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products and more on
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The less-than-auspicious start of Badia Spices in a non-descript store in Miami, by Cuban immigrants who mixed their herbs and spices by hand, has made way 30 years later to Badia Spices, an internationally acclaimed brand whose products are used by professional chefs and cooks worldwide. The annou ... Read More

The House Wins VIDEO: The ‘House’ Wins
As good as ice cream gets at Kingston landmark Devon House, the historic property is far more than h ... Read More

Vivino is available for
iPhone, Andriod and
Windows Mobile. This
might be the most
popular wine app
globally, with a
few hundred
users in Jamaica.
Download it and
follow me! Wine — There are lots of apps for that
Most wine lovers have been in a situation where they are out for dinner or visiting friends, taste a ... Read More

Select Brands poured a selection of Hardy’s
Nottage Hills wines for guests to sip while
enjoying the sights of fine fashion and fast cars. TSO Shopping and Wine Tasting
Last week Thursday the Jamaica Observer Takes Style Out evening of shopping saw a number of destinat ... Read More

A Rock Flavoured Oktoberfest

Thursday, October 09, 2014    

Realtor Steven Bernard (left)
paused from sipping his
Bitburger beer to acknowledge
Thursday Life while father
Owen Bernard concentrated
on his chicken schnitzel.

  It was paradise for the lover of all things German last Saturday at the Alhambra Inn on Tucker Avenue, as The Rock celebrated the world-renowned Oktoberfest in style with premium German beers, a delectable selection of German food including sausage, and classic festival games and surprise giveaways. Hosted by the Jamaican-German Society, the event, which originated in Munich in the early nineteenth century, has been celebrated yearly on The Rock for more than three decades. This year, th ... Read More

Terra Nova Adds Haute Vegetarian Fare To Its Menu

Thursday, October 09, 2014    

Terra Nova Filet Mignon, prime filet mignon, grilled and topped
with lobster morsels in a beurre blanc sauce and served over
Irish potato pancake and green beans — so don’t be afraid to
incorporate both worlds

The management of the luxe multi-award-winning Terra Nova All-Suite hotel are never ones to rest on their laurels especially in a competitive environment and as such have unveiled their latest offering: Haute Vegetarian Cuisine - a menu according to the hotel's consultant on all things extraordinary and fab Ardelle Dalla Costa, "that would appeal to the vegetarian in search of a fine dining experience, deliciously composed and served in beautiful surroundings". What Thursday Life is eager to add ... Read More

VIDEO:Sticking A 'Fork' In It

Thursday, October 09, 2014    

Music educator Debbie Rose (left) savoured bites of doubles from her native Trinidad, while her recent university graduate
daughter Deanna Rose tucked into an aloo pie. (PHOTOS: LIONEL ROOKWOOD)

Debe Ann Chen rolled her latest culinary undertaking, the Fork In The Road food truck, into the town of Mandeville this past Tuesday. A long-harboured dream brought to fruition for the always-bubbly Chen (who gave Thursday Life exclusive access), the 26-year Jamaican resident beamed with pride, though there were hints of underlying second-guessing as to what public reaction would be to the truck parked along Ward Avenue in front of the old Tudor Theatre. Fears were quickly allayed. Curiosity h ... Read More

VIDEO: Simply the best

Thursday, October 02, 2014    

The entrance to The
Simply Red Food Festival.

IT was a baptism into gastronomic heaven. Food enthusiasts found culinary redemption for their anxious after-work appetites last Friday evening as the Heart Foundation of Jamaica staged the silver anniversary of its Simply Red food festival on the lawns of Jamaica House under the theme ‘Celebrating Flavour, Flair and Fashion’. Hundreds were out, with many fashion-savvy patrons opting for wardrobes with a scarlet nod to the event’s name, to soak up a potpourri of scents, flavou ... Read More

Sipping on borrowed time

With Christopher Reckord | Thursday, October 02, 2014    

Little Wine wine preservation system consists of a special
cork-like assembly with a tube running through it and a
pushbutton valve on the back. The curly 'vine' plugged into the
valve is connected to one of several preservation gas supply
options at its other end. It also keeps the bottles cool.

