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Portrait of Esther in black and white (© Esther Anderson 1966).

During the Sixties and the Seventies, I documented our culture through music, dance and photography, while exploring my own representation as an actress in Hollywood and London with artists like Sidney Poitier, Marlon Brando and Sammy Davis Jr. I also placed myself behind the camera as a film-maker, ... Read More

Observer My Kingston - Geoffrey Chong
What are your earliest memories of Kingston? Running around carefree with the other kids in the ... Read More

Sophie, a short film written by Dominique Holmes and film director Alexandra Hsu.The two, who met on the set of a feature film in Singapore, collaborated on the script and have had a working relationship ever since. They are currently collaborating on a new project. (Photos: Dominique Holmes)
Film Chat
When I was young, I was very shy, and perhaps as a result I developed an early interest in drawing. ... Read More

At the hotel set, Michelle Serieux consults with her talented young star Shantol Jackson and the incomparable actress Carol Lawes who plays Maisie Lewars (background). (Photos: Jeff Crossley) The Making of Sugar
Dream a little dream… As a writer, it’s fair to say that I traffic in telling stories. ... Read More

Spotted! - Kaye Kelly

Sunday, December 04, 2016    

Visual artist and florist Kaye Kelly adjusts a succulent in her repurposed driftwood with the help of her assistant Anthony Edwards.Michael Gordon

Who… Kaye Kelly Where… at MoDA Market Her services include… artscaping — landscaping and art from small pieces to backyard buildouts and upcycling — turning the old and discarded into beautiful pieces. I like to add… new life and value to the old and unwanted. The more… I have always been a nature lover, but I was made fun of for hugging trees. I tried to stifle these feelings and feign indifference… it was futile. When my children ... Read More

Cocktails With... Liane V

Sunday, December 04, 2016    


Recording artiste, and social media sensation Liane V (for Valenzuela) values family, a positive attitude, and the perfect activewear ensemble. The all-American girl, who has 2.6 million followers on Instagram at last count, was on The Rock for the OCEAN Style FashionShowcase series in Montego Bay, where we made her acquaintance. Your favourite sip… Pink lemonade. What does strength look like? Independence. Being an independent person who is comfortable with themselves and not ... Read More

Gardening — December 4

With Betty Ashley | Sunday, December 04, 2016    

Enobi Stripe Dendrobium

Dear Orchid Doc: I’ve had a Schomburgkia for several years but it has never bloomed. I got a piece of a blooming plant at the time. During my usual reading of your column, I saw your response to a reader who’s also having blooming issues. My orchid is on a mango tree as opposed to being in a pot. Aside from insects, do you think having it on a tree is the reason it hasn’t bloomed all these years (more than 10 yrs)? It keeps growing, though, and it’s big and beautifu ... Read More


Sunday, November 27, 2016    

When MoDA Market founder Kerry Ann Clarke mentioned that Harriette Cole was to guest host the event’s fifth anniversary celebration, eyebrows were raised. When the opportunity came to interview her, the challenge was simply where to start. An hour-and-a-half on the phone made the task that much more arduous. Cole is a multi-dimensional, walking series of accomplishments and living proof that a sound education, experience and a sense of self will keep you relevant at any chapter of your lif ... Read More

MoDA Magic: The Collection MoDA

Sunday, November 27, 2016    

Czar by Cesar Galindo (with scarves by Harriette Cole)

With a heptad of familiar designers on the marquee, The Collection MoDA returned to Kingston — two Thursdays ago at the Spanish Court Hotel’s Worthington extension — with a runway update that remained true to a resort aesthetic. Show attendees were invited to contemplate prints — especially the u¨bertrendy African waxprint which dominated Carlton Brown’s suiting offerings for men. Miami’s Lisu Vega went rogue with a foray into perforated minimalism, while th ... Read More

COCKTAILS WITH... Krystal Tomlinson

Sunday, November 27, 2016    


Digicel Foundation Public Relations & Engagement Manager, and Five Dollar Forum Founder Krystal Tomlinson spends most of her waking hours in the spotlight. We go behind the persona to rap with the host of Television Jamaica ’s Entertainment Prime & Nyammings. What’s your favourite sip? I love anything with a sweet and/or bubbly flavour profile. So definitely a Moscato or Moët & Chandon Imperial champagne. Are there occasions in business when a book could be judg ... Read More

My Kingston - Gerard Fontaine

Sunday, November 27, 2016    

Gerard Fontaine
Fraser, Fontaine & KongGARFIELD ROBINSON

What are your earliest memories of Kingston? My earliest memories are of my family. As the Christmas season approaches, the memory of my family being together, enjoying each other’s company, telling old stories, jokes and laughter resonates with me. What would you do if you were mayor of Kingston for a day? Advocating to improve health care, safety, waste management, and brand building would be on the top of my list. But to get the most impact in a day, I would run an anti-litter and ... Read More

Gardening - November 27

With Betty Ashley | Sunday, November 27, 2016    


Dear Orchid Doc: I have several questions which I would like you to address: 1. I have not had much luck with Phalaenopsis in moss, as the roots typically rot soon after the original blooms dry up. Is it advisable to change the medium and repot the plant? Which is the best medium to use? Charcoal, wood, or chips and stones? What tips can you share about the repotting process? 2. About two years ago I purchased several Sun Vandas as bare root or baby plants. So far no blooms have appeare ... Read More

Tables Twice Turned

Sunday, November 20, 2016    

<LeadInSub>Best Wine Experience</LeadInSub>Cayman Islands Food Awards judges Catherine (left) and Sebastien Guilbard presented the award for Best Wine Experience to Daniell Wolfe, operations manager at Caribbean Club, home of LUCA Restaurant.Garfield Robinson

BORNE out of a desire to position the Caribbean as a culinary hot spot, the progeny of The Rock’s Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards, the Table Talk Food Awards — Cayman Islands Edition, presented by The Best Dressed Chicken, on Thursday, November 10, at The Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, has taken root in Cayman. With the addition of five new judges, and perfect weather, the event unfolded as planned: the awards ceremony in the ballroom followed by the after-party at the ... Read More

Cocktails with - Anika Smith-Jengelley

Sunday, November 20, 2016    


Mayberry Investments Assistant VP, Marketing Anika Smith-Jengelley has had an eventful year. She gave birth to her first child, a daughter Isabelle, and tied the knot with physician and surgeon Dr Warren Jengelley. We clink short tumblers and get cosy... there’s lots to catch up on. What’s your favourite sip? A gin and tonic. Who keeps you inspired? I’m fortunate to have a few inspirations in my life, but I’m going to say my mother who taught me much of what I know ab ... Read More



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