A Taste of Hanover - Brunch By Rhona at Bumper’s Nest

Brunch, served by Wayne Shaw
the butler, is a mélange of local
and international fare: ackee and
salt fish served separately,
callaoo, plantains, fried dumplings
and pancakes and bacon.
At right: Anderson loves to serve fresh,
tropical fruits to her guests. (PHOTOS:

Thursday Life took up residence in Hanover last weekend where we enjoyed gourmet fare in the luxurious setting of Bumper's Nest at the Tryall Club and also on the beach at Pachie's, the Culinary Gem for the parish. Join us as we eat our way across our beloved island, parish by parish. Having the Ka ... Read More

Tryall Club
pastry chef
Hopeton Haye Fare Game
Fine fare on offer for their weekend guests, The Tryall Club's food and beverage department, ably fr ... Read More

Lunch at Pachie’s, Sandy Bay, Hanover
Don’t get it twisted: Pachie’s, located some three minutes by car from the gate of Tryal ... Read More

Winners' Circle - July 23
Slagmar Farms Marketing Manager Dominica Anderson (third left) presented gift baskets stocked with t ... Read More

Judging At Prime

Thursday, July 23, 2015    

Fire Roasted
Sea Scallops

With the Table Talk Food Awards T&T mere weeks away, the judges are making their final decisions. Thursday Life catches up with them at Prime — Nominated in the following categories: Restaurant Of The Year, Best Wine Experience and Best Service.     Read More

Summer Sips... Part 3

With Christopher Reckord | Thursday, July 23, 2015    

Chesna Haber, business development manager at J Wray and Nephew Limited, showed off our summer
picks: Voga Sparkling, Mirassou Riesling, and a lone red, the Masi Bonacosta Valpolicella Classico.

In this my penultimate list of summer wines I selected wines from the portfolio of Wray and Nephew and also from Chas E Ramson's library. The purpose of this summer series is to introduce a few great selections and experiences for the season. At the end of a recent pouring session with Chesna Haber, business development manager at J Wray and Nephew Limited, our summer picks were Voga Sparkling, Mirassou Riesling, and a lone red-the Masi Bonacosta Valpolicella Classico. Masi Bonacosta Valpolice ... Read More

A Taste Of Chocolate

Thursday, July 23, 2015    

Sharing laughs ahead of the chocolate tastings were judges Simone Hill (left) and Paul Prudent along with
Laura Dowrich-Phillips of Loop TT and Gillian Goddard (right) of Destination Chocolate Trinidad and Tobago.

Judges on location: - Nyssa Pierre - Paul Prudent - Jala Bernard - Simone Hill - Franka Philip Nominees for Best Local Artisan - Chocolate: Brasso Seco Chocolate Co o Long's Chocolate o Omarbeans Organic Chocolate o Sun Eaters Organic o The Lopinot Chocolate Co o Trinidad Chocolate Factory - House of Arendel The 2015 T&T Table Talk Food Awards enjoyed an evening of chocolate tasting and judging of six local chocolate products from six chocolate makers and chocolatiers last week ... Read More

BRANDED - Sean Garbutt

Thursday, July 23, 2015    

Walkerswood Marketing Director Sean Garbutt shows off the brand’s best-selling product, the Hot & Spicy Traditional
Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. At right: The elegant and attractive display of Walkerswood seasonings
and spices at Carby’s Souvenir & Craft Village in Twin Gates

Thursday Life (TL): How did you land this job? Sean Garbutt (SG) :I was already working with Associated Manufacturers Limited and was promoted to Group Marketing Director to handle the needs of our growing Walkerswood brand, with special focus on developments in our major export markets. TL: How long have you been in this job? SG: I have been handling the marketing portfolio for Walkerswood for the past seven years, and each year we continue to grow with confidence. TL: What's great about yo ... Read More

VIDEO: A Taste Of St Thomas - Sunday Lunch With A View

Thursday, July 16, 2015    

Steamed carrots and string
beans, garden fresh
vegetables with cubes of
watermelon, and sweet
potato salad. (PHOTOS:

