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Will the crazy cowards stop killing our future?

The Secret Gardens Monument in downtown Kingston stands as a
memorial to children killed under tragic and violent circumstances.

Dear Editor, Last week, a select group of young people had the privilege of attending a town hall meeting with US President Barack Obama at the University of the West Indies. For many of those young people, it was no doubt a lifetime highlight. Within days of that meeting, this nation awakes to th ... Read More

Mair...Sitting Member of Parliament for St Catherine North Eastern Consider write-in candidates
Dear Editor, A write-in candidate is one in an election whose name does not appear on the ballot bu ... Read More

Ganja plants under cultivation. (OBSERVER FILE PHOTO) 'D Day' is gone, but RISE has work to do
Dear Editor, Based on the incidents shared by the Minister of Education Ronald Thwaites, with regar ... Read More

OBAMA...announced at
US$70m entrepreneurship
package which targets the
youth of the region Juvenile thinking missed opportunity of Obama's visit
Dear Editor, Barack Obama's recent visit to Jamaica was indeed significant. It is not frequent that ... Read More

Make Bob a national hero

Friday, April 17, 2015    

Bob Marley

Dear Editor, When I heard that President Obama detoured to the Bob Marley Museum as the first place he visited after arriving in Jamaica, I felt very proud to be a Jamaican, and proud also of the far-reaching effects of the life and achievements of Robert Nesta Marley. This has inspired me to renew my call for Bob Marley to be given the honour of national hero of Jamaica. For many, he is just a musician who, in their view, has done very well for himself, and by extension Jamaica, but has not d ... Read More

Is ESET much ado?

Thursday, April 16, 2015    

JPS head office on Knustford Boulevard in New Kingston

Dear Editor, So we wait. The much-heralded Electricity Sector Enterprise Team (ESET), which was formed in June of 2014 to, among other things, oversee the urgent replacement of baseload generation with a more efficient plant that utilises lower-cost fuel and provides reliable and affordable electricity to the country, has apparently completed much of its work. Yet, we are still left in the dark regarding any progress or any tangible results regarding the actual timelines to replace baseload gen ... Read More

Vision 2030 has mass buy-in

Thursday, April 16, 2015    

Vision 2030

Dear Editor, We write in reference to the Jamaica Observer article published on March 17, 2015, written by Everol Anderson on the Vision 2030 Jamaica - National Development Plan, the strategic framework for the country's long-term development. While most of the article is substantive and well-informed, we question the headline that suggests that Jamaicans are not buying into the plan. We note that no evidence is presented in the article to support this statement, which was also echoed in the e ... Read More

Obama brought a moment of joy to Jamaicans

Thursday, April 16, 2015    

US President Barack Obama

Dear Editor, President Obama's visit was so on time to bring a moment of joy to all Jamaicans. Our country is tired of all the current issues: rising prices, crime, high taxes, incompetent politicians in both parties, lack of future plans to improve the economy, and just plain tired of no real leaders in our midst. Barack Obama's speeches and presence on our beautiful island was like a vitamin that was needed to provide a moment of reminding Jamaicans that we still play a role in the global sy ... Read More

The selfish 13

Thursday, April 16, 2015    

Opposition Leader Andrew Holness (file photo)

Dear Editor, Was it Friday the 13th or the Selfish 13th? Thirteen mistakes were made to retain Andrew Holness as leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and leader of the Opposition. This will affect him in the future, as 13 people, including himself, unwisely looked no farther than their noses, instead of to the future. I do not see the JLP forming the government after the next general election. This will open another challenge against Holness and I do not see the delegates making another m ... Read More

Let's manage the potential of 'Champs'

Thursday, April 16, 2015    

Dear Editor, This is an open letter to Inter-secondary Schools Sport Association (ISSA) President Dr Walton Small: First, let me congratulate you and your executive for continuing to be of service to one of Jamaica's most important yearly athletics events. However, I must express my absolute disgust about the "pop down" way in which the event is being managed. For one, how on Earth can people secure tickets for the event days in advanc but are unable to get into the venue because it is too cr ... Read More

Take the plank out of your eye first, Samuda

Wednesday, April 15, 2015    

Matthew Samuda

Dear Editor I write in response to the 'Sack them' article that was published in the Observer of April 8, 2015. How can Matthew Samuda say that Minister Lisa Hanna has done "nothing to justify her membership" in the Cabinet and have the audacity to say she, along with other members of the Cabinet, must be sacked? Listen up, Samuda, the first person that needs sacking is your leader, Andrew Holness himself. Is there even still a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP)? The JLP lost when their leader's credi ... Read More

Tail wagged the dog?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015    

Portia Simpson Miller - Prime Minister of Jamaica

Dear Editor, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller came out publicly in defence of the former executive director of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) Jennifer Edwards. This is party politics in its purest form and is disgraceful. Articulating that it was not Edwards who lit the fire at the dump makes it clear that she does not understand the issues involved. It is also clear that she does not know that it is Edwards' responsibility to plan, organise and control the agency's ... Read More

Small loans agencies — Help or trouble?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015    

Small loans agencies — Help or trouble?

Dear Editor, I have often heard it said that the rich will be richer and the poor will be poorer still. I have never paid it much mind until recently when a gentleman came to me to ask advice about a situation he found himself in. He told me that he borrowed $15,000 using his 40-inch flat-screen television set as collateral, and he was late with the payment and they sold it. He told me he struggled and paid $81,000 over 36 months for the TV when things were going well. He now found himself in ... Read More

Bold move by attorney Champagnie

Wednesday, April 15, 2015    

Peter Champagnie

Dear Editor, I want to commend Peter Champagnie for a recent letter to the editor on lawyers and the legal profession. In my recollection, this is the first time that any lawyer has spoken out on matters of this nature. For too long some lawyers have been fleecing returning residents of their hard-earned cash. I will go further in saying that lawyers who have been charged by the Fraud Squad should remove themselves from any further representation in court in order that the court case is not co ... Read More



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