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Fatherhood — From The View Of A Son & Father

Paul C Brunson and his dad Curtis

"They'll be what they see" is one of the simplest yet most truthful lines I've ever heard. I originally heard this quote at a mentoring event but I believe it applies equally to fatherhood. There is no question that fathers play an important part in their children's lives; that the majority of stud ... Read More

I'm a doting dad...
I think there are three key things that have crystallised for me having my daughters, Zara and Iman: ... Read More

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a cosmopolitan city with
the perfect blend of sand, sea, tropical forest and
mountains. This Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvellous
City) is filled with postcard-perfect views. The Girls and Boys from Ipanema
With Brazil the focus for the next month — 2014 FIFA World Cup — we thought it timely t ... Read More

CALDEIRADA A Taste of Brazil
What to eat in South America's hottest destination of the moment? With the world's eyes trained on ... Read More

Brazilian Bombshells

Sunday, June 15, 2014    

American Vogue's
June 2014 issue
features a photo
editorial and
article on the
model quartet
(from left) Raquel
Adriana Lima
Ambrosio, and

As scorching-hot as the powdered sand beaches of Rio are the country's gorgeous exports -- its seemingly unending, genetically-blessed models. From the face that heralded a marching cavalry of Brazilian models, Gisele Bundchen with her crowd-rousing signature strut and bankable curves to the ever-growing stable of Victoria's Secret Angels,the World Cup's host country is a Lego-block of beauty. American Vogue's June 2014 issue features a photo editorial and accompanying article on the model quar ... Read More

My Kingston - Rodell Warner

Sunday, June 15, 2014    

My Kingston

How many times have you visited Kingston thus far? This is my second visit. I'm back for a nine-week residency at NLS Kingston, a collaborative project with six artists who live and work here. What are your earliest memories of Kingston? Driving around and taking it in for the first time; realising how much bluer the light is than at home, and that the air is wetter, and that the mountains seem to be everywhere. What's the most memorable meal that you have enjoyed in Kingston? A sweet momen ... Read More

Cocktails With - Ladianne Wade

Sunday, June 15, 2014    


It's a super-busy Thursday for Ladianne Wade. We first bump into the Global Directories Caribbean director of sales at Cuddy'z sports bar where her company is feting clients at the rowdy, riveting World Cup kick-off game between Croatia and Brazil. Mere hours later, we cross paths again with the personable dynamo during the cocktail hour at the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce's annual awards ceremony at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. It's too serendipitous to pass up convo and cocktails, so we sidle ove ... Read More

Folded Sky, Homage to Colin Powell

Sunday, July 06, 2014    

Art has historically been the go-to standard for honouring figures of historical significance. It's easy to draw in the mind's eye the image of any such tribute — a statue or painting usually, with the figure sitting or standing poised, arms folded or outstretched, and the face carrying a look of such severe stoicism that we are assured bearing the weight of the world is just another day at the office. This type of tribute is almost standard fare for diplomats, and one would be forgiven fo ... Read More

The Art & Soul of Kingston

Sunday, July 06, 2014    

A mash of styles decorates the outer wall of this Lyndhurst Road residence — a mural
depicting two men doing the 'Shelly Belly' dance and a more abstract design of white
hand prints speckled across the red-painted surface.

Kingston is the breathing, pulsing, culturally thriving heart of this dynamic country of ours. It's the birthplace of ska and reggae and the incubator of our most explosive fashions. It's acutely manicured in parts and gaudily colourful in others. It's loud, dirty, dangerous and proud and offers an incredible variety of artistic expression through its multi-faceted character. SO is donning its walking shoes to give you a tour of the many fascinating ways Kingston expresses itself. We take a look ... Read More

Street Art Takes Residence At The National Gallery

By Kedon Willis | Sunday, July 06, 2014    

Speaking to the creative nature of street art,
artists used a variety of materials at their
disposal, including car bonnets. Pictured here
is Cleaver Cunningham's Ananda Dean.

The National Gallery of Jamaica opened last week Sunday for its monthly Last Sundays celebration. The programme (held, as the name suggests, on the last Sunday of every month) offers special features, such as performances and film screenings to art lovers, completely gratis! There were on this early afternoon guided tours for children and adults and, in the midst of all the art gazing, a scintillating performance by local singer and songwriter Aisha Davis. The current exhibit on display was no ... Read More

A Journey With Artist Judith Salmon

By Kedon Willis | Sunday, July 06, 2014    

Artist Judith Salmon presents her painting Mother Earth. (PHOTOS: LIONEL ROOKWOOD)

After a 15-year hiatus from her homeland, artist Judith Salmon has returned to Jamaica to continue, she says, to delve into the many uncharted ideas and concerns of life. A somewhat modest statement, we think, from an artist who has been painting since the 1970s, and who has worked with an incredible variety of media in honing her craft. Salmon welcomed fellow artists on Friday, June 27, to a meet-and-greet event at the Sanaa Studios, a winsome artists' workshop nestled in a leafy nook of the B ... Read More

Life’s Most Important Exercise – How To Determine Your Values

by Paul Carrick Brunson | Sunday, July 06, 2014    

"Our necessities never equal our wants." — Benjamin Franklin Would you want a sports car that couldn't drive you anywhere? It would look nice. The stereo system is incredible. The rims are chrome and shining. But when it came to a car's basic function — to get you from point A to point B — it couldn't get you there. Would you still want it? The answer is easy. No. What's the point of having a car if you can't drive it? Because all those nice things, the stereo, the chrome, t ... Read More

Cocktails With — Terry-Ann Shaw

Sunday, July 06, 2014    


At the NCB Capital Markets 'Cheers to Your Wealth' event held recently at J Wray & Nephew's Dominica Drive lounge, we spotted NCB relationship manager Terry-Ann Shaw sipping the early evening's welcome drink, Aperol Spritz. Formalities out of the way, we were soon deep in convo... What are you sipping? An Aperol Spritz. What's in it? Two parts of the aperitif Aperol, three parts of Cinzano Prosecco and a dash of club soda. What kind of day are you having? Wow, a whirlwind day. What a ... Read More

My Kingston — Kevin Anthony Ingram

Sunday, July 06, 2014    

Kevin Anthony Ingram

Kevin Anthony Ingram Vice-President — Wealth Management NCB Capital Markets Limited You've lived in Lime Hall, Mammee Bay, May Pen, and Kingston for different periods. As a senior team member of the National Commercial Bank, now you're back in Kingston with NCB Capital Markets, what do you love most about this city? Its vibrancy and the many recreational and social options that can be explored for business and family ventures. My boys are especially benefiting from being in Kingston ... Read More



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