Our heroes, athletes demonstrate the spirit of our Emancipation

Our heroes,
the spirit of our

Today, we again turn our focus to the start of the process that culminated in our decision to govern ourselves. While our athletes are showering us with wonderful Emancipation and Independence presents, via their achievements at the Commonwealth Games now on in Glasgow, Scotland, we will have a num ... Read More

Labour and Social Security Minister Derrick Kellier addressing
potential farm workers at a recruitment exercise held at
Montego Bay Community College in St James on Friday. Is it time now to seed the clouds and 'force' the rain?
During one of the worst periods of drought in Jamaica during the 1970s, the authorities resorted to ... Read More

Simpson Miller (left) and the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, shake hands before the start of the meeting between the two countries. Japan not leaving it all to China in the Caribbean
NOWADAYS China is talked about as the economic superpower challenging the United States for dominanc ... Read More

CHANG… died on Sunday in
Canada The Hon Raymond Chang: A loss we'll not soon overcome
AN article in the January 7, 2011 edition of the Toronto Star probably best captured the essence of ... Read More

Do more than talk, Mr Green

Monday, July 28, 2014    

GREEN... we will keep having these issues where politicians believe they can come in and reward their friends and it’s supposed

Highly educated and, we suspect, very well read, Mr Floyd Green will know that the political ideals and principles advocated by him in yesterday's Sunday Observer are by no means original. He is only 32 years old, but much of his adult life has been spent very close to the hierarchy of Jamaican party politics. So we know he has witnessed at first hand and close quarters, similarly lofty expressions of intent, only for the passionate advocates to fall woefully short when it became time for them ... Read More

Taking our honorary consuls for granted

Sunday, July 27, 2014    

Mr Vin Martin

The loss of Jamaica's former honorary consul to Atlanta and prominent attorney Mr Vin Martin, who died on July 23 after a long illness, has prompted us to recall the long and distinguished service of our honorary consuls all over the world. These patriotic individuals need to be given more recognition. Mr Martin, who served as honorary consul for 16 years, from 1997 until 2013 when ill health forced his retirement, might be considered the exception. His invaluable service was recognised by the ... Read More

Shame on you, WICB

Saturday, July 26, 2014    

Jamaica’s Odaine McCatty swings for six to reach his 50 during his undefeated 81 against Barbados in their Regional
Under-19 Tournament at Everest in Guyana yesterday. (PHOTO: WICB MEDIA/ADRIEL RICHARD)

WE suspect that it has never happened that a Jamaica Under-19 cricket team finds itself being praised by this newspaper for winning the opening match in the annual regional tournament. Usually praise would come at the end of competition — after the Jamaicans are crowned champions. But such are the circumstances surrounding their six-wicket triumph over Barbados in Guyana on Thursday that we feel compelled to pass on our heartfelt congratulations to the young Jamaicans. For those who mis ... Read More

Take a bow, Dr Nigel Clarke

Friday, July 25, 2014    

Nigel Clarke

JUDGING from the large turnout at Emancipation Park Wednesday night, it is clear that Jamaicans have an appreciation for classical music. The decision, therefore, by Senator Nigel Clarke and the other organisers to add Wednesday night's free recital to what was originally a two-concert tour by the Orchestra of the Americas must be highly commended. Attendance at the recital also displayed clearly that there exists in our country a thirst for quality entertainment and that Jamaicans can exhibit ... Read More

Disabilities Bill: Better (10 years) late than never

Thursday, July 24, 2014    

?Paralympian swimmer Rupert Morgan struggles up the stairs to the second
floor of Gordon House to listen and watch as legislators finally pass the longawaited
Disabilities Bill yesterday.

Tuesday's passing in Parliament of the much-awaited Disabilities Bill was marred, ironically, by the inability of several disabled persons to get access to Gordon House to be present on the historic moment. The lack of a ramp at the seat of government is obviously shameful and sends a bad signal to the rest of the country that the disabled really don't count. We expect that this sad state of affair will be corrected in short order. Still, we won't let that incident overshadow the monumental si ... Read More

Water shortage in Jamaica is a man-made disaster, not an act of God

Wednesday, July 23, 2014    

Water shortage in Jamaica is a man-made disaster, not an act of God

THERE is no doubt that the small island developing states of the Caribbean are vulnerable to natural disasters, both in regard to their frequency and severity, in particular hurricanes. Disaster preparedness is therefore an important mitigating factor. Some climates, such as Jamaica's, have a seasonal pattern of rainfall. We have two rainy seasons and in between there are dry periods. If these dry periods are longer than usual they are described as droughts. In a small land mass like Jamaica a ... Read More

The worsening drought — let's conserve, conserve, conserve!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014    

Minister Robert Pickersgill

WATER and Climate Change Minister Robert Pickersgill's announcement Sunday night that the drought currently affecting the island will not ease soon, is a worrying thought. According to Minister Pickersgill in his national broadcast, "the El Nino weather phenomenon that is currently affecting our weather pattern is projected to continue and will result in no significant increase of rainfall even during the next rainy season, which is from October to November". Place that on top of the sparse ra ... Read More

Fake Clarks shoemakers, what a waste!

Monday, July 21, 2014    

Fake Clarks
what a waste!

A mere glance at the photos would not alert you to the fact that the shoes confiscated by the police last week from an underground factory in Kingston were fake Clarks. In fact, the manufacturers of these fake shoes have obviously tricked thousands people for some time now as our report in last Friday's edition stated that the factory was being operated for more than two years. That the individuals who ran this operation decided to set it up in a building across from the Kingston Central Polic ... Read More

NAJASO, Jamaicans in the US look to the future

Sunday, July 20, 2014    

NAJASO, Jamaicans in the US look to the future

The activities of the umbrella National Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organisations (NAJASO) in the United States demonstrate that the role of the diaspora is much more than the remittances that it sends to families and organisations back home. NAJASO, which concluded its three-day 37th annual conference in the Washington, DC area yesterday, is itself in transition but has, unlike many other organisations, happily embraced the process, as was evident in the seminar and workshop discuss ... Read More

Let's learn from Treasure Beach

Saturday, July 19, 2014    

Jason Henzel (left), chairman of the BREDS Treasure Beach Foundation, points out features on a
blueprint of the future multi-purpose building to be constructed at the Treasure Beach Sports
Complex in St Elizabeth to partners in the project (from second left) Lisa Lewis, chairman,
Digicel Foundation; Clyde Harrison, executive director, Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF); and W
‘Billy’ Heaven, CEO, The CHASE Fund, during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding
between CHASE, TEF, Digicel and BREDS at the TEF office in Kingston, yesterday.

THIS newspaper has found good reason previously to laud BREDS, the admirably proactive community organisation in Treasure Beach, south St Elizabeth, which has been instrumental in the development of a sports complex there. We now find even more reason to shower praise following news that BREDS has attracted the joint support of leading public and private sector agencies in the further development of its sports facility. The story in Wednesday's sports pages tells us that the Culture, Health, A ... Read More



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