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Everything is for a good

Indeed, the old saying posits that everything that happens, no matter how regretful, is for a good. Or, if the reader prefers: “Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining.” Read More

Do black scientists matter to the Nobel Prize Committee?
Despite not being a global prize in its origin, the Nobel Prize is widely regarded as such, rivaling even the highest awards by the United Nations in prestige.... Read More

Giving thanks for cricket tour of New Zealand
AMONG the Asia-Pacific region's more prosperous countries, New Zealand with just five million people has done really well in coping with the COVID-19 crisis. ... Read More

What's holding up accreditation of private labs for COVID-19 testing?
In the best of circumstances the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) is having a rough time coping with the novel coronavirus pandemic, and particularly the volume of testing for the disease as community transmission overwhelms us.... Read More

PNP on 'Ps and Qs' for upcoming presidential poll

Thursday, October, 15 2020    

After the massive defeat in the September 3 parliamentary election, the People's National Party (PNP) cannot afford substantial 'bleeding' — if any at all — from the upcoming presidential contest involving Ms Lisa Hanna and Mr Mark Golding. Read More

Meetings of Parliament at Conference Centre another teachable moment

Wednesday, October, 14 2020    

As old as Dr Thomas Fuller's 1723 saying “A stitch in time, saves nine” is, it's a lesson we find so hard to learn, despite proving its immense value over and over down through the years. Read More

COVID-19 sucking up the oxygen in the room

Tuesday, October, 13 2020    

It may be a sign of the times. Usually around this time of year when the United Nations International Day of the Girl is celebrated, there is much chatter, at least about the age of consent and how it relates to increasing teenage pregnancy. Read More

Constant stream of COVID-19 bad news depressing, but...

Monday, October, 12 2020    

Make no mistake about it, the barrage of information on a daily basis about the COVID-19 rampage is extremely depressing for everyone. Read More

Nice move! Jamaica National goes more global

Sunday, October, 11 2020    

A highly regarded former Jamaican international trade negotiator often maintained that it is firms that compete in the global marketplace, not countries, the logic being that an economy is an agglomeration of firms and therefore a national economy is only as internationally competitive... Read More

The use of knowledge and experience to protect the young

Saturday, October, 10 2020    

MANY years ago the highly respected football coach Mr Wendell Downswell told this newspaper that he saw himself, first and foremost, as a teacher. Read More

Failure not an option for the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force

Friday, October, 9 2020    

The tendency for governments to name committees and task forces to deal with any and every problem under the sun understandably breathes cynicism among the populace each time a new one is named. Read More

Time for Jamaicans to finally deal with thorny issues

Thursday, October, 8 2020    

The story headlined 'Teachable moment' on the back page of yesterday's Jamaica Observer is a sobering reminder for all Jamaicans of the extent to which the world has changed in the last 20-30 years. Read More

If Ms Fayval Williams fails…

Wednesday, October, 7 2020    

Schoolyards bereft of the laughter of jostling students welcoming each other back to school after a long break presented a stark, if eerie acknowledgement, on Monday, that things are never going to be the same again in the Jamaican education system. Read More

Mr Trump's personal COVID-19 testimony will be powerful and valuable

Tuesday, October, 6 2020    

We are, like the rest of the world, deeply concerned about developments in the United States, where President Donald Trump and a growing list of his close aides have contracted the horrible COVID-19. Read More

Schools enter uncharted waters today

Monday, October, 5 2020    

We can't argue with Education Minister Ms Fayval Williams' assertion that the novel coronavirus has confronted Jamaica with “the most challenging threat we have faced since our independence”. Read More


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