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On The Front Line... Alexx Antaeus & Orlease King

COVID-19 is pushing the restaurant industry to think creatively. We have all read the headlines about this pandemic and the devastating impact it is having on many eateries. But not us. We chose to reorganise our entire business operation, overnight. Read More

Grace Jerk Reggae Recipes with Kamila McDonald featuring Jesse Royal
This week, we are “Eating in with Grace”, roots, rock and reggae style, in the kitchen with wellness coach & nutritionist Kamila McDonald and entertainer Jesse Royal. Our feature comes from Episode 1 of the Reggae Recipes series on IGTV brought to you by...... Read More

Under The Tuscan Sun A 'Decurated' Experience featuring Chef Shea Stewart
When Naomi Garrick realised she wouldn't be spending her 40th birthday in Italy as previously planned, after a year of saving and planning, she started thinking about how best the experience could be recreated right at home.... Read More

Clean Hands — Safe Food: KEEP THOSE HANDS CLEAN!
Without a doubt one of the most important food safety precautions you can take is washing your hands: b efore, during, and after preparing food; before eating food; before and after treating a cut or wound; after using the bathroom or cleaning someone...... Read More

Conversations in Chardonnay

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, May, 21 2020    

So far, we have shared some interesting facts about the riesling and merlot grape varietals. This week our focus shifts to chardonnay, a green-skinned (white) grape variety used in the production of white wine. Chardonnay originated in the Burgundy wine region of eastern France but is... Read More

Don't Be Intimidated, Buy Lamb!

Thursday, May, 21 2020    

Don't be intimidated by lamb, says Butcher Burrowes. It's easier than it looks, worth the effort and tastes great when done right. The term Frenching tends to cause some amount of consternation when all it means is removing the meat, fat and membranes that connect the individual rib bones to... Read More

On The Front Line...Bachelor Chef Creations 'Home Meals' by Chef Shea

Thursday, May, 14 2020    

Bachelor Chef Creations is a lifestyle brand by Chef Shea Stewart, which will create a culinary experience through the Home Meals line of products for people so that they can enjoy delicious meals at home. They are quick, easy and tasty and can be enjoyed at your... Read More

Remote Food Safety Auditing: A New Way Of Monitoring Food Safety

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, May, 14 2020    

If you are a food/beverage manufacturer you may be wondering how to maintain your current local and international food safety certificates and certifications. Read More

Game-Changer: A Fresh Approach to Wines & Spirits Shopping

by Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, May, 14 2020    

We are now hearing of business closures, job cuts or reduced compensation as consequences of the COVID-19 global pandemic. This week, I am quite elated to share that some businesses are expanding and that business operations continue. Whilst a slow and arduous transition, we can still be... Read More

Grace Homestyle Cooking With Hansle

Thursday, May, 14 2020    

This week, our Eat In with Grace journey takes us to St Thomas, to the kitchen of Olympian and Grace Ambassador Hansle Parchment. From he was a “yute” Hansle learnt his way around the stovetop, whether from his mother in the kitchen of their family home, or from the older... Read More

Nina's Season

Thursday, May, 14 2020    

The last few months have been a PR dream for St Lucian native and notable American chef Nina Compton. Her New Orleans restaurants Compère Lapin (opened in 2015) and Bywater American Bistro (2018) have secured for her numerous accolades including being named one of Food... Read More

5 Quick & Easy Beef Recipes For Mother's Day

Thursday, May, 7 2020    

COVID-19 will certainly make this Mother's Day that much more memorable but so, too, will these five quick and easy beef recipes. Happy Mother's Day from Butcher Block!  Read More

On The Front Line...Gracia Whyte

Thursday, May, 7 2020    

The COVID-19 impact on the TT food industry certainly has an element of cruel irony to it. The twin-island republic has arguably the most culturally diverse food industry in the region. Trinidadians would go further and label theirs as the best! Read More

Food Safety Risk Factors During COVID-19

Thursday, May, 7 2020    

While statements have been released stating that COVID-19 has no direct impact on food safety, it is nevertheless my opinion that there are numerous indirect impacts that this virus may have on the safety of the food we consume. In an effort to ensure food security through availability,... Read More

On The Front Line...Paul Salmon: Rockhouse Hotel & Spa Chairman

Thursday, May, 7 2020    

The restaurant procedures adopted in Hong Kong as the industry reopens… just an example of the kinds of procedures that may be coming… and how one country is implementing reducing risks of contamination for guests and staff while dining in the restaurant. This is through a... Read More


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