Groovin At Smookeez By The Sea

Smookeez by the Sea escoveitch fish (ACEION CUNNINGHAM)

Smookeez by the Sea has the distinction of being that chill spot on the coast with a rustic setting that lies closest to the centre, Montego Bay. It is located in Ironshore, with world-renowned 18-hole golf courses and luxury hotels a few chains away. This laid-back, no pretence, OMG!-where-did-th ... Read More

Cucumber, tomato salad with coconut, dill sour cream (ACEION CUNNINGHAM) Chefs To Watch For 2017
Thursday Food highlights five more chefs who are charged with introducing visitors and locals alike ... Read More

Enjoying ‘street eats’ like fresh fried churros (ONEAL) Eating Out Next Door
After arriving in Havana late night, I eagerly welcomed the morning rays as they brought to life vis ... Read More

The Best Dressed Breaded Chicken Wings with Sweet and Spicy Dipping Sauce (Hvoenok) Hungry, anyone? 
Just when you thought you were settling into a routine for meals, The Best Dressed Chicken has debut ... Read More

Opa Greek Restaurant & Lounge to relocate to Devon House

Thursday, February 23, 2017    

The Devonshire at Devon House will on Friday, March 10, open for dinner only as OPA Mediterranean (OBSERVER FILE PHOTO)

There were no free tables at Opa Greek Restaurant on Valentine’s Night at Opa. Truth be told, there has never been a free table in the three years of its hosting the year’s most romantic night. Restaurateur and award-winning composer/recording artiste/producer Alexx Antaeus used the opportunity to thank guests for their patronage and to announce that this would be their last evening at the 75 Hope Road location. OPA was moving to Devon House. The reopening date: Friday, March 10, 201 ... Read More

The Verandah Steakhouse to open at Devon House

Thursday, February 23, 2017    

Chef Dawn Tyson is the author of Soul Southern American Cuisine.

It’s been a long time coming, but good things come, they say, to those who wait, and the big news this week is that the Terrace at Devon House is to open by mid-March 2017. The restaurant will be called The Verandah Steakhouse On The Verandah At Devon House and the chef de cuisine will be Chef Dawn Tyson, author of the cookbook Soul and former competitor on Food Network ’s Rewrapped. Chef Dawn Tyson along with Michael Thorpe came under our radar last year when we featured their Brow ... Read More

Special Wine Days of the Year

with Christopher Reckord | Thursday, February 23, 2017    

J Wray and Nephew poured five diverse red wines – from the light-bodied Pinot noirs, medium Merlots, spicy Shiraz and full round Cabernet Sauvignon. (Christopher Reckord)

About a week ago, I noticed references to “National Drink Wine Day 2017” on many social media channels, and the celebration date was listed as February 18, 2017. As usual I tried to find out about its origin and purpose, as America has many days designated (some officially; most, unofficially) as national days of some product or practice. Purpose and Origin According to the official website: “The purpose of National Drink Wine Day is to spread the love and health benefits o ... Read More

Wine With Me Reopens in Negril

Thursday, February 23, 2017    

Cosy banquette seating (Cecile Levee)

Design maven Cecile Levee, who has been super-busy creating über-fab interiors, has thankfully carved out enough time to recreate Wine With Me, Negril, and to share with Thursday Food that “Wine With Me, Jamaica’s first premium wine bar, has once again reopened its doors in a new location, the capital of casual, Negril,” at the Beachcomber Hotel, Norman Manley Blvd. Indeed, many have already applauded the initiative, declaring it to be “what Negril was missing&hell ... Read More

Thai Sushi, Anyone?

Thursday, February 16, 2017    

Mystic roll with salmon, truffle oil, escallion and avocado. (ACEION CUNNINGHAM)

In Japanese culture sushi is considered an art form because its appearance is just as important as its taste. True sushi lovers are always on the lookout for great-tasting sushi but also enjoy the craftsmanship that goes into constructing this delicacy. Mystic Thai piqued our curiousity as on our last visit we were invited to their Tuesday sushi night. We reckon there had to be something different about their sushi. Naturally, we were interested in the taste, ingredients and construct but we ... Read More

Chefs to Watch for 2017 - Hedonism II, Negril

Thursday, February 16, 2017    

Davey Thomas, lead cook, Pastafari Italian Restaurant, Hedonism II Resort (HEDO 11)

highlights five more chefs who are charged with introducing visitors and locals alike to the best culinary offerings in Jamaica. This week’s featured chefs are from Hedonism II, Negril Davey Thomas Lead cook, Pastafari Italian Restaurant, Hedonism II Resort At age six, Davey Thomas would study the ingredients as his mother cooked. Then he would try and replicate her cooking to see how his compared. All that practice still did not lead him to a six-burner stove. Actually, he took what ... Read More

A ‘Pop Up’ Culinary Adventure

Thursday, February 16, 2017    

From left: Timothy Skyers, Charissa Henry, Mishonie Swack, Brian Lumley, Allison Porter-Smalling, Andre Sewell, Alexa Von Strolley, Reshma Vaswani, Haleem Card, Rebecca Karram, Simon Levy and Alistair Porter ready to dine. (Antonio Graham)

One week after Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards 2015 Caterer of the Year Alexa Von Strolley gave Kingston its latest culinary destination, she, along with eight of her culinary peers, cooked up a storm at Kayter Pop-Up Gourmet Kitchen located at 18 Ballater Avenue. The result: a scrumptious spread of the not-so-traditional. Thursday Food naturally left with the recipes and reckon that like us, you might wish to try a few. Bon Appétit! Camembert and Smoked Gouda Fondue with Truf ... Read More

A Tasty Debut

Thursday, February 16, 2017    

Orders of brick oven-style pizzas (ACEION CUNNINGHAM)

A look at the menu at Debut Brick Oven Pizza Restaurant immediately gives the feeling that you are about to experience a culinary journey. Menu options certainly draw from different parts of the world. These include Indian chicken tikka, Lebanese chicken shish tauak, honey and mustard glazed barbecue pork sausages, jerk chicken, home-made cheese ravioli and jalapeño cheese poppers. The restaurant is also one of the newest eateries in the resort city of Montego Bay and is located on ... Read More

Chill the wine, Not The Glass

with Christopher Reckord | Thursday, February 16, 2017    

Wine serving temperature guide by Wine Folly (Reckord)

This continues to be a sore topic for many wine consumers. Thrice last week I had to endure ‘hot’ wine. When one bartender even offered me ice for my wine, I thought to myself: “Haven’t we been preaching this enough?” Chilling the glass is for cocktails. Serving temperature is one of the three most important components in our control that will affect our enjoyment of wine; two other important components are stemware and aeration — letting the wine breathe. ... Read More

A ‘Pop’ of Flavour

Thursday, February 09, 2017    

The Bao — Red Stripe-braised beef short rib, béarnaise pavé, confit mushrooms, roasted shallot and zucchini ragout and truffle béarnaise (KARL McLARTY)

Alexa Von Strolley has given Kingston its newest culinary destination. The Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards 2015 co-recipient of Caterer of the Year fulfilled a vision board checklist item, last weekend, with the launch of her Kayter Pop-Up Kitchen on Ballater Avenue. “I have a lot of chef friends in the industry,” Von Strolley told Thursday Food as she oversaw preparation of gourmet bites in the kitchen, Saturday last, for an intimate gathering of her nearest and dearest. &ld ... Read More



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