The argument for abortion is indeed compelling


DR Sandra Knight, the chair of the National Family Planning Board (NFPB), has reignited debate on abortion -- easily one of the most controversial issues that Jamaica has been grappling with for decades. Dr Knight, who was a guest at this week's Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange, believes the time h ... Read More

Youth and Culture
Minister Lisa Hanna
(centre) flanked by
Charles Young, chairman
of the Children’s Advisory
Panel at the Child
Development Agency
(CDA), and Diandra Dixon,
child ambassador for the
Kingston region at the
Office of Children’s
Registry, review the
programme for last
Thursday’s CDA National
Children’s Summit at the
Jamaica Conference
Centre in downtown
Kingston. (PHOTO:
MICHAEL GORDON) Why Minister Lisa Hanna cannot, must not, fail the youth!
This afternoon, Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna will launch, with our blessing, National Yo ... Read More

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Senator AJ Nicholson (file photo) Talk isn't so cheap, but for sure, ignorance is expensive
WE are sure that, by now, the very proactive information minister would have marshalled her staff to ... Read More

Canada hits back in World Cup plastic pitches sexism row O Canada, we salute you for standing up to terrorists
There's great significance in the decision of the Canadian Government to reopen the grounds of Parli ... Read More

Appalling conditions at GP demands urgent attention

Monday, October 27, 2014    

The entrance to the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in Kingston

The horrendous conditions described by inmates at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre and published in yesterday’s Sunday Observer might not have come as a complete surprise to those who pay keen attention. Yet, even they will have been greatly disturbed. Jamaica’s correctional system has long been in crisis. Hard political realities dictate the situation. Elected governments are not going to give priority attention to prisons when scarce resources can barely meet popularly ... Read More

How secure is Jamaica from cybercrime?

Sunday, October 26, 2014    

Megan Roney shops
online at Europa
Coffeehouse in Denver. (Photo: AP)

BEING robbed creates a sickening feeling of vulnerability which is magnified when the robber is unknown. It is even worse when what is stolen is confidential information relating to one's identity, medical condition and financial situation. So much information of a confidential nature is stored on computers and transmitted by the Internet that privacy is a major issue. The amount of hacking that occurs every day creates the eerie feeling that there is nothing that is confidential and there is n ... Read More

West Indies cricket on eggshells

Saturday, October 25, 2014    

West Indies during training at the Feroz Shah Kotla yesterday. (PHOTO: WICB Media)

One headline in the aftermath of the West Indies players' abandonment of their cricket tour of India read 'WICB must tread on eggshells with care'. If the parties at the centre of this horrendous mess weren't aware of the disastrous consequences of their missteps, they certainly do now. Those guilty parties are the players who abandoned the tour, the players' union, West Indies Players' Association (WIPA) with whom the touring players went to war, and the administrators of West Indies cricket, ... Read More

Time to rethink the GCT on tourism

Friday, October 24, 2014    

Tourist on vacation

AT the recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) annual conference, Managing Director Christine Lagarde was quoted as saying that the global economy was facing "the risk of a new mediocre, where growth is low and uneven" and that the 18-nation bloc that uses the euro — collectively the world's biggest economy — was facing the "not insignificant" risk of falling back into a recession. Of course, she could also have been describing Jamaica's growth experience for the last few decades. ... Read More

What happens when the next Abu Bakr comes?

Thursday, October 23, 2014    

ABU BAKR... persona non grata in Jamaica 2014

WE heard National Security Minister Peter Bunting's explanation about the necessity to spend $4 million to fly out Trinidadian Muslim leader Abu Bakr on a private plane last Wednesday, after he became boisterous and uncooperative on a Caribbean Airlines (CAL) flight. Frankly, we are still not satisfied with Mr Bunting's explanation. He told the Parliament that, all things considered, that seemed the best course of action immediately available to the Government. CAL authorities had indicated t ... Read More

Can the world please follow Cuba's lead on Ebola

Wednesday, October 22, 2014    

An undated image by the CDC shows an ebola Virus. (PHOTO: AP/CDC)

CUBA is a small, poor country with a big heart. The outbreak of Ebola in Liberia was ignored until a few cases occurred in the rich, developed countries of Spain and the United States. Up to that point, developed countries were intent on keeping it in West Africa where more than 400 medical personnel have been infected and nearly 5,000 people have died. There is panic worldwide now that there is a real threat that Ebola could become a global pandemic. This strategy of isolating the disease in ... Read More

Thanks for the ‘flying start’, British Airways and Comic Relief UK

Tuesday, October 21, 2014    

A British Airways plane prepares for landing.

THE financial support being given to four human development projects in Jamaica by British Airways warms our hearts. As was reported in this week’s Sunday Observer, British Airways, through its global charity called Flying Start, in collaboration with Comic Relief UK, is providing £500,000 to Violence Prevention Alliance, Joy Town Community Development Foundation, DeafKidz International, and Cricket for Change. What we find particularly encouraging is the fact that these projects a ... Read More

Let's stay true to the tradition of genuine heroism

Monday, October 20, 2014    

Ray Harvey (right) receiving an Order Of Distinction
from Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen at Monday’s
annual Heroes’ Day ceremony at Kings House (File Photo)

Today, National Heroes Day 2014, Jamaicans pay special tribute to the life and times of its nation-builders. The seven National Heroes — Right Excellencies Marcus Garvey, Norman Manley, Sir Alexander Bustamante, Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe, George William Gordon, and Nanny of the Maroons -- get special mention for their contribution and sacrifice. In the case of the Rt Excellencies Bogle, Sharpe and Gordon that sacrifice was the ultimate. But even as Jamaicans pay tribute to those seven, as w ... Read More

Nationalism killing regional integration

Sunday, October 19, 2014    

Since the EPA became
effective in 2008,
Caricom exports to
the EU have declined,
with Jamaica making
the biggest retreat
from the European

REGIONAL integration is supposed to lead to three direct benefits for the Caribbean people: economising by sharing common services; increasing the influence of the small states of the region in international affairs by acting as a single group with a common purpose; and promoting economic development by allowing resource allocation on a regional basis, thereby overcoming the lack of economies of scale in production. None of this is happening. Indeed, the future of the integration process is one ... Read More

Torturous days ahead for West Indies cricket

Saturday, October 18, 2014    

The circumstances that have led to yesterday's calamitous abandonment of the West Indies cricket tour of India are as puzzling as they are distressing. How could grown men, all claiming to have the best interest of West Indies cricket at heart, have allowed the situation to come to such a pass? That's a question, though, that has been repeatedly asked for many years. Sadly, as has happened repeatedly, long-suffering West Indian cricket fans are unlikely to get a satisfactory answer. More to ... Read More



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