Saturday at Linstead Market

A bustling market day. (PHOTOS: LIONEL ROOKWOOD)

Immortalised in the popular Jamaican folk song, Linstead Market is home to a colourful cast of vendor personalities, with stalls stocked with a distinct array of farm-fresh produce and veggies as Thursday Life went a-calling last weekend. Get your shopping list ready as we venture to the iconic St C ... Read More

Aspiring chef Patrick Morris sticks a fork into a jerk pig’s tail on the grill. The 20-year-old works kerbside in the heart of Linstead right alongside the town's bus and route taxi bay. (AT RIGHT) What's on the grill? Jerk pork, liver and pig's tail as well as aluminium foil-wrapped jerk sausages. The price? $300 for a quarter-pound, $600 for half-pound and $1,200 for a pound. Jerk Pork LINSTEAD Style
After calling it a day at the Linstead Market, the unmistakable, wafting scent of pork finds our nos ... Read More

If the pot’s on the flame at the
Harbour View roundabout,
chances are a crowd of Friday
night faithfuls are not far behind.
The weekend's almost here and like most, we too are inclined to stay away from the stove on a Friday ... Read More

Julianne (Julia Roberts) tries to explain to Kimberly (Cameron Diaz) what Michael (Dermot Mulroney) really wants, using
a dessert analogy. ‘Crème brûlée can never be Jell-O. YOU could never be Jell-O,’ she tells her in this scene from the
movie My Best Friend’s Wedding. Jell-O vs Crème Brûlée — buying wines for people you don't know
To the uninitiated, everyone who likes to drink wine is a connoisseur. This used to cause me some gr ... Read More

VIDEO: Peeling Happy

Thursday, September 04, 2014    

Positioned outside the busy Half-Way-Tree
Transport Centre, JP banana vendor
Anthony Marshall says business is brisk
and best in the afternoon-to-evening hours.

We're past the midpoint of back-to-school week, and if you're still packing processed cheese snacks or carbonated drinks into your child's lunchbox -- stop right now! May we suggest adding a banana or two as a healthier alternative? And you may want to follow suit, and bring a finger to work to eat before or after lunch. The yellow fruit is readily accessible en route to work or while making that school drop-off. It's difficult to miss them -- green-vested banana vendors strolling between idli ... Read More

VIDEO: Curry Goat — A one-pot Obsession

Thursday, September 04, 2014    

The Cove’s
curry goat
served with
potato salad,
white rice and
the optional
Scotch bonnet
pepper for
spice lovers.

A lunch and dinnertime fave. A must-have on wedding reception menus. A staple at pre- and post-funeral gatherings. Curry goat is a national culinary obsession. The beloved, flavoured meat that originated in southeast Asia pops up everywhere, from fine-dining restaurants to streetside eateries, and the zeal with which it is consumed remains unabated. “I love my curry goat with roti — that’s it for me,” Paul Jackson, energy engineer of projects at Novus Tech Limited, decl ... Read More

Curry Goat Vox Pop

Thursday, September 04, 2014    

Sylvia Smith and Ramon Anderson

Thursday Life hit the shopping plazas along Constant Spring Road to ask: "How do you love your curry goat?" Extra spicy? With or without gravy? And what do you drink with it? Here's a round-up of preferences. (PHOTOS: GARFIELD ROBINSON) Sylvia Smith, betting agent "I like my curry goat hot and spicy, with carrots, cho-cho and Irish potatoes and a lot of gravy." Ramon Anderson, entrepreneur "I love my curry goat with extra gravy and June plum juice." Sean Daley, musician "I think I like ... Read More

Wine Spectator wine awards for two Jamaican restaurants

With Christopher Reckord | Thursday, September 04, 2014    

Hillary Stewart, Round Hill Hotel and Villas
Food and Beverage director.(PHOTOS:

Every year since 1981, Wine Spectator Magazine, one of the world's leading lifestyle magazines focusing on wine and wine culture, reviews and rates wine lists from restaurants in all the states in America and from more than 80 countries. This year, for the first time ever, two restaurants from Jamaica have made it in the Annual Restaurant Guide. They are the Restaurant at Round Hill and Marguerites Seafood by the Sea, both in Montego Bay, St James. They were listed in the Wine Spectator 2014 A ... Read More

With Flavour, Flair & Fashion - Heart Foundation launches Simply Red 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014    

Grace Foods
offered Vina Maipo
at the Simply Red
2014 launch.

