Fare & Beer @ Crisp

The jury is still out re: our obsession with crispy food. Many believe it is the cacophony of crunch that plays a largely satisfying role, while others purport that crispy fare simply tastes better. One thing is certain: people get excited when fried food is on the menu. Even better is a... Read More

Picante, not for the faint of tongue
The Jamaica Food and Drink Festival (JFDF) kicked off the month of November with Picante, an event that guaranteed the spiciest foods and desserts. It wasn't for the faint of heart! ... Read More

Picante, not for the faint of tongue — Part 2
... Read More

Eating Safely In The Streets
I never get tired of saying how important it is to be mindful of where and what you eat. You may have been noticing an increase in the amount of food trucks at parties and festivals. I therefore think it necessary to remind you about what to look for when purchasing food sold in public...... Read More

VIDEO: Butcher Block's Open Grill — Pick It & Grill It!

Thursday, November, 14 2019    

On Sunday scores of Butcher Block devotees accepted master butcher Gregory Burrowes' invite to the establishment's first open grill event. Patrons selected their meat and had it grilled on spot to their exact specification. A daunting task, considering the overwhelming response, but... Read More

The Thrill of the Grill

Thursday, November, 7 2019    

T here's something hypnotic about fat dripping from meat onto blistering hot coals beneath. Read More

Chopstix... Oriental with a twist

Thursday, November, 7 2019    

It was 'mein' madness at Zen Lawns, Hope Gardens last Wednesday as Asian food lovers turned out for the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival's (JFDF's) Chopstix. The event, which presented a slew of oriental dishes “with a twist”, featured 10 chef stations had tasty treats for... Read More

Celebrating Women In Wine: Cecile Levee

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, November, 7 2019    

I t's November, and the Jamaica Observer's Salut is almost here! This year, the company celebrates wines, champagnes and spirits. For the month of November, however, we will celebrate all the fabulous women in wine. The very first on... Read More

Food Thermometer Use and Care

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, November, 7 2019    

Last week we looked at different types of thermometers used to ensure that safe food temperatures are maintained in food preparation and storage, and determined thermometers are not one-size-fits-all pieces of equipment. Now, how do we use them? Most pathogens are destroyed between 60C... Read More

A D'vine Affair

Thursday, November, 7 2019    

T he highly anticipated Jamaica Food and Drink Festival (JFDF) wine-pairing event D'vine took place recently in the serene hills of Peter's Rock in rural St Andrew. Once again, it was a battle between delicious food and incomparable views, but as one... Read More

Steak Perfection in Five Easy Steps

Thursday, October, 31 2019    

Cooking is just one of the steps needed to achieve the perfect steak. However, to attain beefy perfection, there's more at “steak”. Get it?1. Match the Cut to the Occasion Read More

Red Stripe Bar Academy: Training bartenders to bring friends together

Thursday, October, 31 2019    

Red Stripe's Bar Academy is not your average bartender training programme. It pairs knowledge-based tools and technical skills with customer-focused training that grooms all its students to entertain their customers and create a wide range of mixes for various guests. Read More

Four Steps to Four Steps to Stocking Your Bar

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, October, 31 2019    

Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas is officially less than 10 weeks away, and as we look forward to the season's festivities these may include increased entertainment at your home. Maybe this year you plan to host the annual Christmas dinner. With that said, you need... Read More

Getting the temperature right

MARSHALEE VALENTINE | Thursday, October, 31 2019    

We have mentioned the importance of using thermometers to monitor cooking temperatures to prevent undercooking, along with periodically checking food storage environments to prevent food-borne illnesses. Additionally, food thermometers should also be used to ensure that cooked food is held at... Read More

A burst of flavours at Pork Palooza

Thursday, October, 31 2019    

Hundreds of pork-lovers rejoiced as they converged on a total of 17 stations — four more than last year's 13 — for The Jamaica Food and Drink Festival (JFDF) 2019 staging of Pork Palooza. The event, which kicks off the festival each year, pays homage to... Read More


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