Flavours Of Pepperpot

Pepperpot menu

The Pepperpot Restaurant at Half Moon, A Rock Resort, MoBay was opened in December 2013 to ensure that visitors to the luxe resort were able to enjoy exquisite Jamaican fare. There has been, to date, nothing but rave reviews for both the location — it's located close to the sea — and i ... Read More

CPJ jumbo shrimps coated with sweet coconut tossed in a
signature coconut sauce and served with pineapple chutney
and house slaw. (PHOTOS: GARFIELD ROBINSON) VIDEO: Finding Fine Flavours at CRU Bar & Kitchen
A late lunch invitation from newly appointed marketing executive Kevin Bourke to sample the tweaked ... Read More

Bottles of homemade immuneboosting
juice blends Two Sisters & A Roots Shaman
If you were unfortunate enough to have the "chicken gun yuh down" recently, you already know how pai ... Read More

Wine Toast What Do Readers Want?... Value for Money
It is always very important to find out what your readers want to see you write about, and so I valu ... Read More

BRANDED - Kevon Spence

Thursday, January 22, 2015    

Skyy Vodka brand manager Kevon Spence pours Skyy Infusions — Vodka infused with Moscato Grape. (PHOTOS: MICHAEL GORDON)

We're kicking things up several notches, readers, all in a quest to keep you informed on all things fab in our amazing food and beverage business. Today Kevon Spence, Skyy's brand manager, serves White Skyy: Skyy Moscato grape and cranberry to 'Skyylista' Jami Spence, who reveals just how she feels about the brand. Kevon Spence (KS): How do you take your Skyy? Jami Spence (JS): My favourite Skyy mix is 'white skyy' -- Skyy Vodka Moscato Grape with white cranberry. It's also amazing with Bel N ... Read More

Recipie Corner - Jan 22

Thursday, January 22, 2015    

Quinoa and Black
Bean Burrito Bowl

Award-winning food blogger Jessica Hylton shares lunch today. " I thought a lunch theme would be nice; three dishes that could be made at home and brought to work for lunch". Thursday Life is in full agreement Enjoy! Quinoa and Black Bean Burrito Bowl Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 5 mins Total Time: 15 mins This Quinoa and Black Bean Burrito Bowl such a quick and easy meal that is deliciously nutritious, filling and topped with a creamy chipotle dressing! Serves: 4 Ingredients: o 3 cu ... Read More

MVP Smokehouse Turns Two

Thursday, January 15, 2015    

Barbecue ribs

Take the combined restaurant skills of Michelle Reid, her brother Boris, and Elaine Stephenson of two well-respected eateries -- notably the Native Restaurant and Rite Stuff Restaurant, add the necessary ingredients, leave to simmer on an open flame, and Thursday Life reckons you'll understand the taste profile of MVP Smokehouse. With arguably the widest selection of menu items for any restaurant in Montego Bay, MVP Smokehouse is considered by many as a great spot to enjoy authentic local fare. ... Read More

Best- Laid Plan

Thursday, January 15, 2015    

?The Best Dressed ‘12 Days of Christmas’ chefs (front row, from left) Rochelle Grindley, Lorraine
Fung, Débè-Ann Chen, Celeste Gordon, Michele Williams, Jacqui Tyson, (back row, left) Collin
Brown, Dennis McIntosh, Steve Sowa, Theo Smith, Ravi-Anne and Brian Lumley, show off their
Best Dressed gift cooler baskets to Thursday Life.