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica celebrates its 25th staging on Friday, September 26 under the theme Celebrating Flavour, Flair and Fashion. Fashion designer and executive producer of Mission Catwalk Keneea Linton-George has been appointed the event's Fashion Ambassador while Miss Jamaica Franchise holder Laura Butler has endorsed the event. Flavour Over 60 booths will bring a host of culinary offerings and product samplings to attendees at this year's event. Participating chefs and culinary p ... Read More

Coffee in the CITY

By Omar Tomlinson and Mariam Wahbi Hernandez | Thursday, August 28, 2014    

Cinnamon and cranberry muffin paired with classic Blue Mountain-grown coffee.

Home to the much sought-after Blue Mountain coffee — a premium commodity fetching top-price among caffeine connoisseurs across the globe — it's appropriate really, that The Rock's capital city is dotted with a potpourri of coffee shops for those looking to indulge their coffee fix. The coffee haunts are found occupying space with Kingston's finer hotels (Terra Nova All-Suite's Regency Patisserie, Jamaica Pegasus' 24 Seven Café or The Spanish Court's Café), shopping mal ... Read More

Foodie news...Foodie news...Foodie news

Thursday, August 28, 2014    

Round Hill Hotel & Villas has been given the nod for its wine programme by Wine Spectator magazine — indeed the property has been deemed worthy of the well-respected magazine's 2014 Award Of Excellence. "The recognition," according to the property's managing director Josef Forstmayr, "honours the extensive work that our Food & Beverage department has accomplished to achieve a robust wine programme that highlights diversity in brand, region and varietal, while selecting wines that ... Read More

Kids in the Kitchen

Thursday, August 21, 2014    

The campers are all attentive
as they watch Marshard
Anderson prepare his pizza.

With the summer holiday in full swing, parents have been in hot pursuit of creative and fun programmes to grab their children's attention during work hours. The million-dollar question is how to get them out of the house, occupy their time, and have the bonus of them learning something. One such programme is the successful Camp Artrageous at Portmore Missionary Preparatory School. Chock-ful of edutainment, we feature the Culinary Arts Lab. Presenter Jennifer Esty-Davis and her little chefs ... Read More

Far East delights on aisle four!

By Omar Tomlinson | Thursday, August 21, 2014    

Chef Mayuree Saipetch (left) and dancer Lalita Amorntheeakul (second left) were cheered on by
Kanya Amorntheeakul (second right), director at DITP, and Thalia Lyn, honorary consul to
Thailand, as they performed a traditional Thai dance.

An unexpected treat awaited shoppers toting shopping baskets and pushing trolleys at Sovereign Supermarket last week as they were afforded a culinary trip to Thailand. Authentic Thai cuisine, by way of live demonstrations, was ready for the tasting as Sovereign shoppers sampled fare whipped up by chef Mayuree Saipetch. The in-resident Asian chef at Couples Resort Tower Isle in St Mary, Saipetch, a Thai native herself, prepared Pad Thai stir-fried noodles and Gang Gai red curry chicken, which w ... Read More

Care For A Cup O' Tea?

By Omar Tomlinson | Thursday, August 21, 2014    

Opening its doors just two
months ago, The Teapot has
quickly developed an ardent
following of tea devotees.

Keeping a promise to her dearly departed sibling Simone, who transitioned two years earlier, Jacqui Mighty honoured a pact made between them to open a tea shop. Mighty, an interior designer-turned-beverage purveyor, feels a natural progression assuming the mantle as director of The Teapot, which opened its doors at Sovereign Centre in May. "Interior design is not only about design but a lifestyle. Tea houses also facilitate a healthy lifestyle which has become fashionable worldwide, so it has ... Read More



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