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Opportunities for agriculture after COVID-19

Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) President Richard Pandohie makes a valid point in his suggestion that farmers and the wider agricultural sector become more engaged in the use of technology. Read More

Burying a loved one in the era of COVID-19
The pain of burying a loved one is becoming even more excruciating as traditional norms of extended ceremony and eulogy are having to be abandoned in this era of COVID-19 or coronavirus.... Read More

Bring the full weight of the law down on the mischief merchants
The police, we note, have charged a man with creating public mischief in relation to the circulation of a voice note falsely claiming a shutdown of Westmoreland as the island tries to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus disease, or COVID-19.... Read More

If ever we needed each other, it is now
The entire country of Jamaica, by now, must be seized with the utter seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, if only from seeing the devastation which the disease is wreaking from one end of the globe to the next.... Read More

Don't lose hope, there is light ahead

Monday, March, 30 2020    

As news of doom and gloom related to COVID-19 flood people's space, it is very easy for some to descend into extreme depression and hopelessness. Read More

COVID-19 will severely test our health system

Sunday, March, 29 2020    

The resilience of Jamaicans to the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) will be, among other things, a reflection of their health and the state of the public health system. Read More

COVID-19 apart, this was a good regional 4-day cricket season

Friday, March, 27 2020    

Like players and fans, the West Indies cricket selectors surely feel cheated by the loss of the final two rounds of the regional 4-day championship, due to COVID-19. Read More

Mr Maduro not qualified to lead, but…

Friday, March, 27 2020    

The timing of the United States' action against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro yesterday may very well raise some questions in the international community. After all, the political tension between Washington and Caracas had indeed taken a back seat to the outbreak of the novel... Read More

Battle against COVID-19 the Third World War?

Thursday, March, 26 2020    

Rarely has a United Nations secretary general sounded a more urgent and chilling alarm than Mr Antonio Guterres as he launched a US$2-billion global humanitarian response plan yesterday to fight the devastating 2019 novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19. Read More

Hope in the Olympic flame now that good sense has prevailed

Wednesday, March, 25 2020    

It was really just a matter of time.The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe yesterday announced that the 2020 Tokyo Games have been postponed to next year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Read More

Send a hard message to those defying coronavirus warnings

Tuesday, March, 24 2020    

There are always going to be those self-centred individuals in society who couldn't care less about the well-being of others and insist on doing whatever it is that, as the saying goes, floats their boat. Read More

After COVID-19 passes...

Monday, March, 23 2020    

Inevitably, there will be criticisms at the speed or choice of actions taken by the authorities in response to the COVID-19 crisis.For example, was the decision to block incoming passenger flights delayed for too long? Read More

Unleashing the power of Caribbean integration in COVID-19 fight

Sunday, March, 22 2020    

The world is learning, slowly but surely, that the fight against COVID-19 demands a global response, and we sincerely hope that the Caribbean is well on the way with regional coordination. Read More

Timely lesson from COVID-19

Saturday, March, 21 2020    

In sport, as in every other aspect of life, COVID-19 has everyone desperately asking 'what next?' or 'where do we go from here?'. Read More

We must not roll over and die

Friday, March, 20 2020    

Governments across the world are responding to the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) with economic stimulus packages amounting to billions of dollars, even as they implement measures designed to stem its spread. Read More


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