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StGC and Jesuits of Jamaica mourn Raymond Chang's passing


Dear Editor, St George's College and the Jesuits of Jamaica are deeply saddened and mourn the passing of the Honourable Raymond Chang, OJ, an authentic friend. He was a humble and cheerful man with a big heart. He was extremely generous to many, not only with his treasure, but also with his time ... Read More

Dr Fenton Ferguson Give Fenton Ferguson his due
Dear Editor, I was surprised to see the scathing criticism levelled at Dr Fenton Ferguson in the me ... Read More

Students pay keen attention to Google’s JJ Geewax during the
software engineering workshop at the UWI campus recently. Over
twenty students participated in the workshop where they were taught
best practices and industry techniques on how to make better use of
software development tools. Jamaicans need to use initiative
Dear Editor, Like most patriotic people, Jamaicans do not appreciate the criticisms of foreigners. ... Read More

A section of the crowd at Reggae Sumfest last week. Don't break the 'Emancipendence' holiday vibe
Dear Editor, It really should be the first Friday in August and following Monday that we celebrate ... Read More

Polticians must know when their time has come

Thursday, July 31, 2014    

Dear Editor, There has been considerable comment recently on reshuffling Cabinet members and removing parliamentarians, both here and in Britain — where the cry is "too male, pale and stale". Here the cry should be "too old, old, old" as 40 per cent of our parliamentarians are over 65 and are responsible for much of the inertia of the House and Senate. The truth is that we reach our mental peak by age 50, cruise on to 60, and then decline steadily and spend more and more of that time hi ... Read More

We don't know what to steal next

Thursday, July 31, 2014    

Dear Editor, Whilst watching the evening news, a report was made that batteries from a water truck was stolen. How can anybody in their mind look to steal any part from a water truck to serve people in the communities with the precious commodity? What should we do to people like that when you catch them? God only knows. We are so 'thief' and dishonest that we don't know what to steal. It could not be that the person is in such hard times. Claudette Harris claudetteharris43@yahoo.com We ... Read More

Fly Jamaica messed up my family vacay

Wednesday, July 30, 2014    

A Jamaica Observer file photo of a Fly Jamaica plane.

Dear Editor, With all this talk about Fly Jamaica, I wish to share some of my experience with the airline. Every year, around Easter, my family members — most of whom reside in the US — meet in Jamaica for a reunion. The time we spend together is even more special as my grandmother, aunts, and uncles return to the small district of Brainerd, St Mary, where they, and as many of us offspring who can make it, put on a treat for the community on Good Friday. My cousins and I return t ... Read More

Extend helpful hands to Andre

Wednesday, July 30, 2014    

Andre Coleman makes his way down the steps of a car park in Downtown, Kingston.

Dear Editor, I write to encourage urgent public financial support for the brave, admirable Jamaican lad who "walks on his hands" — 11-year-old Andre Coleman — as published in this week's edition of the Sunday Observer. Such human interest coverage is a fundamental aspect of the social functions of our journalism profession. And the Observer and other leading media enterprises in Jamaica continue to provide encouraging examples of this and other challenging social issues. As the O ... Read More

Let’s multiply Ja’s progress

Wednesday, July 30, 2014    

Children of the Accompong
Basic School perform.

Dear Editor, I write in response to a letter published in the Jamaica Observer on July 21, 2014, titled ‘Fix school boards: Our education system deserves better’. The National Council on Education (NCE) acknowledges the writer's concerns and commends him for his interest in the Jamaican education system. While we recognise that there have been some challenges in the appointment of school board members, much has been done to transform the process. A comprehensive set of revised proc ... Read More

All Russia wants is peace

Tuesday, July 29, 2014    

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Dear Editor, In the article by Kimone Thompson, published in your newspaper on July 25, 2014, it was mentioned, in particular, that "Russia and Ukraine...have been at war in recent months". In order to improve understanding of the situation we would like to remind that the internal conflict in Ukraine, which acquired the character of a fratricidal war, is rooted in the interference in the affairs of this country and its people from outside, in the endeavour to pursue geopolitical calculations ... Read More

Do a roll call, Peter Phillips

Tuesday, July 29, 2014    

(L-R) PHILLIPS… there is an
endemic culture of tax
avoidance and tax evasion. GOLDING… will take
amendments to the bills to
the Senate

Dear Editor, I wonder if when Minister Peter Phillips was negotiating these new tax measures that he has unleashed on us he told the International Monetary Fund that Jamaicans already pay a host of taxes, including asset tax, company tax, income tax, GCT, NIS, education tax, and property tax. On another tax matter the minister said that there were 80,000 companies registered that should be paying taxes but only 18,000 were actually paying. The reason they are not paying, minister, is because ... Read More

Israel has a right to defend its people

Tuesday, July 29, 2014    

Israeli soldiers carry the coffin of Sgt Nissim Sean Carmeli, during his funeral at the military cemetery in the northern Israeli
city of Haifa, yesterday. Sgt. Carmeli, from Texas, was killed in fighting in the Gaza Strip on Sunday. Thousands of Israelis
attended the funeral. The first major ground battle in two weeks of Israel-Hamas fighting exacted a steep price, killing scores
of Palestinians and more than a dozen Israeli soldiers and forcing thousands of terrified Palestinian civilians to flee their
devastated Shijaiyah neighbourhood, which Israel says is a major source for rocket fire against its civilians. (PHOTO: AP)

Dear Editor, The recent statement attributed to the Jamaican Government on the current Israeli-Hamas conflict was very disappointing. To describe Israel's action in Gaza as "disproportionate and indiscriminate" shows that our Government did not engage in the required analysis before commenting. It is evident that Hamas provoked this conflict by firing hundreds of rockets into Israel. Does the Jamaican Government think that Israel has no right to defend itself against the terrorist action of ... Read More

On the success train, Minister Ferguson

Tuesday, July 29, 2014    

Dr Fenton Ferguson

Dear Editor, I have to give kudos to the Minister of Health for trying to fix a rusty system and succeeding for the most part. If you have ever had to use a pharmacy at any public hospital you would understand how frustrating a process it is. That is until recently. I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the Bustamante Hospital about a week ago and did not have to wait a gruelling 2-3 hours as I did in the past to get the medication prescribed for my child. As a young parent, I am sure t ... Read More

Are we truly emancipated?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014    

National Hero Marcus Garvey

Dear Editor, For many people, the emancipation of Jamaica came on August 1, 1838. However, for me, it is yet to arrive for many Jamaicans. For, while many seem to be free, they do not understand the very essence of freedom. To be free — truly free — one must have knowledge of how life works and how society works. To truly understand society, one must seek to be educated. When I speak of education, I do not only speak of the formal education system, but also the informal. How ... Read More



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