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Danielle and Matthew are all smiles during their reception. (Kevaughn Brown)

When visa analyst at the Canadian Visa Application Centre Matthew Gayle met Danielle Forbes, media personnel at the Worship and Faith International Fellowship, they knew it was the beginning of a lifelong friendship. Indeed the friendship blossomed into something more beautiful — love — ... Read More

SO Contributing Editor Nasha-Monique Douglas shares her eight tips for maintaining your fabulousness for 2017 (BRYAN CUMMINGS) Through Our Eyes... Nasha-Monique Douglas, senior brand manager (The Great Jamaican Beer)
If you are Pretty, Hot and Tempting (PHAT), you would have heard one or all of the following stateme ... Read More

While going through the crowd I couldn’t help but gaze on how beautifully dressed our people were; from gowns, risqué outfits to well-tailored suits, people were ‘dressed to puss foot’ — Carla Gail-Ann Hollingsworth, SO contributing editor. (BRYAN CUMMINGS) Through Our Eyes... Carla Gail-Ann Hollingsworth - Pepsi Jamaica, Export Marketing Manager
Voted # 24 in The New York Times’ 52 places to visit, Kingston, Jamaica is seen as a cultural ... Read More

The start of a new year is often a time when we do some much-needed introspection and evaluate the current state of our lives against where we want to be and what we want to achieve — Lyndsey McDonnough, SO contributing editor (BRYAN CUMMINGS) Through Our Eyes... Lyndsey McDonnough - Managing Director, Market Me Consulting
The start of a new year is often a time when we do some much-needed introspection and evaluate the c ... Read More

Through Our Eyes... Catherine Goodall - LASCO, Marketing Manager-Beverages

Sunday, January 15, 2017    

SO Contributing Editor Catherine Goodall — let me be clear, it’s not about wearing designer clothes. It is about choosing what you wear and wearing it well. Our clothing is often a reflection of who we are, how we value ourselves, what we are thinking, or how we are feeling. (BRYAN CUMMINGS)

Proverbs 31:22 “She is clothed in fine linen and purple.” From the days of the Bible, what you wore was a representation of who you are. The virtuous woman did not dress in a shabby manner. She was industrious and enterprising. She did not consider it a mark of spirituality to go around looking impoverished, dilapidated, and threadbare. Rather, she wanted to carry herself in a manner that depicted a sign of God’s blessing. She wore royal clothing, to match her regal and go ... Read More

Through Our Eyes.. Jaime Bicknell, Brand Manager Wines — Select Brands

Sunday, January 15, 2017    

Deadline met! SO Contributing Editor Jaime Bicknell (BRYAN CUMMINGS)

Wine is a drink best enjoyed with a meal. Pairing the right wine with the right foods can make all the difference, turning an ordinary meal into an experience. Whether it is enjoyed with something sweet or savoury, wine can really bring a meal to life! Pairing wine with food is as much an art as it is a science. Having a glass of wine with a meal is like travelling across the world. Whether it be visiting the Burgundy region of France or experiencing the Tuscan wineries of Italy, the wine and f ... Read More

Through Our Eyes... Erin Mitchell - Marketing Manager Select Brands Limited

Sunday, January 15, 2017    

Contributing Editor Erin Mitchell is satisfied with her final edit. (BRYAN CUMMINGS)

As an expert (self-proclaimed, I might add) of in excess of nine years in the world of spirits, it is somewhat of a goal of mine to try cocktails wherever I go. Through my job in brand management of spirits and wines, I am often guided by a local team interested in impressing their visitors who’ve travelled in for a marketing seminar or brand summit. After years of this, hitting the road for both work and personal trips has become a scavenger hunt to find just the right place to imbibe, st ... Read More

Through Our Eyes...

Sunday, January 15, 2017    

We had a ball... SO contributing editors (from left) Nasha-Monique Douglas, Catherine Goodall, Erin Mitchell, Jaime
Bicknell, Carla Hollingsworth and Lyndsey McDonnough (Photo: Bryan Cummings)

As we step boldly into 2017 our vision for the Style Observer remains: to showcase lifestyle in all its magnificence. Fresh on the heels of The Next Wave we invited six interesting and engaging young Jamaican female executives to contribute to this week’s publication. The result — features that range from drinking wine with your favourite Jamaican staple to “Yu pretty fi a fat girl!” In between, there’s a thought-provoking look at what it means to represent a bra ... Read More