We're running late for lunch with Whispering Bamboo Cove owner Marcia Bennett. Those who know the elegant Bennett will appreciate that missing a hairdresser's appointment is not to taken lightly. Thankfully, she understands our delay and soon we're regaling her with tales of our visit to Morant Point Lighthouse and quenching our thirst with sips of mango passion juice. Bennett, who has been the parish custos for 11 years, is passionate about her parish and its potential. "St Thomas is beautiful. ... Read More

VIDEO: A Taste Of St Thomas - Layneous

Thursday, July 16, 2015    

His boss Clifton Layne away on church matters, assistant Oshane Williams
showed us the succulent meat that copped Layneous Jerk Pork in Yallahs Square
the Table Talk Food Awards ‘Parish Gem’ honours. (PHOTOS: KARL McLARTY)

Sunday spent in the parish of St Thomas affords a new appreciation of its beauty - the coastline on one side, the Blue Mountain range on the other, the caressing breeze, and of course, the people, eager to welcome Thursday Life. Our first stop is naturally Yallahs Main Street, where our 2015 parish culinary gem Layneous is located. It's lunchtime and the jerk pork is ready. Owner Clifton Layne is at a church convention, but his able assistant Oshane Williams ensures that we are well taken care ... Read More

VIDEO: A Taste Of St Thomas - Going With The Tide

Thursday, July 16, 2015    

Swimmer and entrepreneur Donovan Barclay comes ashore in
White Horses, St Thomas, with just-caught Irish moss which he
then lays out to be dried.

Donovan Barclay's sea legs are well-acquainted with the surf in White Horses, St Thomas. The middle-aged resident of the eastern parish has swum these turquoise waters for decades to extract Irish moss attached to the rock formations there. Traversing the picturesque coastline in our Volkswagen Amaraok ride, we eye Barclay, clad only in his underwear, blue flippers still intact and snorkelling mask atop his head, making his way to land. We pull over to strike up conversation. "I've been doing ... Read More

A Stush Summer

Thursday, July 16, 2015    

High in the
mountains of Free
Hill, Bamboo, St
Ann is where
Stush in the Bush
Christopher and
Lisa Hill host
their ‘Moonlight’
culinary event
on their 15-acre
Zionite Farms.

Thinking of a fun summer excursion for the family? Or perhaps a couple's day out during these long lazy days? Thursday Life takes away the guesswork and recommends a summer experience of the 'stush' kind for you -- consider a trek to Christopher and Lisa Binns' Stush in the Bush found on their 15-acre Zionites Farm in Bamboo, St Ann. The charismatic pair, who last year copped two wins at The Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards for Best New Food Item and Best Producer, recently played perfe ... Read More

'We Head Down South'

Thursday, July 16, 2015    

The impressive
array of desserts.

T&T Table Talk Food Award judges travelled South recently to visit Krave Restaurant at Tarouba Plaza in Marabella. Krave Restaurnat is a two-time nominee in the categories Best Styling and Best Brunch at this year's 2015 Table Talk Food Awards slated for Tuesday, August 4, 2015 The 'Around the World with Krave' brunch menu changes every Sunday, with patrons being treated to a different cuisine. With a nod to the United States' Independence Holiday (July 4), the Sunday brunch had an America ... Read More

Summer Sips Part 2

With Christopher Reckord | Thursday, July 16, 2015    

The Wine Shop’s Shaneka
Johnson declares that the
Gabbiano Promessa Pinot
Grigio is a summer hit. The Gabbiano Pinot Grigio is a
sunny straw-yellow colour.
Floral notes grace the nose,
with nuances of pear and
melon. Citrus flavours are
evident on the palate,
delivering flavours of green
apple, orange and a hint of
lemon. The wine is lightbodied,
with a long fresh
finish. great value for money.

Recently we asked the key wine and spirits importers for their summer wine suggestions, and to date we have received 73 really great suggestions. Here's my attempt to shortlist the top 20 wines that Jamaicans might wish to try to beat the heat. What's the difference? "Why is a 'summer wine' different from a regular wine? asked a regular reader of this column recently. When it's this hot, we need something to quench our thirst, so the wine we select cannot be too heavy; those need to be consume ... Read More



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