When you open a bottle of wine with friends and family, it usually disappears in a few minutes. There is no need to worry about spoilage there. If, however, you open a very special bottle just to enjoy a glass or if you run a bar or restaurant and offer wine by the glass, the ability to keep the wines very fresh is important. An opened bottle of wine usually has two to three days before it starts to lose its characteristic aroma, bouquet and taste before eventually going bad. Entrepreneurs in ... Read More

Sean John Plates: A Destination Experience

Thursday, October 02, 2014    

Fresh sauteed lobster with seasonal herbs and
truffle honey with a side of slow-roasted
sweet potato mash and avocado purée

Ahead of the much-anticipated Destination shindig at GoldenEye last week Saturday evening, guests enjoyed a unique Drive Experience lunch courtesy of ATL Autohaus and Destination Experience at Hermosa Cove, Ocho Rios. The lunch was hosted by Chef Sean John from the celebrated Spur Tree restaurant, New York, a fave of U2 and ranked one of the top five places to dine in America by Maxim Magazine. The Menu: Beet & hemp seed salad with organic mixed greens & raspberry balsamic vinaigrette ... Read More

Chef McIntosh Does 'Good' in Sydney, Nova Scotia

Thursday, September 25, 2014    

Chef Rich Francis (left), who presented the dinner on Friday night with Chef Dennis McIntosh. (PHOTOS: MICHAEL HALL)

After winning the “Master Chef Cook-Off Challenge" in Sydney, Nova Scotia in 2013, Chef Dennis McIntosh was invited back by the Right Some Good team, this time as guest chef for the pop-up dinner at Inverary Resort in Baddock, which took place on Thursday, September 4 and was attended by some 200 guests.   The Menu:   Scenic Valley Farm Oven-Roasted Island Squash Bisque Luckett Vineyard L'Acadie Blanc, Gaspereau Valley NS   Mira Bay Seafood Dumpling Coconut Tomato Crea ... Read More

There Will Be Soup

Thursday, September 25, 2014    

As sure as Saturday follows Friday, there will be soup in the Gopaul household as the week-closing meal. It’s a time-honoured ritual my beloved grandaunt Leonie Gopaul — more akin really, to being a second mother — has kept going as a culinary tradition as her own mother (my late great-grandmother) Lillian Gopaul raised her brood of six sons and six daughters on Saturday soup in George’s Plain, Westmoreland. “It was always beef soup,” Aunt Leonie said, her ey ... Read More

Saturday at Linstead Market

Thursday, September 18, 2014    

A bustling market day. (PHOTOS: LIONEL ROOKWOOD)

Immortalised in the popular Jamaican folk song, Linstead Market is home to a colourful cast of vendor personalities, with stalls stocked with a distinct array of farm-fresh produce and veggies as Thursday Life went a-calling last weekend. Get your shopping list ready as we venture to the iconic St Catherine space to see a Saturday market day in action. The Linstead Market of today is markededly different from the one of the past. While not aesthetic perfection, in the 40-plus years that octogen ... Read More

Jerk Pork LINSTEAD Style

Thursday, September 18, 2014    

Aspiring chef Patrick Morris sticks a fork into a jerk pig’s tail on the grill. The 20-year-old works kerbside in the heart of Linstead right alongside the town's bus and route taxi bay. (AT RIGHT) What's on the grill? Jerk pork, liver and pig's tail as well as aluminium foil-wrapped jerk sausages. The price? $300 for a quarter-pound, $600 for half-pound and $1,200 for a pound.

After calling it a day at the Linstead Market, the unmistakable, wafting scent of pork finds our nostrils as we make our way back to our vehicle parked in the heart of the bustling town. There is sudden cause to make a sharp detour to investigate. Within a couple paces, we find the baby-faced Patrick Morris around the grill, succulent pieces of brown pork, aluminium foilwrapped jerk sausages, as well as pig's tails and cow liver being seared over a fenced flame. The 20-year-old, who harbours d ... Read More



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