Following the runaway success of his company's '12 Chefs of Christmas'-themed marketing promotion to their loyal poultry and seafood retail customer base, Best Dressed Chicken President and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Levy and his lovely wife Sally invited the participating chefs to attend a leisurely lunch at their upper St Andrew residence last Sunday. The 12 chefs -- Dennis McIntosh, Steve Sowa, Brian Lumley, Celeste Gordon, Débè-Ann Chen, Lorraine Fung, Theo Smith, Col ... Read More

Recipes Corner - Jessica’s salad bowl

Thursday, January 08, 2015    

Tropical Honey & Lime
Quinoa Salad Bowl with
BBQ Chickpeas. Photos:

A New Year often brings new eating resolutions. We reckon you'll enjoy these from our award-winning food blogger Jessica Hylton. Tropical Green Smoothie PREP TIME 10 mins TOTAL TIME 10 mins This Tropical Green Smoothie is one of my favourite quick and easy green smoothies - loaded with spinach, pineapples, orange juice and bananas. It's only 255 calories and deliciously smooth! Serves: 1 large smoothie Ingredients: o 3 slices of pineapple o 2 cups fresh spinach, washed and stems remo ... Read More

Pop Up Chef Sunday Brunch

Thursday, January 08, 2015    

Chef George Matthews readies to pour the
polenta assisted by Chef Ridge Juman

Fanatic Kitchen hosted its final Pop Up Chef Sunday Brunch for 2014 -- a veritable culinary extempo on Sunday, November 30 2014 — featuring Trinidadian Chef Amit Raval of Amtar's Catering) and Jamaica's very own award-winning Chef George Matthews. Both chefs were assisted by Chef Ridge Juman and Chef Jean Ambrose. The event was sponsored by: Fanatic Kitchen Studio, Trini Chow.Com, Amco, and Caribbean Airlines. The Menu: Welcome Rum Cocktail Pre-brunch canapes by Chef Amit Raval of Tri ... Read More

VIDEO: Fish Pot's Tasty 'Fritta'

Thursday, January 08, 2015    

Perfection! Frittas
are in constant
demand at Fish Pot
with daily numbers
hovering at 160.

My Fish Pot obsession are the fish nuggets with a side of tartar sauce - that was until last week Friday, when a colleague at work opened a bag and bit into a mega-sized 'fritta'. One taste later led to me somehow getting her to part with half. A week and three trips later, I'm still hooked and reckon that it would be the perfect restaurant experience to share. The best news, of course, is that the experience of biting into hot, moist, properly seasoned, super tasty mouthfuls of saltfish fritta ... Read More

Savouring Those Festive Moments

Thursday, January 08, 2015    

Spicy Oranges

The Christmas trees, lights and decorations will be down by Sunday and we're down to those final slices of ham and cake. We're holding on to those glorious festive moments for a few more days, however, and encourage you to do the same by making spicy oranges. Indeed, thanks to Jamaican-born Romero Jennings, director of make-up artistry at MAC Cosmetics, it's not that difficult... "I have," shared Jennings with Thursday Life "enjoyed making these spicy oranges for family and friends forever. He ... Read More

Frenchmen Climax 2015 - The best wine list on the party circuit

With Christopher Reckord | Thursday, January 08, 2015    

Welcome reception
to the Climax party

The most anticipated party of the year, and there are many, has to be The Frenchmen Climax party-held annually at the Caymanas Golf Club on New Year's Day. Young and old, residents and visitors to our shores start to roll into the well- laid-out, elegantly designed venue at 4:00 pm sharp in order to soak in the full musical and culinary experience that this party has become known to deliver. More opting for wine For many years I have been a volunteer at the wine bar, whoever the sponsoring win ... Read More

VIDEO: New Year Yummy

Thursday, January 01, 2015    

The range of UMIUM products

UMIUM means yummy, tasty and is pronounced as a child would pronounce yummy yum. Also, if all the letters of UMIUM were joined together it would look like ancient markings of the Aztecs or the Mayans. -- June Gottgens, head of Research & Marketing, UMIUM Ltd UMIUM, Thursday Life is told by UMIUM Coconut Chocolate Spread conceptualiser June Gottgens, was born out of a love for chocolate, then quickly grew into a mission to be a part of Jamaica's growth. There's more to this delicious tale. ... Read More



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