaica observes its national day of thanksgiving on the Sunday before National Heroes' Day in October of each year. The traditional Jewish Passover takes the form of a meal, where every food item represents some step ... Read More

The need for innovative financing to advance SDGs

Deodat Maharaj | Thursday, October 01, 2015    

The need for innovative financing to advance SDGs

WORLD leaders met in New York on the weekend to agree to global targets to improve the lives of people in all countries. These ambitious goals, officially known as the sustainable development goals (SDGs), are commendable and certainly a step in the right direction. The big challenge for governments and international partners in achieving the SDGs is that, while there is general agreement on the overall framework, there is less clarity on how they will be financed. What we know is that the est ... Read More



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