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Let us take our country back

Morais GuyYhomo Hutchinson

Dear Editor, In light of the recent events surrounding the gruesome murder of two missionaries in St Mary and the very recent number of murders and unsolved killings in the parish, I am compelled to pen this article, first as an appeal to the residents of the parish, and secondly as a call to actio ... Read More

Bring back flogging
Dear Editor, The five of us, at the crossroads of our lives, sit in Half-Way-Tree bearing placards ... Read More

Michael Lee-Chin                                 We support the Economic Growth Council – JaMFA
Dear Editor, The Jamaica Micro Financing Association (JaMFA) Ltd takes this opportunity to place on ... Read More

Sociologist Dr Orville Taylor says
the bleaching phenomenon is not
about people trying to become
white, but about people
establishing a pattern of beauty
that they aspire towards. In this
AP photo, from a story titled, Skin
bleaching, a growing problem in
Jamaica, Mikeisha Simpson
poses for a portrait in Kingston.
Simpson, 23, hopes to transform
her dark complexion to a cafe-aulait-
colour common among
Jamaica’s elite and favoured by
many men in her neighbourhood.
She believes a fairer skin could
be her ticket to a better life, so
she spends her savings on blackmarket
concoctions that promise
to lighten her pigment. Bleach to deceive
Dear Editor, Black today, white tomorrow, who am I? Jamaicans have seemingly embarked on a delibera ... Read More

The problem with abolishing auxiliary fees

Friday, May 06, 2016    

Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator Ruel Reid (Photo: JIS)

Dear Editor, The Government, led by Minister of Education Ruel Reid, is hell-bent it seems on abolishing auxiliary fees at secondary schools while pumping more money into education and secondary schools in particular. This, on the face of it, looks lovely as most parents can’t afford the fees that eat away at their spending power. However, like most things ‘free’, there is always a hidden cost. Let us be frank for a minute. A school like St George’s will always be okay ... Read More

Police being treated like the children of Sisyphus

Thursday, May 05, 2016    

Photo of Judith Williams

Dear Editor, Once again history has repeated itself in a morbid way and has left us with no apparent lessons to be learnt. This is exemplified in the recent fatal shooting of Woman Corporal Judith Williams. Approximately nine months ago, Constable Crystal Thomas was fatally shot in a minibus along Spanish Town Road. Both incidents saw the police women either on their way to work or from work being brutally killed in sections of the Corporate Area well known for high levels of criminal activit ... Read More

Juliet Holness a target

Thursday, May 05, 2016    

Juliet Holness

Dear Editor, There seems to be a target on Juliet Holness’s back. First there was the brouhaha over the Windsor Lodge community centre, then there were the allegations of diva-like behaviour during a visit to Atlanta. One writer roundly abused her for bringing to attention that work was in progress to shore up a fallen section of the Gordon Town Road. Juliet, like most of us, came from humble beginnings and some of us hate ourselves so much we don’t feel entitled to anything and we ... Read More

Unfair question in CAPE

Thursday, May 05, 2016    

CAPE students (File Photo)

Dear Editor, Donkey seh di worl’ no level, and while I agree that not everything in life will be fair, I think it’s due time that someone really lobbies for the rights of students sitting exams. On Monday, May 2, students all over the region sat the structured paper of the CAPE Caribbean Studies examination. While I was there praying for all the students that I have tutored, I would not have guessed that they would be in the examination with all 10 fingers sweating, feeling as if ... Read More

Thanks for the joy, MoBay United

Thursday, May 05, 2016    

Dino Williams

Dear Editor, Football is freedom. Football is passion. One may even dare to say, football is love. Anyone who was at the Catherine Hall Sports Complex on Sunday would agree with all the above. The surreal vibes, the insurmountable energy, the unbelievable tension and the nerve-racking intensity within the confines of the arena contributed to an astoundingly epic experience. A highly buoyant, partisan, Montegonian crowd turned out to witness what was to be a truly memorable and historic event ... Read More

Michael Lee-Chin the right man at the right time — ‘Butch’ Stewart

Wednesday, May 04, 2016    

Butch Stewart

Dear Editor, I just had the tremendous privilege of hosting what turned out to be an inspirational and productive forum of business leaders who spoke of their vision for our country going forward. I know I capture the sentiment of everyone in that roomful of outstanding men and women in saying how proud we are of you, Michael Lee-Chin, on your appointment as growth czar for Jamaica. We are especially proud that a Jamaican of your standing and who has achieved such superlative success abroad, ... Read More

Unite to defeat these savage criminals

Wednesday, May 04, 2016    

Randy Hentzel (left) and Harold Nichols

Dear Editor, I am saddened, disappointed and deeply dismayed at the spiralling wave of senseless murders in Jamaica. The barbaric attacks on our people, including police personnel and missionaries who come to Jamaica to help the poor are at unacceptable levels, and it can no longer be business as usual in Jamaica as far as national security and justice are concerned. What kind of wild animals do we have living among us that viciously attack children, women, missionaries and other defenceless ... Read More

Messrs Lee-Chin and Byles, beware the kiss of death

Wednesday, May 04, 2016    

Michael Lee-Chin

Dear Editor, The language is obvious. The intent is unmistakeable. The message is clear. The Gleaner newspaper believes it knows better than the Government of Jamaica and the people who elected it a mere nine weeks ago. Its editorial of May 2, 2016 did not even try to disguise the writer’s disappointment that the Jamaican people did not return the People’s National Party (PNP) to power on February 25. So it proceeds as if it can tell the new Government what it should do and how t ... Read More

Ms Fairclough’s picture of classism not complete

Wednesday, May 04, 2016    

Dear Editor, While Ms Fairclough’s assessment of class and race in Jamaica may well have some elements of truth, it is not the entire picture. It is clearly incorrect for her to say that classism exists only in Jamaica. There is indeed a great deal of self-hate and mental slavery in Jamaica. It seems that the rich, be they black, brown, or white, have vested interests in keeping the poor under-educated and ignorant. The poor collude. It is obvious that there are many poor people who w ... Read More

The difference between signing and ratifying

Wednesday, May 04, 2016    

Before a treaty enters into force, becomes legally binding, or comes into effect, it has to be signed then ratified. The former signals agreement with the terms and expresses the country’s intention to comply. This expression of intent, in itself, is not binding. It needs to be followed with ratification, which refers to individual countries granting approval through their particular political processes and notifying the other parties of their consent to be bound by the provisions of the ... Read More



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