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Wealthier men are more likely to develop high blood pressure

WORKING men with higher incomes are more likely to develop high blood pressure, according to a study presented at the 84th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society (JCS 2020). Read More

Tooth decay: How to make teeth healthy
EVEN after trying your best to prevent tooth decay, sometimes the dentist finds a little cavity or two.... Read More

Doctors try pressurised oxygen chambers in COVID-19 fight
As a New York University (NYU) medical researcher who works once a week in an emergency room, Dr David Lee had the luxury of time to think like a scientist while also treating novel coronavirus patients whose lungs kept giving out. In every case, he saw the same thing: Their blood was...... Read More

What are keloids?
KELOIDS are raised scars that tend to form when the skin is healing after an injury. The scars usually extend beyond the original site of injury.... Read More

Staying healthy

Warrick Lattibeaudiere | Sunday, August, 2 2020    

It's one thing to be healthy, but it's another to stay healthy. Read More

Core Fitness promotes 3-step weight loss model

BY FITSROY RANDALL Observer writer editorial@jamaicaobserver.com | Sunday, July, 26 2020    

MAINTAINING healthy eating habits can be challenging for some.In fact, many people might have been guilty of developing bad eating habits with the onset of COVID-19 and the lockdown measures that the pandemic brought with it. Read More

10 exercise myths

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, July, 26 2020    

WITH advertising and the Internet contributing to an explosion of information without the requisite tools for people to debunk fitness 'facts', let's explore the three categories of fitness 'facts'. Read More

Health ministry issues advisory for hurricane preparations

Sunday, July, 26 2020    

THE Ministry of Health and Wellness on Friday advised Jamaicans that, as they continue to prepare for impending inclement weather conditions, tropical storms or hurricanes amid the hurricane season, certain precautions regarding food and water safety are to be... Read More

Are you storm-ready?

Warrick Lattibeaudiere | Sunday, July, 26 2020    

MOST of us would've heard about Tropical Storm Gonzalo by now and know that it is approaching the Caribbean. Were it to affect Jamaica, how prepared would you be? Read More

Five recommended pillars of fitness

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, July, 19 2020    

SOCIETIES have been told for generations that exercise is necessary for wellness. There are, however, details that have been misunderstood, missing, misdirected, and damaging. Read More

Why you should walk more

BY JO-HANNA TAYLOR | Sunday, July, 19 2020    

WHEN you hear about cardiovascular activity these days, walking is usually overlooked. Read More

Avoid paying later in life

Sunday, July, 19 2020    

What are your short-term health goals?Is it getting that summer body, shedding a few pounds, becoming fit, eating more fruits, vegetables and nuts, drinking more water, or a bit more rest and relaxation? Read More

Is gum disease curable?

Sunday, July, 19 2020    

GINGIVITIS is an inflammation of the gum tissue around the teeth.Since gingivitis is usually painless and has very mild symptoms, many people who have it are unaware of it. Is it curable and preventable? Absolutely! Read More

Tackling high cholesterol with food

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, July, 12 2020    

IT is always wonderful to see nutrition and lifestyle changes working with medical directives and supervision to change people's lives. Read More

Unburden the heart and forgive

BY WARRICK LATTIBEAUDIERE | Sunday, July, 12 2020    

IS there someone you really find it hard to forgive? Read More


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