VIDEO: It's All Greek To Me

Cheers to Jamaica Observer Salut! Wine and Champagne

With the Yuletide holiday on the horizon, and the reason to pour libations becomes a natural order, the launch of the Jamaica Observer's Salut! Wine and Champagne Week, sponsored by Scotiabank, was well-timed on Monday evening, as OPA! Greek Restaurant hosted a wine tasting of selections from its Gr ... Read More

Brian Jardim (back row, centre), CEO of Rainforest Seafoods, leads assistant marketing manager
Bethany Young (back row, left); business development manager Maxwell Jardim (back row, 2nd
left); principal of Iris Gelly Primary School Veronica Gaynor (back row, 3rd left); corporate chef
Evrol Ebanks (back row, 4th left); JOL MD Danville Walker (back row, 4th right); general
manager Ernest Grant (back row, 3rd right); marketing manager Roger Lyn (back row, 2nd right);
and Sybil Vidal (back row, right), vice-principal, in Applaud It! cheers. The 12 students happily
share the moment. Rainforest offers Iris Gelly Primary major support
BRIAN Jardim, chief executive officer of Rainforest Seafoods, hosted 12 enthusiastic students from I ... Read More

Ask and You Will Receive
Many of the obstacles which prevent people from accomplishing their goals and dreams are not complex ... Read More

Jamaica Public Service President and CEO kelly Tomlin (right) welcomed Alpha Academy fourth-form student Jenay Duffus to last week's Salut! Applaud It luncheon hosted by Senior Vice President, Customer and Corporate Service Sheree Martin at the energy company's corporate offices.   VIDEO: Energising Young Minds
There's something to be said about the formative years spent in high school. And for Sheree Martin, ... Read More

VIDEO: Food for Thought

Monday, November 17, 2014    

LIME CEO and proud Wolmer's old
boy Garry Sinclair leads the applause
for an afternoon well-spent with
specially invited fourth-form students
from his alma mater.

Waxing nostalgic treasured memories of his adolescent years spent at Wolmer's Boys', LIME CEO Garry Sinclair welcomed 25 fourth-form students of his alma mater (joined by their grade coordinator Karen Gobern) to break bread at a Jamaica Observer Salut! Applaud It-themed luncheon at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel on Thursday. Himself a 1976 graduate of the iconic National Heroes Circle-located high school, Sinclair was delighted to share company alongside his LIME executive colleagues, Carlo Re ... Read More

VIDEO: Benjamin implores young Jamaicans to commit to country

Monday, November 17, 2014    

(Back, from left) Curator of the Hope Zoo Orlando Robinson; Kimesha James, administrator; Kenny Benjamin, executive chairman, Hope Zoo Preservation
Foundation; and Danville Walker, managing director, Jamaica Observer, celebrate the third anniversary of the current management of the Hope Zoo, St Andrew,
with students from Hillel Academy, Kingston College and Ardenne High School at a luncheon held at the Zoo on Saturday afternoon as part of the Jamaica Observer
Salut! Applaud It! festivities. (PHOTO: GARFIELD ROBINSON)

CORPORATE titan and executive chairman of the Hope Zoe Preservation Foundation, Kenny Benjamin, challenged students last week Saturday "to cultivate good work ethics, good home-grown values, simple decency, and to commit to country in everything you do". Benjamin, who hosted more than a dozen students to lunch at the Serengeti restaurant, Hope Zoo, as part of Jamaica Observer Salut! Applaud It! initiative, spoke to his journey from his native India to Jamaica over 40 years ago. He said: "In thi ... Read More


Monday, November 17, 2014    

From left: Mission Catwalk season 4 winner Jamaica’s Kurt
Campbell, first runner-up Barbadian Carla Gittens, and second
runner-up Guyanese Andy Cummings. (PHOTOS: KARL McLARTY)

Last weekend was the last chance for the three designer finalists -- Guyanese Andy Cummings, Trinidadian Carla Gittens and son of The Rock, Kurt Campbell to make a winning impression while presenting individual themed collections for the season four finale of the hit TVJ reality show, Mission Catwalk. Reaching the homestretch after their television-documented, nine-episode journey of high-fashion trials and successes, Kurt Campbell emerged this season's champ, securing $500,000 from National ... Read More

