The people must recognise wheat from chaff in budget debate

THE budget debate so far has been of a high quality. Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke set the tone in his presentation. This has been followed by commendable efforts by the Opposition spokesman on finance Mark Golding and Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips. Read More

Quality input equals quality output
 ... Read More

Bettering the gender balance is ongoing work
 ... Read More

Brexit: A shambolic affair
 Last week, from all the breaking news at the national, regional and international levels, I chose to watch the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World coverage of the Brexit debate and vote in the British Parliament.... Read More

Montego Bay: To go or not to go?

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, March, 18 2019    

We went! Our event for Montego Bay had been months in planning and then the news came about the daylight shootings. As we read the headlines, we admit to a few knots in the stomach, but the enthusiasm of our colleagues in the west was not to be... Read More

Jamaica's neoliberal agenda and trickle-down economics — Part 1

Canute Thompson | Monday, March, 18 2019    

In assessing the Government's performance, having hit the three-year mark, I argued in my column on March 3, 2019 that the Government should be given credit for policy continuity and sticking with the fiscal programme left in place by the previous... Read More

Living la vida con principios

Al Miller | Sunday, March, 17 2019    

My principles are more important than the money or my title. — Muhammad Ali  Read More

Portland Eastern residents have their eyes open

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, March, 17 2019    

A house made of donkey skins trembles when a hyena screams. — Oromo proverb, Ethiopia  Read More

Monitoring compliance

Paula Llewellyn | Sunday, March, 17 2019    

We are aware of the recent news items in respect of the failure of 16 former parliamentarians and senators to fulfil their obligations under the Parliament (Integrity of Members) Act, hereinafter referred to as the Act, for the period 2014 to 2016, and inferentially, questions surrounding the... Read More

EU blacklist power play: Cooperation or coercion?

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, March, 17 2019    

On March 12, 2019 the council of the 28-nation European Union (EU) placed 15 small territories on a list of what it calls non-cooperative jurisdictions. What the European Council considers these territories to be “non-cooperative” about reveals the raw... Read More

Living la vida con principios?

Sunday, March, 17 2019    

Principles are on The Agenda this week. In the wake of reports of politicians allegedly committing acts deemed less than honourable, columnist Garfield Higgins does a walk-through of the Portland Eastern constituency and looks at the principle of digging holes. Director of Public Prosecutions... Read More

Budget (naming) matters

Lance Neita | Sunday, March, 17 2019    

A look at the budget debates of the 1970s seemed to have excited reader interest with the recurring question, so what happened in the debates of the 1960s? Read More

Occupation of the inner city

JASON MCKAY | Sunday, March, 17 2019    

The post-World War II occupation of the empire of Japan by the United States' military was perhaps the most successful occupation ever attempted by a conquering nation, and indeed the United States. Read More

Manley and Russia

Edward Seaga | Sunday, March, 17 2019    

The following is a transcript prepared by a former Soviet foreign ministry official who defected in July 1980 from his post as second secretary at the Soviet Embassy in Kingston.   Read More

Real food security

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, March, 15 2019    

What do you think about when you hear the term “food security”? Do you see Farmer Joe putting his yam and banana under lock and key? Truth be told, with how the wicked have been preying on farmers — reaping and 'tiefing' what they did not sow — padlocks and chains... Read More


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