SPOTTED!!! - Wendy Fitzwilliam

Sunday, January 15, 2017    

Jamaica always means fabulous lounge wear and party outfits, swimsuits (one per day of my trip...even a business trip), linens for the weekends and cool dresses for the daytime, either jersey or crisp cottons and linens.  I throw in a couple of tennis outfits and my racquet for a pickup game here and there with my girlfriend, Maureen Shaw (she would give Serena Williams a run for her money and me a good sweat...can’t beat her...yet).  Always at least one dramatic evening look, because it’s Jamaica!  You do dramatic, elegant evenings well.  I always think I’ve packed too many shoes but they are never enough here.  I use them all.  I don’t walk with my skincare products from home because my first stop is always Jencare.  I am a disciple of Jennifer Samuda and her wonderful line of Skincare products and her spa.  At home I dutifully visit Jencare monthly, too. (CONTRIBUTED)

Style Observer (SO): It’s a New Year, Wendy, “what’s on the immediate radar? Wendy Fitzwilliam (WF): My first order of business is successfully broadcasting Season 3 of CaribeNTM across the region on FLOW ONE. The new season starts on Monday, January, 30, 2017 at 9:00 pm on Channel 100 here in Jamaica. SO: Are there any lingering regrets from 2016? WF: No regrets. Like every year, lessons learnt. 2016 seemed to have been the year of upheaval, disorder. I learnt to focu ... Read More

Cocktails with... Kimala Bennett

Sunday, January 15, 2017    

Production company The Lab, which is engaged in film, television and advertising endeavours, has earmarked 2017 as the year it separates itself from the pack by expanding its casting and location-scouting capabilities. There is, too, an in-house-produced sitcom in the pipeline, reflecting the maturity of an entity which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year with founder and managing director Kimala Bennett at the helm. Bennett is the consummate captain and, as she continues to steer ship and ... Read More

My Kingston - Ali Halstead

Sunday, January 15, 2017    

Ali Halstead
Chief pharmacist, Discount Centre & Pharmacy (RORY DALEY)

What are your earliest memories of Kingston? As a youth grown in the quiet district of Mile Gully, Manchester, my first thoughts of Kingston were hustle & bustle city life, fast-paced, but I immediately loved it when I enrolled at University of Technology, Jamaica. What’s the most memorable meal that you have enjoyed in Kingston? Grilled filet mignon and Caesar salad at The Terrace, Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel. What would you do if you were mayor of Kingston for a day? I would put ... Read More

A Man Of Honour

Sunday, January 15, 2017    

Post-ceremony, Edward Seaga (left), the inaugural honoree of the 2017 Consular Corps Global Achievement Award, his wife Carla (second right) and their daughter Gabrielle said hello to our lens with the evening’s host and Dean of the Consular Corps of Jamaica Michael Subratie. (ANTONIO GRAHAM)

Political living legend, Edward Philip George Seaga was the star attraction Friday night as he was honoured by The Consular Corps of Jamaica and presented with the diplomatic association’s inaugural Global Achievement Award at a black tie dinner reception hosted at Spanish Court Hotel’s Valencia MLT. Nattily outfitted in a classic tuxedo, and joined by wife Carla and daughter Gabrielle, the 86-year-old Seaga’s gait may have slowed with age, but his sharp conversational sensib ... Read More

Gardening - January 15

With Betty Ashley | Sunday, January 15, 2017    


Dear Orchid Doc: Can I put strap leaf Vandas on tree trunks or tie them on to driftwood? Stephen Dear Stephen: Provided the wood is not drifting....(lol) Once you position the wood so that the plant won’t be getting too much sun, almost any orchid — even Oncidiums — can be tied onto a piece of wood. You could put the sun-loving ones on the side with the most sunlight. Tuck a Phalaenopsis in between the leaves of the other plant — no direct sun. You could hav ... Read More

2017 - The Year Of The Spa

Saturday, January 14, 2017    

Garden Loft Spa Suite at Round Hill Hotel & Villas

Your Under the Dryer team has declared 2017 the year of the spa, and with so many award-winning rejuvenating gems on our beloved island, there is absolutely no reason and no excuse under the golden rays of our sun for you to feign indifference. We take you out of town this week to share a few of our favourites. FieldSpa at GoldenEye Resort Built by the late ‘James Bond’ author Ian Fleming in the 1950s to serve as his West Indian outpost away from his native Great Britain, t ... Read More



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