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Jamming On My Rock

I’m a beach bum so Bamboo Beach was a priority

During a recent dinner at The Connaught in London with Uni student Jovi Jaja – Miss Windy Air Conditioners in the 2015 Miss Jamaica World pageant – and her attorney-at-law mum Marlene Hargitay, SO got an earful about Jaja’s summer plans in Jamaica. With mere weeks to go before it a ... Read More

Sir Willard White and his wife Sylvia Kervorkian-White began the programme with a piece Der Tod Und Das Mädchen composed by the late Austrian composer Franz Schubert. Video: Hanover Grange Presents...
An unplanned encounter with Jamaica Patty Company co-principal Theresa Roberts occurred one afternoo ... Read More

Port Antonio, Portland Deryk Meany’s Magnificent TEN
Deryk Meany is the consummate professional and a well-respected executive in the hospitality indu ... Read More

Amita Persaud Webb (PHOTO: GARFIELD ROBINSON) Cocktails With... Amita Persaud Webb
Business Access TV presenter and producer Amita Persaud Webb is at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel working ... Read More

My Kingston - Mark Barnett

Sunday, August 21, 2016    

Mark Barnett
President, National Water Commission (Photo: Garfield Robinson)

What are your earliest memories of Kingston? My earliest memories of Kingston are from age nine or ten, when I would travel with my sister to visit her dad on the JOS bus. The thing that resonated with me most was how popular the Kingston Harbour was for diving and swimming, which saw us trekking there on a Sunday morning with the entire household for an early morning good time. What’s the most memorable meal that you have enjoyed in Kingston? I’m not the first to dine out, I ... Read More


Sunday, August 14, 2016    

Hotel Cipriani
Isola della Giudecca, Venice

Half Moon Resort’s general manager Sandro Fabris — a post he accepted more than a year ago — has been around the world and back, through work – an over 20-year experience managing the best of best hotels in some the world’s most storied destinations – and personal pursuits, taking note of the hospitality brands that flawlessly continue to redefine and perfect the meaning of ‘luxury’. Quelle surprise, his short list begins with the manicured radius ... Read More

Care To Dance?

Sunday, August 14, 2016    

Page 7

Dubbed the Colombian Billy Elliott, choreographer and dancer Fernando Montaño - soloist at The Royal Ballet - and his The Washington Ballet contemporaries Venus Villa, Ashley Murphy, Nardia Boodoo, and Corey Landolt were flown in via the second city as the treat-yo-yourself experience of Jamaica Patty Company co-principal Theresa Roberts, looking to ignite her September 1 birthday countdown with international flair. This takes us to last Wednesday evening, where the gowned and the ... Read More

SO Gardening - August 14

Sunday, August 14, 2016    

Phalaenopsis orchid

Dear Orchid Doc: My Mokaras bloom in a very ad hoc manner. The last bloom was two years ago. I do fertilise them as heavy feeders. Of note is that all of the others are doing well, save for these and the Cymbidiums. I am in Irish Town. Help! Carlene of Irish Town Dear Carlene: Irish Town is supposed to be one of the preferred areas for most orchids like Phalaenopsis, Epidendrums and certainly Cymbidiums. Mokaras usually require less sun than the semiterete (Sun Vandas)to bloom. That said, ... Read More

A weekend at play

Sunday, August 07, 2016    

Hostesses wore branded bikinis in SPF’s signature cyan. (Observer)

Another year, another party issue – the biannual first-half. SO returns to Ocho Rios, St Ann, to navigate the Emancipation weekend timetable organised by the KLE Group and the M7 Events septet. The yearly ‘Sophisticated Pleasure Awaits’ series’ party finale Soirée::SPF, pitched its cabanas, daybeds, and bistro tables on the shoreline of Pearly Beach West, last Sunday afternoon into the immediate hours following dusk. There was the seemingly inexhaustible food cou ... Read More

My Kingston — Hugh Graham

Sunday, August 07, 2016    

Hugh Graham
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director,
Paramount JamaicaKarl McLarty

What are your earliest memories of Kingston? At 10 years old, when I would ride my mother’s lady’s-wheel bicycle to pick up fresh cow’s milk every morning from Miss Soukou, from Whitehall Avenue to Cassava Piece. What’s the most memorable meal that you have enjoyed in Kingston? I would say pan chicken from Red Hills Road. What would you do if you were mayor of Kingston for a day? So many things! But what is most significant to me would be to invite all the young wind ... Read More

Cocktails With... Sofia Lemaire

Sunday, August 07, 2016    

Antonio Graham

We were on the eastern end of The Rock, last Saturday, in the company of All The Pretty Birds founder Tamu McPherson as she rang in her Big 4-0 in the Tropical Contemporary hot spot that is Portie. At the birthday dinner held at Geejam Hotel’s Bushbar, we make the acquaintance of McPherson’s gal pal, Haitian-American stylist Sofia Lemaire. Before you know, we’re exchanging notes and Lemaire accepts our invite to articulate on matters of approach and outlook. What is your favo ... Read More

Gardening — August 7

With Betty Ashley | Sunday, August 07, 2016    

Oncidium orchid

Dear Orchid Doc: The searing heat of the sun has shifted on my orchids and has caused some amount of leaf damage. Should I remove them? Janet Hopkin Dear Janet: Sunburned leaves can look rather unsightly, but may still have enough undamaged areas that can generate enough energy for the plant. I would cut off the unsightly areas with a sterile pruner. Remember to use a fungicide and cut at an angle. Dear Orchid Doc: I have noticed that my Phalaenopsis has yellow spots with a darker brown ... Read More

SO ‘Travel and Leisure’ Time with Melissa Ventosa Martin

Sunday, July 31, 2016    

Travel+Leisure Fashion Director Melissa Ventosa Martin

Melissa Ventosa Martin, the New York City-based fashion director of the Time Inc glossy Travel + Leisure, is on The Rock and SO, always in the right place at the right time, crosses paths with the accomplished stylist and arbiter. Great minds, as it were, interlocked, we explore the world of the traveller and her expectations for comfort, functionality and the great escape! When it comes to mounting large-scale fashion shoots, the nature of your job is one of location, location, location! D ... Read More



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