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Thanksgiving At Bellefield

Host Paula Kerr-Jarrett (left), business titan Chris Blackwell and Daisy Soros, founder of the Paul and Daisy Soros

Thanksgiving was celebrated in fine style on the north coast. Mark and Paula Kerr-Jarrett kicked off the celebrations in fine style with a pre-thanksgiving dinner at Bellefield. SO shares highlights (Photos: Aceion Cunningham) Read More

Roger Lewis My Kingston - Roger Lewis
What are your earliest memories of Kingston? Climbing my Julie mango tree with my brothers when I w ... Read More

Julie Sullivan Jones Cocktails With - Julie Sullivan Jones
We spot the ever-so-personable Harvard-educated Julie Sullivan Jones, architect (registered in USA) ... Read More

(PHOTOS: MICHAEL GORDON) Debra gets fierce with FEAR-less
Call it deliciously wicked irony, but when Debra Edwards launched her FEAR-less clothing campaign, s ... Read More

Thanksgiving at Harmony Hill

Sunday, November 30, 2014    

Valerie Marzouca (left), villa owner, By the
Way, and Eva Myers of Evita's Restaurant

On Wednesday we journeyed to one of our favourite places, the Tryall Club in Hanover for Mark and Paula Kovinsky's pre Thanksgiving Party at their luxurious Harmony Hill villa. International guests, villa owners and corporate Montego Bay mingled with ease over sumptuous food and tasty treats by Signature Cakes and Desserts and libation satiated with Wray and Nephew products. The evening's entertainment expertly handled by noted saxophonist Fitzroy 'Saxxy' Minott and the critically acclaimed Morg ... Read More

Gardening - Nov 30

Sunday, November 30, 2014    

Vanda hybrid

Dear Orchid Doc: When I water, it seems as though the water settles at the top of the Vandas (in the bed) so the plant develops rot. I just lost two. I want to know how to prevent this in the future. WT Dear WT Against the background that almost everybody's Vandas are outdoors, two things immediately come to mind. 1) You might not be using enough fungicide or the correct measurement. 2 You are watering too late in the evening, and because of that they are not drying out before bedtime. De ... Read More

The RSVP Issue

Sunday, December 07, 2014    

THE 'YES' LIST Welcome to our annual RSVP issue — inviting the in-crowd. The parties have certainly started in earnest, but as the discerning set are only too aware it has never been about quantity. Clinking glasses with those with real access — a solid bank account certainly doesn't hurt either and being on the verge of success adds currency too — recite the adage: 'success has many parents... failure is an orphan;' and you'll better understand. The intimate gatherings attend ... Read More

Cocktails with - Cheryl Spencer

Sunday, December 07, 2014    


We're sipping Rouge, with Cheryl Kay Spencer, senior director, Foreign Trade Department and also High Commissioner Designate for Jamaica to the Republic of South Africa until she presents her credentials to the President of South Africa when she'll be Her Excellency Cheryl Kay Spencer, high commissioner for Jamaica to the Republic of South Africa. What's in Rouge? It's a combination of white rum, vodka and cranberry juice. Why did you become a diplomat and what keeps you in it? The truth of ... Read More

My Kingston - David Allen Prendergast

Sunday, December 07, 2014    

David Allen Prendergast

When did you first realise that diplomacy was in the cards for you? I came to this realisation in my final year of the International Relations Bachelor's degree programme at the University of the West Indies (UWI) when I was assessing what I wanted to do after completing my studies. I became well acquainted with two Jamaican Foreign Service officers and by extension, the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. I was impressed with the work that they were doing and thought th ... Read More

Gardening - Dec 7

Sunday, December 07, 2014    


Dear Orchid Doc: First of all, you are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up. I live in Westmoreland and I have Dendrobiums and Cattleyas. I keep them in a north-western exposure on a porch and they are exposed to the evening sun from about 3:30 pm each day until the sun sets. I also have some Phalaenopsis and a few other varieties. I have a piece of the black greenhouse mesh placed directly in front of them to filter the sunlight a bit. I grow the Phalaenopsis on the north side and they seem hap ... Read More

The Architectural LEGACY of Our Time

Sunday, December 14, 2014    

Art Museum

A few weeks ago I was in Paris for meetings which honestly were not going very well. After three days of torturous miscommunication and bad vibes, I left halfway through the workday one day with my tail between my legs. Dear God, get me out of this. Battered and bruised, I felt I had lost my mojo. The depression was particularly acute because I could never imagine that I would ever be sad in Paris. After all, one only need slip down a side street, look around at the well- balanced architecture, ... Read More

VIDEO: Nasha’s GNO

Sunday, December 14, 2014    

From left: Heineken brand manager Nasha-Monique Douglas; TVJ producer Hertha Beckmann;
Ayesha Creary, strategist at Creative Marketing; Kaysia Johnson-Vaughan, Scotiabank
programmes marketing manager; and Ayisha Richards-McKay, attorney at law, Attorney
General’s Chamber.

Heaven rains were ignored Tuesday evening as some 20 plus friends and associates of Nasha-Monique Douglas, brand manager, Heineken, stepped out in fab style for Girls' Night Out — "a gathering created" according to Douglas -- "to celebrate all of the amazing women in my life and out of the need for positive female interaction... Jamaica is lacking in mentorship and networking opportunities specific to women. A few of us in the beverage industry came together about three months ago and dec ... Read More

The Other Side Of... Tour Life

Sunday, December 14, 2014    

Jodi Stewart, her
husband Sean, his
dancers and crew
enjoy a day at the
Steve Irwin zoo.

Jodi Stewart heads Down Under with hubby Sean Paul and soon discovers that life is not all 'suite'... As I settled into the seat beside my husband Sean Paul, excited to be going to Australia for the first time, I messaged my mum to let her know we would be taking off soon and I'd link her when we landed. Fourteen hours later, band, DJs, crew and dancers in tow, we touched down in Sydney, Australia. As we settled into the fabulous Hilton hotel suite with its floating tub overlooking the city, ... Read More

My Kingston - Desmond Austin Marcus Mitchell

Sunday, December 14, 2014    

Desmond Austin Marcus

You have quite an interesting background... Thank you! I have been blessed to have a variety of incredible opportunities over the past few years. Growing up I was always interested in mentorship and helping others achieve their goals, and I have made sure to consistently follow that passion. After graduating from Harvard I had the chance to work at Google for two years in the marketing and sales department. Google is such an incredible company and I was amazed by the environment they are able t ... Read More



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