Changes in your mouth that signal HIV infection

HUMAN immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). This virus is passed from one person to another through blood-to-blood contact (blood transfusion, using needles previously used by HIV-infected people), and sexual... Read More

Father absence could affect the health of their children

Sunday, July, 23 2017    

THE absence of a father— due to incarceration, death, separation, or divorce — has adverse physical and behavioural consequences for a growing child. But little is known about the biological processes that underlie this link between fath er loss and the... Read More

Antidepressant use in pregnancy linked to autism

Sunday, July, 23 2017    

CHILDREN exposed to antidepressants during pregnancy seem to be at a slightly higher risk of autism than children of mothers with psychiatric disorders who were not treated with antidepressants during pregnancy, finds a study published in The BMJ... Read More

Jamaica leads the Caribbean region in HIV diagnosis

Sunday, July, 23 2017    

UNAIDS — the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS — on Thursday released its annual flagship report, which shows that Jamaica is leading the English-speaking Caribbean in terms of the proportion of people living with HIV who know their status. Read More

Eating at 'wrong time' affects body weight, circadian rhythms

Sunday, July, 23 2017    

A new high-precision feeding system for lab mice reinforces the idea that the time of day food is eaten is more critical to weight loss than the amount of calories ingested. Read More

500 more health aides to be hired for Zika programme

Saturday, July, 22 2017    

THE Ministry of Health will engage an additional 500 public health aides this year as part of its Zika virus response programme, aimed at ridding communities of mosquito breeding sites. Read More

UN health agency says industry interference in Caribbean tobacco industry continues

Friday, July, 21 2017    

UNITED NATIONS (CMC) — Despite measures protecting a majority of people from tobacco-related illness and death in the Caribbean, the United Nations says the tobacco industry continues to hamper efforts by governments to fully implement life-and cost-saving... Read More

How pregnancy changes the skin

with Michelle Vernon | Sunday, July, 16 2017    

PREGNANCY brings about a whirlwind of changes to the skin and body. Read More

Common oral conditions that affect adults

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, July, 16 2017    

ORAL care doesn't just keep your teeth strong, it can have a significant effect on your general wellness, too.Nearly one in 10 people have some sign of poor dental health, and in some instances that number goes up to almost 100 per cent. Read More

Chronic liver inflammation linked to Western diet

Sunday, July, 16 2017    

FOOD, antibiotics and gender are just some of the factors that can throw off the balance between the gut and liver, according to a new report in The American Journal of Pathology . Read More

Diet rich in tomatoes cuts skin cancer in half in mice

Sunday, July, 16 2017    

DAILY tomato consumption appeared to cut the development of skin cancer tumours by half in a mouse study at The Ohio State University. Read More

Water retention in the feet

Angela Davis | Sunday, July, 16 2017    

WATER retention is the accumulation of excess fluid in the circulatory system and in the areas between the body's cells. It can cause different parts of the body to swell, but the most common areas are the feet and the legs. Read More


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