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Hellshire's Aunt Merl's, Back in New Kingston

Happy Independence Day! Here's some good news! You don't have to travel to Portmore for Hellshire-style seafood from Aunt Merl's. For those not in the know, Aunt Merl's Seafood is one of the country's and by extension Hellshire Beach in Portmore's most celebrated... Read More

A Breadfruit Tree Independence
As we continue from last week's reflection of the multifaceted nature of the rum industry, an industry with a deep heritage connected to sugar production but also a connection to the hearts of the people of Jamaica, we move forward to a direct spin-off, our local community bars. Today,...... Read More

Epican Tapas Lounge Reopens
The Epican Tapas Lounge reopened on Friday, July 31 following its closure in April amid the coronavirus outbreak in Jamaica. The eatery will welcome guests to enjoy its extensive menu of small bites, appetisers, and entrees tapas-style at the Market Place, Constant Spring Road, with new...... Read More

Food — Friend or Foe?
In a simplistic way, food can be defined as any substance eaten to provide nutrients, and maintain life and growth; in essence, food is necessary for survival. However, in our social construct food is more than survival. It is an expression of freedom, culture, ethnicity and love. In the...... Read More

Hamilton's Deli Sandwich

Thursday, July, 30 2020    

Any good road trip deserves an artfully packed picnic basket. Just ask Lorraine Kemble and Lakesha Pitter, work pals who are now devoting time to doing outings across the island. “We're always on the road for work, so we have always had a long wish list of picnic-perfect places,”... Read More

Butcher Block July 30 On the Menu @ Butcher Block

Thursday, July, 30 2020    

This week, Thursday Food shares three bacon recipes from Master Meat Crafter Gregory Burrowes: Bacon Brie Burger, Bacon-Wrapped Pan-Seared Filet Mignon, and Creamy Leek, Potato and Bacon Soup.Enjoy!  Read More

Kultured Yoghurt From The Kulture Kitchen

Thursday, July, 30 2020    

Kulture Kitchen principal Ally Fatta's health journey commenced in 2016 when she eliminated a lot of unhealthy eating habits. “Feeling good in my skin is important and it's important that others feel good too... This has nothing to do with size or shape, or the like, but just... Read More

Food Labels: Empowering Consumers

Navenia Wellington | Thursday, July, 30 2020    

Lifestyle preference, health status, religion and dietary controls are among the variety of reasons individuals seek information about their food. Information about food is typically presented by way of a food label. Food product labels are mandatory and guided by compulsory standards... Read More

Jessica in the Kitchen

Thursday, July, 30 2020    

Balsamic Grilled VegetablesThese balsamic grilled vegetables are marinated in the most flavourful balsamic dressing and come out so juicy and delicious! They are the best veggies for the grill. Ingredients: Read More

We Are Rum Country. We Are Rum People!

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, July, 30 2020    

As we get ready to celebrate the Emancipendence holidays, undoubtedly Jamaicans both at home and across the diaspora will be celebrating with our own spirit — the Jamaican spirit known as rum. Rum has such a rich heritage and as Jamaicans we take pride in this aspect of our... Read More

Wall Street Journal BBQ A - Z

Thursday, July, 30 2020    

The Wall Street Journal Off Duty Daily — a guide to the best things in life — has listed pimentowood.com's Lil Jerk Kit as essential to Jamaican cuisine! Read More

MegaMart Ups The Shopping Ante

Thursday, July, 23 2020    

Supermarkets have always played an essential role in our lives in good times and bad. Cue: White overproof rum, Red Label wine, raisin and currants, Easter bun and cheese, and now, as a result of COVID-19, Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Disinfecting Wipes and antibacterial handwash, our... Read More

Cooking Beef Tenderloin to Perfection

Thursday, July, 23 2020    

Beef Tenderloin is the perfect cut for any celebration and is one of the tenderest, richest cuts of beef. It doesn't require much in the way of spicing or sauces because the meat shines on its own. Read More

Island Grill's New Niceaah Sauces & Nuggets

Thursday, July, 23 2020    

COVID-19 can't keep Island Grill downIsland Grill still innovating… this time with Niceaah Sauces & Nuggets.  Read More

Creating Your Wedding Beverage Menu

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, July, 23 2020    

There's a saying that goes, 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade'. Well, despite the trials and tribulations of the global pandemic that have loomed large in our lives, love conquers all and weddings, which had been placed on pause, have returned and indeed are returning in... Read More


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