Vows - Straight To The Heart

Monday, November 17, 2014    

Introducing Mr and Mrs
Delano Forbes

If the groom was the least bit anxious, there were no outward signs of frayed nerves to suggest it. Richard Howard Delano Forbes Jr, looking absolutely smart in a cobalt blue Carlton Brown tuxedo, was a picture of calm waiting in the front pew of the Webster Memorial United Church for the much-anticipated arrival of his bride, Ro-yen Simone Chin, on Saturday, November 8. The chic congregation comprised of the bride and groom's family and friends (some jetting in from Washington, DC and Toronto) ... Read More

Cocktails With - Dr Sophia Gordon

Sunday, November 16, 2014    

Dr Sophia Gordon

Dr Sophia Gordon stands out even in a crowd of industry movers and shakers. Always impeccably groomed, this evening is no exception. She's chic in the season's hot colour: winter white -- it's an elegant LWD by Calvin Klein -- and her camel-coloured Louis Vuitton clutch is the perfect finish. We invite her to share cocktails with us. What are you drinking? I am drinking Moët-Chandon, responsibly. What kind of evening are you having? I am having a pleasant, relaxing evening with colleagu ... Read More

'EVA... Fabulous'

Sunday, November 16, 2014    


Cover Image Photo by Julia Fullerton-Batten Starring: Eva Green Shoes: Le Silla open toe red crystal pump with 13cm of covered stiletto heel Jewellery: Swarovski Begin Necklace and Swarovski Amber Pierced Earrings Cocktail: Campari on the rocks January Photo by Julia Fullerton-Batten Starring: Eva Green Outfit: Long silk faille gala dress made by Vivienne Westwood. Cocktail: Campari Negroni February Photo by Julia Fullerton-Batten Starring: Eva Green Outfit: Custom made Shoes: Mic ... Read More

My Kingston - Konshens

Sunday, November 16, 2014    


What are your earliest memories of Kingston? Walking to school at Mico Practising All-Age Junior High. I had so many adventures, between my friends and me. Encountering the mad man on the road, girls from St Hugh's and Wolmer's and Mico Teachers' College. It feels like yesterday. What do you miss most about Kingston when you are away? My home. I'm a homebody and I've never lived anywhere outside of Kingston. What would you do if you were mayor of Kingston for a day? One day wouldn't be enou ... Read More

Reservations — Bourdain

Sunday, November 16, 2014    

The party at Trident Castle, where Bourdain enjoyed live performances by a Jonkonoo troupe, a Kumina band and Mike's All-star Jazz and fire eaters.

The gastronomical results of celebrity chef and globetrotter Anthony Bourdain's week long trip to Jamaica last June (plus more) will be aired at 9:00pm this evening on CNN. SO shares exclusive photos of Bourdain in Portie ahead of this evening's reveal. Coq & EO RUN SIDE BY SIDE Anthony Bourdain (left) enjoys dinner at The Castle with billionaire Michael Lee Chin (right) Jon and Nordia Baker (second right) and Luke and Sky Flynn Anthony Bourdain at Piggys Jerk Centre in Port Antonio Pq ... Read More

Gardening Nov 16

DEAR DOC with BETTY ASHLEY | Sunday, November 16, 2014    


Dear Orchid Doc: Can you share a few of the different ways to plant an orchid ? Sydney Dear Sydney: 1. A Phalaenopsis always looks good in a wooden basket. As a matter of fact, most orchids look good in a wooden basket. 2. Use driftwood: Tie different species of the same climate requirement; be creative with the leaves by using the smaller species. 3. Cut a dried piece of coconut husk in the shape of a peg of fruit (top to bottom). Tie in the middle a piece of dendrobium, or an oncidium, ... Read More

Video: @ 23

Sunday, November 16, 2014    

From left: Sophia Bernard-Fairman, group brand manager of
fortified wines and liquors; Debbian Spence-Minnott, group brand
manager of international wines and spirits; Christine Simpson,
personal assistant to senior market director Ugo Fiorenzo; Keneea
Linton-George, executive producer of Mission Catwalk, and her
husband, Brian George, president and CEO of Supreme Ventures.

The gathering was impressive — indeed they were able to choose from the Discovery 4, Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar XF to make their entrance on the black carpet—  thank you Gary Dixon — heels must be protected at all costs -- and eschew all thoughts of crossing a road! The mood inside was decidedly upbeat, the bar premium, the Jacqui Tyson fare exquisite and guitarist Seretse Small an excellent choice. There was more however, like the opportunity to secure membership and ... Read More



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