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 My Kingston — Dr David Walcott

Dr David Walcott
medical doctor, and entrepeneur. (COURTESY OF DR DAVID WALCOTT)

Medical Doctor and Entrepeneur What are your earliest memories of Kingston? Unlike my siblings, I was a very outdoorsy child, and my earliest salient memories are of me climbing the East Indian mango trees in Mona where I grew up, making slingshots and getting into all sorts of mischief as young, ... Read More

The scene was set for Hanover Charities’ 60th Sugar Cane Ball, a crucial fund-raiser for its community development projects.(ANTONIO GRAHAM) Having a 'Ball'
Last Saturday, Hanover Charities celebrated not only the 60th anniversary of its philanthropic exist ... Read More

Cocktails Wth... Alexandra Valkenburg
As we take a look at a complex world through the eyes of career diplomat Alexandra Valkenburg, the n ... Read More

Bookends — Feb 26
NEW IN CARIBBEAN WRITING Speak From Here to There: Two Poem Cycles Peepal Tree), by Kwame Dawes &am ... Read More

‘Deal’ With it

Sunday, February 19, 2017    

Martin’s 17-track debut album Big Deal, which he calls “more lovers’ rock and sexy music”, also features collabs with Busy Signal and Tanto Blacks. 

With the South Beach-channelling chic new poolside at the Spanish Court Hotel doubling as visual interest and the chosen venue, reggae crooner Christopher Martin debuted his new album Big Deal by way of a listening launch party at the hip New Kingston property last Wednesday evening. Coincidentally also ringing in birthday #30, the 2005 Rising Stars champ-turned-recording artiste-turned-KFC spokesman was sartorially sharp in post-Valentine’s Day red, as he welcomed an eclectic mix of g ... Read More

Cocktails With... Catherine Goodall

Sunday, February 19, 2017    


Lasco Marketing Manager, Beverages — and Page 2 fave — Catherine Goodall is at the Spanish Court Hotel launch and listening party of reggae balladeer Christopher Martin’s long-awaited debut album Big Deal. The ever-gracious branding and marketing specialist is a fixture on the lifestyle and entertainment scene and the perfect candidate to volley with at Wednesday’s music event. What is your favourite post-work sip? If it’s a weeknight it’s chamomile tea. If ... Read More

Ciao, Roma...

Sunday, February 19, 2017    

The approach to the Colisseum (Photos: Ernesto Ruscio)

… It had been too long. Returning, however, this time for the exclusive reveal of the stories behind the Campari Red Diaries 2017 and the short film Killer in Red, directed by Paolo Sorrentino and starring Hollywood actor Clive Owen, rekindles old flames. SO touches down at the Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino airport in torrential rain. Immigration and Customs are a breeze, as is finding a taxi. Soon we are bobbing and weaving through traffic. The taxi drivers in Rome could pass muster in ... Read More

Gardening — February 19

Betty Ashley | Sunday, February 19, 2017    

Cymbidium orchids

Dear Orchid Doc: There is a problem that I have with my orchid greenhouse, and recently a few of my friends have been having the same complaint. The concrete floor is always getting algae which invariably begin to affect the orchids. We have tried every fungicide there is in the store, but we just cannot get rid of the algae. Orchid lovers of St. Elizabeth Dear Orchid lovers of St. Elizabeth: The first thing that jumps out at me is the concrete flooring. Instead of concrete, most people use ... Read More

My Kingston — Bilal Alkhateeb

Sunday, February 19, 2017    

Bilal Alkhateeb,

BILAL ALKHATEEB,  hairstylist What are your earliest memories in Kingston? I have so many great memories from my early days in Kingston. I fell in love with Jamaican music; the weather change was amazing. but the most memorable was learning patois and understanding the Jamaican accent. What is the most memorable meal you have enjoyed in Jamaica? Jamaica has so much amazing food! I love oxtail and fried chicken and rice and peas. My most memorable meal, however, was my introduction to ... Read More

Tory Burch Styles

Sunday, February 19, 2017    

As a contemporary nod to the luxury vacays American socialites took in mid-century Jamaica, New York City fashion label Tory Burch recreated this spirit of nonchalance for their Resort 2017 lookbook, starring Saint International model Tami Williams, shot on location at Round Hill Hotel & Villas. SO enters a jet-setting world of high glamour, Rock-style. Read More

A Sexologist’s Guide to Kissing (an excerpt from The New Sex Bible)

Sunday, February 12, 2017    

Though kissing may be a deeply entrenched dating and mating ritual in our culture, many cultures have prospered without locking lips, which serves as a reminder that kissing is an erotic art (as opposed to a reproductive imperative). Making out results in a flurry of feel-good hormones that promote relaxation and bonding. Yet the sexes view it differently. Men are more likely than women to seek and initiate deep-tongue kissing, and they tend to utilise it as a means to an end (sex), whereas man ... Read More

Cocktails With... Liz Levy

Sunday, February 12, 2017    


Named one of the ‘36 most creative women in advertising’ by Business Insider back in 2014, Los Angeles-based creative director & branding consultant Liz Levy steers motorcycles for fun, and regularly balances her chakras with fellow yoga enthusiasts. The strategist was recently on The Rock for the annual Destination Experience, an ideas-rich event that eventually led to this tête-à-tête. What’s your favourite drink and which publi ... Read More

Gardening — February 12

With Betty Ashley | Sunday, February 12, 2017    

Epidendrum calanthum orchid

Dear Orchid Doc: A friend suggested that I sterilise the tools after using them on each orchid. This sounds very difficult and unusual. Could this be true and if so, why is that? ES Dear ES: Your friend is correct. This is one sure way of preventing the spread of bacteria or viruses from one orchid to another. Each time an orchid is trimmed, an opportunity arises for viruses to spread. Previously used tools should be sterilised in bleach for ten minutes or by heating them with a flame. ... Read More

My Kingston — John Suranyi

Sunday, February 12, 2017    

John Suranyi,
Group CEO,
Digicel Play Caribbean & Central America.(ANTONIO GRAHAM)

John Suranyi, Group CEO, Digicel Play Caribbean & Central America What are your earliest memories of Kingston? I was impressed by the friendliness and warmth of the people. As a person unfamiliar with Kingston, I found that people generally go out of their way to help. So it was easy for me to see Kingston as my home very quickly and recognise the best part of Jamaica: the people. What’s the most memorable meal that you have I love jerked chicken and lobster, so it doesn ... Read More



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